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Bellmuse's web of information, character app [Finished]

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Bellmuse's web of information, character app [Finished] _origi10

Basic info
Name: Karma Azelhart
Age: 25 years old
Birthday: April 26th
Gender: Female
Race: Spider Faunus, her jaw splits in the middle to act like mandibles
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 122 lbs
Face Claim: Original by Konshin

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 4
HP 200|100 SP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Cars, guns, sweets, gambling, tennis and volleyball
Dislikes: Spicy food, androids, loud music, her own faunus trait
Fears: Deep seas, flames/fire, getting surrounded
Talent: Investigation
Weakness: Swimming
Overall Personality: Karma is a girl that wants to avoid boredom and the monotony of a normal life as much as possible. A regular 9 to 5 wasn't cutting it, it never would as she thrives on danger. Any situation that would appear hopeless will give her an adrenaline rush like no others and while she will absolutely avoid death, if it doesn't appear to be in the possible outcomes, nothing will likely stop her from doing what she loves.
A girl who enjoys life to the fullest, she isn't afraid to use any and all ressources at her disposition if it means successfully achieving her goals. While secretive on her objectives and life in general, she is far from being shy and will often be forward and clear about what she wants.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Cream
Semblance: Sticky Business. A Defensive-Utility semblance. Karma can secrete a substance akin to spider silk from her skin all over her body. While it means she needs to expose her skin to properly use without her clothes being an inderance, she has enough control over it to select which part of her body will produce her silk. The defensive purpose of it is to create an emergency armor by covering her skin with it, as it hardens it can protect from attacks to a certain extent. The utility part would be any other way of using her silk such as throwing it on things to make them stick together, blinding someone by targeting their eyes and a few other tricks.
Item 1: Weapon, a custom handgun commissioned by Karma, mostly used for self defense.
Bellmuse's web of information, character app [Finished] 4de77c10
Item 2: Water Dust

History and Sample
Ever felt like your life was missing something, that you were blinded to a thruth you absolutely needed, that things weren't what they should have been? Well this is exactly how Karma has felt her whole life. She always did what she could in order to be happy and in general it was the case, she certaintly never has been sad to the point of cursing her existence, but she knew she could be happier, just not how. Most of her life she spent it with a single true friend, a girl she had known forever and with Karma's undecissiveness she just always did whatever Vera, her childhood friend, did. They went to the same schools, attended the same events and got the same job. After a couple years, Karma needed something else, she needed something that was more exciting than telemarketing as it was what her friend wanted to do for a living. When one day the girls talked about it, they agreed to change job and go do something Karma would love, with Vera saying that it was finally her time to follow. Without really thinking about it and much more focus about the general vibe of it, the girls began working at a casino that had opened. They were serving drinks and sometimes were responsible for playing tables. It was enjoyable, but it was still not Karma wanted or needed, at least that's what she thought until that fateful day. During one of her shift serving drinks, she was asked to bring some in a backroom where some VIPs were discussing some illegal matters. Of course KArma wasn't left in the room to listen to them, but she was so curious as to what was going on that using her semblance, she left a string of web in the room and listened using the vibration in the string. She learned a lot, probably too much and her life would be at risk if anyone knew, but she thought of a way to make it profitable. After making some research to find the enemies of the ones she spied on, she sold the information she got to a good price, making money from her eavedropping. The rush of adrenaline she got from being face to face to dangerous people had no equal in a normal life so despite the risks, Karma began to train as a spy and an info broker. She told nothing to Vera, not wanting to put on in danger. The two of them still worked at the casino as for Karma it made it a place she could be found by customers and it was a safe place if someone would want to harm her. With the money she made, she got herself a permanent residence in the hotel that was annexed to the casino so she wouldn't be far from home or work.
RP Sample:
A normal day at the El Dorado, Bellmuse's famous and only casino, patrons from all over the island and even some from other kingdom came here daily for the many offered activities. Karma was the dealer at one of the Blackjack tables that day and had been dealing with the same player for about an hour now. The poor man kept on playing even though he had'nt win a single time. It wasn't that he had a bad luck or that Karma was cheating in any way, but each time he would push his luck and ask for another card, hoping to hit blackjack but each time he would end up busted. It was kinda sad to watch, but the man still had tokens and it was against the casino's policy to stop the patrons from playing unless they had nothing left or were causing trouble. This man was far from being a troublemaker, he hadn't said a word since he sat at her table, but a glance at his face was enough to see anger and pity, all aimed at himself. He left after a while when he had no more tokens. Karma gave him a sad smile, wishing him "better luck next time" without a word. He smiled back before making his way to the exit but before he could reach it, Vera, Karma's friend intercepted him and offered him a drink on the house, offered by the dealer who waved at him from afar. He downed the drink in one go and waved back before leaving. He would be back, if not to try his luck again, he would be back for her. She felt kinda bad to prey on this man's sorrow, but he had information she needed, and all is fair and game in this business...

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