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Aquatic Expectations (Shadow/Major Mission)

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1 Aquatic Expectations (Shadow/Major Mission) on Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:24 pm

Rika Titania
The lifeguard post at Kompress beach was somewhere Rika didn’t really know much about. The concept of a lifeguard at all was something the pigtailed cat faunus hadn’t really been aware of until recently, having spent little time at the beach in general, and growing up relatively isolated from the bounds of society. The shadow mission seemed interesting to the martial artist however, and as such she had figured it would be a fun thing to try. She’d found her first shadow mission alright, and this one seemed to mostly just involve swimming and a bit of CPR. Which Rika had been taught at some point by her guardian, Siegfried at one point. The old man had figured she might need it at some point, and a near drowning in a lake she’d experienced had made her more than willing to learn the skill.

Though she didn’t really see why she would be able to use it on herself. Still Rika figured that she probably wouldn’t have too much trouble…then again some of that water WAS probably deep…but the lifeguard guy could probably take care of that if it became necessary right? It wasn’t like Rika was scared or anything, no not, she just figured it’d be best not to outshine him with her awesomeness!

There was the lifeguard’s post, and a tower next to it that had a rather muscled guy with a funny looking haircut napping in it. Waking up suddenly with a jump as she approached before getting close to her, looking at her with a paranoid look as if she was worried she’d steal his tower or something before seemingly remembering that he’d agreed to let a student shadow him. “That’s right, you’re from Syne aren’t you!” The guy asked, and Rika gave him a confused look, wondering if she had the right guy here.

“Er…you’re the lifeguard guy, right? Aint sure if I’m in the right place…” The redhead asked confused only for the guy to nod. “That would be Mr. Dixxon to you, Ms.” He said surprisingly seriously, Rika blinked, giving a confused look before shrugging. “Now, follow me and I’ll show you the ropes, come on!” The lifeguard led the way to the lifeguard post, and Rika took a moment to assess the man,

He did at least seem fit, very much so actually, she could tell the guy had a lot of strength behind him, and his muscles were rather well developed she could see. At the very least he seemed to be in shape, though she couldn’t really tell if he’d be a good fighter or not just by looking at him. While one could detect some level of training for some highly trained individuals, most didn’t really give all that much indication outside of actual fighting, or actions that were similar in nature to what they may do during a fight.

The pigtailed girl followed the lifeguard, deciding she wouldn’t start a fight yet with the lifeguard, she didn’t really even know much about the guy, and besides she was technically here to learn a job. Rika noticed a lot of things she wouldn’t expect, such as a TV and a fridge. Rika figured the guy was probably living here, and the guy stopped when he noticed her looking at the Bellmuse Coast Guard posters that he had decorating the walls, a prideful expression appearing on his face. “Ah those bring back memories, the good old day back in the coast guard, I was pretty great back then when I was enlisted. Did a lot of good for the country!” Rika blinked…remembering something mentioned about the guy having graduated from Syne…he didn’t look that old, and what little she knew of what the coast guard was she’d have thought it’d take longer to serve in it. Especially for someone who was technically by all rights a huntsman. The fact the school had apparently not been around for long only made that seem weirder, but the pigtailed girl shrugged it off, not having any real reason to doubt the guy. So, Rika just figured she just didn’t know enough about the coast guard, which was true enough given she was only vaguely aware of what a coast guard was.

The guy continued telling stories of when he was in the coast guard, many of which made no sense and were Rika less naïve about such things likely would have caused doubts to form about the guy and his supposed history within the organization. But as it was Rika simply bought into all of it, convinced the guy was some kind of big tough fighter as a result, how else did one wrestle one of those Grimm sea serpent things single handedly into submission, let alone doing it after three days without food or sleep from being stranded on the water.

She’d have to remember to ask him to spar her sometime, because if he could do something like that he had to be a tough fighter, and Rika liked nothing better than sparring tough opponents. After all, how else could anyone get better if they didn’t challenge themselves. The lifeguard guy showed her a few more things around the post, before going back to lazing around on his tower. Rika found it a bit amusing that the guy seemed to eyeball everyone who walked close to it suspiciously, as if they were going to invade the structure. This guy was awesome, the cat faunus didn’t know why she’d never heard of him before, and she was going to ask him more about his days in the coast guard when suddenly someone called out. Apparently, somebody was drowning, and Rika was about to try to go help them before stopping at the edge of the water.

The person looked far out, and it was really deep out there…. Rika didn’t feel as confident about swimming that far out as she’d normally be…. but there was someone in trouble. Mr. Dixxon however seemed unhindered by the prospective danger, and dove out, pushing past Rika as he ran out to the sea and began to swim towards the drowning beach goer. It didn’t take long for the lifeguard to go from swimming out to rescue the drowning swimmer to dragging them ashore, though the swimmer in question wasn’t quite out of the woods yet.

The man in question was still unconscious, practically dead considering they weren’t breathing. Rika felt a brief spike of panic at that, while Mr. Dixxon turned to her rather than administering aid himself. “Go on kid, you know what to do!” The muscled man said, and while Rika wasn’t sure, she did remember some of the lessons on this stuff she’d learned. Both in class at Syne as well as before that, when she’d been being trained by Siegfried.

Rika moved over to the unconscious drowning victim and ended up needing to utilize the CPR stuff she’d learned awhile back, pressing on the guy’s chest several times before he woke up, and coughed up the rest of the water that had filled his lungs. The guy had survived, though he seemed a bit freaked out by the whole almost dying thing. A few friends had apparently called for an ambulance, as some paramedics showed up to take the guy away after, Rika figured that was a bit excessive, as the guy looked totally fine now, but didn’t say anything for once.

Instead the pigtailed faunus found herself staring out at the sea and frowning. She’d been too scared to really save the guy when he was in the water, memories of a childhood incident where she herself had nearly drowned having come back to haunt her. The redhead didn’t like it, she didn’t like feeling helpless or useless at all, nearly letting someone die because of it only bugged her more. Mr. Dixxon surprised her when he made his reappearance, boisterous as ever and seemingly cheerful. “That was great kid!” He said, giving her a thumbs-up. Rika blinked, before her mood changed, going back to her normal cheerful self rather than continuing the introspection. After all she was just being stupid, and that one guy was totally fine!

Instead the pigtailed faunus grinned at the praise, figuring she should probably just forget about her hesitance to dive into the sea and instead focus on the positive. Besides, this lifeguard stuff wasn’t too bad…maybe she’d show up again some other time?

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