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Drawing Practice (Open Rp)

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1 Drawing Practice (Open Rp) on Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:18 pm

Iris Sterling
Iris found a comfortable spot on a bench not too far from the doors of the academy. Today she was wearing more casual attire rather than her usual armor. She was wearing a plain, long-sleeved, knee-length lavender dress with white leggings and brown, leather ankle boots. She had a leather messenger bag holding her art materials as well.

She got her sketchbook out of the bag and opened it to a new blank page. Next, she got out her favorite sparkly mechanical pencil and began her work. Today she was practicing by drawing the weapons of people that passed by. To Iris, doing studies like this was refreshing. There was something soothing about being able to focus her mind on drawing what she saw, and keeping it loose so as to be able to get the form down while people were in motion.

She was drawing with great intent, and her focus could not be broken. She was in a world of her own, and didn't notice that someone had walked up right behind her.

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2 Re: Drawing Practice (Open Rp) on Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:53 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn floated around bored, she’d only just finished getting her stuff into her dorm room, and now she wasn’t sure what to do, she could actually start unpacking, but apparently, she had an as of yet unidentified roommate, and her stuff would take more than her own fair share of closet space, a problem she wasn’t particularly eager to anger her new roomie yet. So, the noble girl had decided to leave the dorms, via window, and now was floating around over the courtyard looking over people. A girl sitting over on a bush caught her eye, and Arrwyn could see she was drawing something, if not what was being drawn itself.

The girl was cute enough, Arrwyn noted with a smirk. Taller than the noble girl was it appeared, and the Ellavir had always thought there was something interesting about the quiet type. Though Wyn did not her clothes were a bit plain, and all-around kind of dull. The noble girl figured having some friends around here was still important, especially since she wasn’t familiar with the area at all. Wyn couldn’t really see what was being drawn yet, but she smirked as she leaned in to see, having landed right behind the artist. The blonde noble found it amusing she wasn’t noticed, and leaned in to better see what was being drawn as she made a comment.

“Oh, are we drawing people naked now?” She asked with a grin, though she was a bit disappointed to see the only thing in the picture was weapons. Boring.

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3 Re: Drawing Practice (Open Rp) on Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:36 pm

Iris Sterling
Iris was so deep in thought that when she finally heard a notion of someone talking and turned back to see a girl standing right behind her, she yelped in surprise and nearly fell against the pavement, but somehow managed to regain her footing.

It took Iris a few more moments to remember what the question was. Then, she remembered that the girl had asked whether or not Iris was doing figure drawings. Iris looked back at the girl and shook her head signifying that her answer was no. She then picked up the sketchbook she'd dropped and showed the girl the weapons she was drawing, then pointed at the people walking by to indicate that she'd been drawing the weapons of the people passing by.

Iris was still puzzled however. She wondered why this girl approached her when people usually avoided her. Iris was used to people disliking her, avoiding her because she was weird, and in general regarding her with scorn. She hoped that maybe this girl would be different. Maybe this girl could be her friend. Iris knew it was a long shot but decided to take a chance anyway.

Iris quickly doodled a picture of herself and the girl holding hands and smiling together, with a heart that had the word "friend" written on it. She then put a question mark to the side so the girl would know Iris was asking her to be her friend. Iris hesitantly showed the girl the sketch book.

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4 Re: Drawing Practice (Open Rp) on Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:05 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn blinked at the drawings. They were pretty good, and the unique wackiness of the weapons that hunters often used carried over to the drawings for the most part. Though some were probably not completely accurate, unsurprisingly since the girl was probably only really getting glimpses of it. Still didn’t let that bug her too much, as the pictures were still pretty good. Though she had seen better in an uncle’s gallery before. Still the girl wasn’t lacking in talent.

“Well it’s a shame you aren’t, I’d love to pose for you.” The blonde suggested, grinning all the while. She found it amusing to push people out of their comfort zone, and this girl seemed to be the type that needed a friendly face around her. The girl’s silence was a bit strange, it made the blue-blooded girl wonder if she had some type of medical condition. Still that didn’t mean she wasn’t worth talking to, and the girl seemed to be able to understand her and even communicate in her own way.

Arrwyn looked at the picture that the girl had drawn, it was obvious the two of them, and the artist seemed genuine in wanting a friend, if she had to guess. She’d been in a similar spot before, when the bullying of some of her cousins had been at it’s apex, and before she’d really stood up to them. It had only been worse since her family, paranoid her secret would get out had isolated her to the Ellavir’s manor in Atlas. With little interaction with people her own age outside those cousins. “Friends? How can I say no after you made such a cute drawing of us!” The blonde teased, grinning and extending a hand. “I’m Arrwyn.”

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5 Re: Drawing Practice (Open Rp) on Wed Jun 27, 2018 10:02 pm

Iris Sterling
Iris smiled at Arrwyn and shook her hand. She decided to try talking even if it was hard for her, and replied to Arrwyn and introduced herself as well.

"Iris" and then, pointing to her mouth said "Words difficult, but not mute" and then holding her sketchbook again said, "better drawing".

Iris felt nervous as it'd been a long time since she'd spoken out loud. She still remembered the way people looked at her in the past when she had tried to speak. She could almost hear the yelling from angry past professors and the laughter of scornful classmates.

Remembering these things caused an instant, automatic reaction. Iris plugged her ears and crouched down sitting in a small ball. She rocked back and forth a few times before clearing her head when she remembered that someone was standing in front of her, not to mention that people passing by were starting to stare.

"Memories bad" she said to Arrwyn in apology before clenching the fabric of her dress as she shook slightly and tried to ignore the stares of the people around them and their incessant whispering and mocking.

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6 Re: Drawing Practice (Open Rp) on Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:59 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn listened when the girl talked, and the difficult she seemed to have was more than apparent to the noble girl. While she didn’t quite understand why the other girl seemed to have problems talking she did at least see why that obvious nervousness about the girl, and not the type her more suggestive comments often induced either. That was normally amusing, while this wasn’t exactly an amusing sight. She could figure why the other girl would have bad memories, after all people were jerks, and some probably assumed her to be stupid considering her apparent difficulties talking.

Though Arrwyn wasn’t convinced about that, as the girl didn’t really seem stupid, though even now she could hear and see the way people were acting, especially given the less than subtle actions of the other girl. She glanced over at a group of people staring before deciding to intervene with this. “jeez, don’t worry about them, stupid people love to gossip. You should hear some of the things they say about me.” The noble sat down next to the other girl, ignoring the attention they were getting. “Besides, I can talk enough for both of us.” Arrwyn sat down next to the other girl, noticing but not caring about the stares that seemed to only continue, after all she was used to people staring at her. Being part of a powerful noble family tended to get attention, especially when one was also often the subject of public rumors and gossip like she often was.

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