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Arrwyn Ellavir

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1Arrwyn Ellavir Empty Arrwyn Ellavir on Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:40 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Enrollment Form

Arrwyn Ellavir 15293551137381660637502

Basic info
Name: Arrwyn Ellavir
Age: 19
Birthday: February 6
Race: Faunus Swan Faunus, webbed feet (faster swimming, hidden by her boots)
Weight:100 IBS
Face Claim:Falconer by Telthona

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Tech
Likes: Luxury, Flirting, teasing, winning, mechanical devices, looking cute.
Dislikes: Restrictions, Faunus, Buzzkills, being overly serious
Fears: being Disowned, abandonment, being forgotten
Talent: Social Interaction/Speech/Charisma
Weakness cooking
Overall Personality: Arrwyn is a rather free-spirited girl that tends to dislike following others and prefers to lead instead. Arrwyn has a habit of overestimating her own abilities, sometimes getting into situations where she is in over her head or incapable of resolving on her own. She is rather studious, and often puts her all into any work she commits herself, even if she also likes to joke about such things. Arrwyn has a habit of acting less than proper when she isn’t around people of the same social standing, often making improper remarks and acting rather flirtatious towards most people. While around nobles and other more upper-class types she does tend to act more proper, she does sometimes let her normal personality slip through the guise. She enjoys teasing people, though this is typically good natured. Overall, she tries to do the right thing. She has a slight dislike of faunus, though this is more a dislike of herself projected outwards and is primarily a result of those she grew up around.  She has a tendency to act on her own accord and to ignore social rules and the etiquette lessons she recieved, partly as an act of rebellion.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Green
Semblance: Flight, Arrwyn can fly around under her own power. Ul
Item 1: A long cavalry sabre meant for higher speed combat, she is particularly good at using it while flying.  
Arrwyn Ellavir 1860-heavy-cavalry-sabre-large

Item 2: The choker around her neck provides magical defense against dust, she received it as a gift from her aunt, though she doesn’t really understand how it works. Though it does seem to work by producing a field of sorts around her body.

History and Sample
Arrwyn was not born into any normal family, but rather an old and proud noble family that was based near the edge of Atlasian territory, with their authority covering some of the mainland as well as several islands under Atlasian governship. Their family while not the worse towards faunus, hiring them as servants and maids often enough, did still hold their human lineage in high regard. They similarly did make a habit of looking down on others, and especially faunus.  Her father himself didn’t fully commit to this mentality, and she was conceived as the result of an affair between him and a faunus maid in the family’s employ. While her birth mother was removed, and rumors say she was essentially forced to leave the country, rumors of a child being born spread by staff, a child that was definitely a member of the family caused them to be unable to simply get rid of Arrwyn.

Her childhood wasn’t abusive, nor was it altogether negative. With her being treated largely as a full member of the family. However, she has been taught to feel somewhat ashamed of her faunus nature, and her grandfather, the head of the family has made it no secret to her that she would be disowned if her being a faunus were to become public knowledge. Similarly, there was some minor bullying from some family members regarding her being a faunus. Still she grew up cared for, and while many of her family members tend to treat her in a somewhat condescending or superior manner, she was raised as a proper noble girl. Learning lessons of etiquette as well as business. Her family also happens to head up a large company responsible for much of the military technology Atlas utilizes, as well as many other products such as the actual production of several major scroll brands. Arrwyn does however have something of a rebellious streak over the restrictive nature of high society and has been known in such circles to be rather eccentric, she is still heir to her family’s titles and company technically. As her grandfather recently passed during an attack by the White Fang. With her father having taken control of the business in the meantime. Arrwyn Is an only child but does have a number of cousins and other distant family vying for her position as the heiress.

RP Sample:
Arrwyn frowned at the packed suitcase, a bit disappointed she couldn’t fit more into it two more stood at the door, already packed and ready to be taken to her new school. Jeez, how was she supposed to take all of her stuff when the suitcases weren’t big enough.   She shrugged, looking at all the possessions she’d probably have to leave behind…She could have had some of the maids help her pack, or simply spent the time doing it herself but she only had another hour.

The noble girl glanced at the clothes she’d set aside for herself to wear, they weren’t really as cute as she’d like, but even still she hoped they’d catch a few eyes. The blonde was actually looking forward to this hunter stuff, it’d be a nice way to get away from her normal boring lessons, and besides she could have some nice adventures. Then she stopped when she saw the time on the clock.  HOW WAS SHE RUNNING LATE!  

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Richard Lionheart
This is a great app! There are only two tiny problems, the first is that you haven't put in the method of measurement for weight and second is I'd like confirmation on the protection the choker provides. Is it a field of sorts that covers her entire body or? Bump when done

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Arrwyn Ellavir

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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