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Semblance unlocked, Merlynns semblance possible soon to be.

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Buff: limb strength: +2 to STR  Is able to swing her weapon faster when this is activated.

Trying to change it to Natures Guardian: with that ability to alter between +2 str, +2 res, +2 Spt, +speed,   Merlynns semblance was once just her arms and legs lighting up giving off a cyan hew like glow to signified she had it activated.  Once natures guardian is used her antlers grow just enough to show three points as its curls back over the top of her head and over her legs and arms a soft bristly looking aura resembling fur appears, while on her chest a small patch forms above her chest that follow up her collarbones to the shoulders connecting her arms, while running down her back is a strip leading to her tailbone where a tail appears of aura.  Now during her semblance, the furs like substance change to suit what she is attempting
Strength buff, the fur becomes more bristly like a winter coat of an animal, the aura like tail lays flat during this buff.
Resistance Buff, The furs becomes more of a mirror in the right light. the tail raises as if alarmed showing
Spirit Buff, Much like the strength buff the fur is bristly with a more smoother look around the arms much like a well-groomed animal. the tail seems to just bristly up and stands at a half raised stance.
Speed Buff, The furs becomes smooth sleek and smaller looking almost slick to the touch. the tail is in a seemingly constant state of motion waging around.

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