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Carmine Lysander

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Carmine Lysander
Enrollment Form

Carmine Lysander Fgo_caster_paracelsus_1

Basic info
Name: Carmine Azorious Lysander
Age: 20
Birthday: April 14th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight:160 lb
Face Claim: Paracelsus Von Holheim - Fate/Grand Order

Aura 180|120 HP

Major:Specialized hunter (Dust major)
Likes: Experimentation of dust, studying humanity (and faunus-anity?), tea, calm/cool days, the study of nature.

Dislikes: Superstition, unethical works, unnecessary combat
Fears: Spiders, The unknown, the death of those close to him

Talent: Medic/Doctor

Weakness: Armorsmithing
Overall Personality: Logical is the first word to describe Carmine. He doesn’t really do too much without a reason to, and as such he tends to try and plan out his next moves with some form of accuracy. Furthermore he seems one to swat at superstition from time to time, finding such ideas as spirits and other thought of phenomena to be rather preposterous -as much as he fears the thought of such being real. Overall he seems to show a large interest in humanity to start with. With the uniqueness of each person and the essence of their being being as such, he finds himself between studying the nature of the people around as well as nature as a whole.

His morality seems within what most people would judge as ‘good’. He spent a lot of time around his parents when he was young and generally their teaching rubbed off on him a lot as he had found himself to seemingly despise the uses of unethical practices. For those that do happen to get close to him, they seemingly find a less analytical person than what would seem to be upon the surface as well as someone who seems far more passionate in their work than it would seem to be.

Ultimately he finds whatever research he has is as valuable as the people he meets, and considering that often enough his research is the people he tends to meet; he treasures what experiences he has. Otherwise he seems to want to find a good in the world, even if it seems like there isn’t any.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Azure
Semblance: Aether: The use of Carmine’s aura further than the basic functions allows him to use it to create a enhanced field that can be projected to absorb blows. The creation of this field doesn’t have too much physical strain, but has just as much mental strain as it can take more hits than usual aura would permit. Secondly Carmine can manipulate this field to lash out and strike at opposition. Lastly if he can ever focus the field inwards to either his own or somebody else’s aura, he can seem to heal wounds, however the extent of such hasn’t been truly seen. As much as these seem to be the primary uses, it does have some utilities to it. It can also work in with the containment of his own dust attacks to enhance or at least allow him to better control said dust attacks.When dust is used in conjunction with the semblance, the field seemingly glimmers as though they were the stars themselves.

Simply enough the field can manifest into a wall like barrier that at most tends to be of a 2x3 meter measurement. If he focuses it long enough it can become a bubble of variable sizes, with the maximum measurements being within a 3 meter radius.
Uses of semblance:
Damage: simply enough the field can lash out at it’s opposition, not too much to explain there.
Healing: Focusing the field he produces by his semblance inwards on his own or someone else’s aura, he can heal the wounds of others or himself
Buff: Simply enough the field is meant to protect him -and possibly others- from physical harm (defense buff).
As his field can contain dust attacks, it can seemingly enhance the qualities or act like that of a grenade for dust based attacks. (Spt Buff)
Defense: As it is put, the field is best suited to protect Carmine himself rather than other people.

Item 1: (Weapon, and describe.) T1 weapon “Azoth”: A simple shortsword of a rather clean, refined look. It doesn’t have a guard, but more rather seems to be more tuned towards offensive use rather than any defense, It has no outstanding features aside from the small red stone inserted at the pommel. In simplicity the weapon is his last resort to face grimm or people that get all too close to him.

Weapon Image:
Carmine Lysander Latest?cb=20170424213710
Item 2: Tier 1 Fire dust: Simply enough, Carmine has dust sowed into the sleeves of his clothes, allowing quick and easy use of the substance to attack from his preferred distance.

History and Sample
Carmine Azorious Lysander was born the son of two fairly wealthy Atlesian parents, his father a doctor and his mother a huntsman -both of which seemingly cast as rather upstanding people in the general eye of neighbors and such. As much as one would have hoped his life to be exciting or rather glorious, it was somewhat normal; almost too mundane even. Whilst his mother is often out on business, he seemed to spend a lot more time around his father, learning about the wide range of pharmaceuticals and various other medically related topics. To put it frankly he never spent much time around others outside of his family, having been -in his time- rather reserved in his actions; which in itself had lead to him having very little or barely any social circle whatsoever.

It wasn’t until his sixteenth birthday that his parents left their lofty home in Atlas to immigrate to the island continent of Bellmuse, more specifically to the rather compact town of Springwood. Maybe it was the change of scene that pushed the reserved peruser of dust and medical studies to actually go out and explore -ditch the shell of reservedness that he had before and put on a new face (a new Carmine specifically). He went out and studied the people around and of course the nature that had surrounded the town. If his interest in people hadn’t been suppressed, it was invigorated… or at least tapped into. If he ever had time to, he would have travelled out towards Skylight woods and do as simply as someone of a scientific mindset would have; documenting, sketching, and taking pictures of the local wildlife and plants. Soon later in his life he chose to enlist in the local school that was Syne Academy, pursuing the chance to perhaps become a huntsman like his mother was.
RP Sample:
There was a rather simple breeze that spread through the Skylight Woods. The sun shined, reflecting the light over the glimmering lake as Carmine had decided to walk closer to the edge of the body of water than he usually had. As with most moments, this was where his time was most well spent, not with the spouting flames of burn dust or the simple medical lessons that his father taught him over his time in Atlas. Fish that had resided in the lake were repelled from the shallow edges by the mind’s presence that loomed as a reflection in the lake itself as well as the flesh and blood copy that was only inches from the water’s edge. His thoughts flickered to and fro as each careful step had came, each such step being carefully calculated as he had taken to avoid falling into the shallow waters.

The trees themselves provided a gentle shade as some had seemed to cast their shadows over select parts of the lake, their reflections as clear as glass whilst Carmine’s walk took him into the embrace of the tree’s shade, small dottings of light breaking between the leaves wherever they could have been. Truly the mind could sit back in the shade and simply stare at the lake if anything -or at least look into the waters and it’s fishy inhabitants. That sort of errant thought went into Carmine’s mind, and as if by impulse, he did so, looking into the shallow depths as he sat back and relaxed

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Richard Lionheart
This is a very good app but there are a couple more minor things that need sorted ^^ The first is you have a dislike of superstition and a fear of ghosts, these two probably cross over a little too much? Just add one more think to either of those lists and you would be fine.

The second is just some minor factors with the semblance, I'd like to know if this is a radius around you like some kind of energy shield you can utilise and manipulate (if so how big it is) but more notably is what you've described as Utility would be Spt buff which is fine but you have listed it as utility. Additionally by buff in the list I take it you mean a Def buff but I don't see that specified anywhere and you say the ability has multiple utilities but only list one so I do need the others specified ^^ Bump when done.

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Carmine Lysander

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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