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Floating Around (Open)

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1 Floating Around (Open) on Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:04 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn floated around upside-down in the courtyard. There weren’t many people around, as it was evening right now, but she wasn’t sure what to do, her classes were all either over, or not starting again for another few days and as such she didn’t have much to do. Even studying seemed pointless at this point as she hadn’t been in the classes long enough to really know enough to study on her own, not knowing where the classes current curriculum started or ended. Most of what was currently going on was the basics for her classes, and as such it seemed a bit pointless. Besides one could only study for so long, and the noble girl wanted to have fun with her new-found freedom.

Not having to act like just another dusty noble gave the blonde girl a new sense of freedom, but that was somewhat hampered by her not knowing any of the people around her. As such Arrwyn was stuck doing nothing, simply floating in the air with her legs crossed. The fact she was upside-down probably drew some attention, but there weren’t a lot of people around and instead Arrwyn decided to dedicate her focus to trying to see if there were any interesting people around.

She’d be happy to meet some cute guys while she was here…or cute girls for that matter. Even if just to have some fun teasing them. Rather than getting into anything serious.

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2 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:19 am

Naia Lacus
Currently Naia found herself seated outside on one of the many benches situated in the courtyard, a thick book in her lap. The cover old and weathered while the pages at a glance seemed to be yellowed with age. It was one of Naia's personal favorites Dust: A Complete History. While the book itself certainly didn't contain an up to date history of all mankind had managed to learn about the volatile substance, it was the first book on the subject she ever received. A flicker of movement in her peripheral caught the powder blue haired woman's attention as she glanced up with cool grey eyes. There, floating in the air and upside down no less was whom she could only assume was another student. Naia's head tilted slightly to the side in a slight wave on confusion wondering how on Remnant the other woman had managed that, her first though was dust as it often was in such odd circumstances, but it was quickly followed by it being the young blonde's semblance. Of course she couldn't confirm nor deny her assumption unless she took the time to actually ask.

While initiating conversations with complete strangers wasn't her forte Naia assumed she'd have to attempt it at one point or another, so why not start early during her time at the Academy. Letting out a light sigh and giving a reassuring nod to herself Naia closed her book before getting to her feet. Blue hair swaying lightly with the motion, as the simple black pleated skirt she wore swished with the same motion. Hesitance in her step Naia moved forward to stand just a few short feet from the other girl giving her a quick once over. She seemed human, with blonde hair and an eye color she couldn't quite make out from this distance. Tucking the little information she knew about the woman away for later use she spoke up, clutching her book tightly to her chest.

"Excuse me, miss?" Naia started with a question her tone even and friendly but with a slightly chilly undertone. Whether this was intentional or not was uncertain even to the speaker herself. "I was wondering if perhaps you would indulge a question. That question being how are you managing to," Pausing for a moment to find the right word to describe the other woman's actions, honestly she was uncertain what to call it. Though after a second she decided to go with what she had first assumed it to be, and if she was incorrect the woman was free to correct her. "How are you managing to float?" With her question asked Naia continued to look upwards towards the young woman who currently had her attention, asking for her name completely slipping her mind at the moment.

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3 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:08 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn looked downwards, or rather up at the ground where a girl was standing when she heard a voice. She’d had a few people in the distance that had seemed reasonably attractive and had missed the blue-haired girl completely. Until the girl had spoke at least, and now the floating noble’s eyes seemed focused on the girl, a smirk appearing on her face when she noticed the short skirt even if the rest of her outfits made her look more like the studious type. The girl’s tone was anything but what she’d expect from someone who would be willing to have some fun, the noble noted, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun teasing the girl at least. “Like this.” She answered with a grin, floating 180 degrees until she was right side up and floating downwards somewhat, so that the two of them were near face to face.

The blue-haired girl was only looked slightly taller than the blonde noble girl normally was standing up and the leggings and short skirt certainly could get the imagination going even if the other girl seemed more the uptight type. Arrwyn made no attempt to hide her checking the other girl out, doing so overtly rather. “You wanna try? might give someone an interesting view.” She suggested, grinning at the implication. The fact her eyes had obviously settled on the hem of the girl’s skirt, and the space between where the skirt’s coverage ended and the leggings began made her meaning all the clearer.

Though Arrwyn mostly just wanted to see if she could fluster the other girl, not that she wouldn’t be up for it anyways. Seeing the world from up in the air was a unique experience, and the close proximity that it would require between the two girls certainly would be fun in it’s own way.

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4 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:38 pm

Naia Lacus
The answer Naia received in response to her question was less than satisfactory in her eyes, though she wasn't about to bring that up. After all, she didn't want to come off as rude or in any negative manner if she could manage it. Then again perhaps being bold and stating her thoughts on the subject would have been a better course of action in the long run, unfortunately old habits die hard. Giving a nod of her head while taking one small step back as the other woman drew closer, honestly a little uncomfortable with the close proximity but remaining passive about the entire thing. No harm seemed to be meant by the other woman's actions after all so Naia had no real reason to be as standoffish as she would typically prefer to be.

"I see, it's quite the interesting skill," Naia stated, subconsciously clutching her book closer to her chest as she took a moment to look over the other girl once again. Wondering if perhaps she would manage to discover anything new now that the floating blonde was closer to her then before. While nothing really jumped out at her Naia did have to admit that she had a certain something about her. A quality Naia just couldn't quite manage to put her finger on that made her stay even as she noticed the other's eyes moving along her own form. It was an odd experience to say the least, as she hadn't had that many people seem just so focused on her, uhm, assets so to speak. The words that came from the still floating girl’s lips made her stiffen, while it was an offer she would really like to accept one thing was stopping her. Judging by where the woman’s eyes seemed to be focused and the back end of her comment she knew exactly what it was.

"While I would gladly take you up on the offer it seems as though I am not quite dressed to suite the occasion," A light slightly embarrassed laugh slipped out as Naia spoke still doing her best to be as polite as she possibly could. Though the slight tint of pink on her chinks hinted that she was more flustered then she was letting on, which was quite true. "If it is a standing offer I shall take you up on it sometime, preferably when I'm more appropriately dressed," It was at this moment it struck Naia that she hadn't even introduced herself. If her mother ever got wind of this Naia would never be able to live it down or hear the end of it for that matter. "Ah, pardon my manners I haven't even introduced myself yet," Extending a hand out to the other woman in gesture good will Naia continued flashing a small yet genuine smile as she continued. "Naia Lacus, at your service."

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5 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:49 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
“Shame,” Wyn looked up at the sky, noting that it was a rather cloudless day, perfect for flying with little cloud coverage. She turned her gaze back to the other girl, the look on her face not having really changed. “I’d bet we could have some fun up there too.” The way she’d said fun suggesting that flying was far from the only thing on her mind. The blonde noble girl didn’t miss the girl’s embarrassment, finding the whole thing amusing. “I won’t say no to having a cute girl wrap her arms around me, so ask any time." Arrwyn answered, giving the other girl a suggestive smile

The blonde landed, her feet connecting with earth gently, even gracefully, if one wanted to use that word, and she was once again standing on solid ground rather than the levitation she’d previously been doing. It was interesting, how her flight worked, as it was closer to levitation than actual flight, but at the same time she could easily move swiftly if she wanted. Flying wasn’t exactly comparable to walking either, though the Blonde had long since realized it was a bit difficult to explain to anyone how exactly it worked.

Arrwyn shook the other girl’s hand, still grinning at the reaction she seemed to have gotten so far from her teasing. “Arrwyn Ellavir, nice to meet you.”

Naia may have, if she were observant notice the signs of a proper, upper class upbringing in Arrwyn’s mannerisms now that she was both closer and standing on firm ground. Both in posture and speech despite her less than proper behavior. As though the blonde had undergone years of etiquette classes and the like. Arrwyn’s family name may also have stood out to the blue-haired girl, as the Ellavir family was a well known and ancient noble family from Atlas, and thus were one more aware of such things, or even just Atlasian politics such things may have stood out to them.

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6 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Sun Jul 01, 2018 7:20 pm

Naia Lacus
"Eh-heh, well that's a, uhm, nice thought?"A light embarrassed chime of laughter left Naia as she heard the other woman's continued statements. She hadn't quite expected her to imply such things, particularly in such a public place, it seemed uncouth to Naia herself, but she wasn't about to judge to harshly. That didn't mean she knew how to react to it though, and it showed in more ways than one. A dusting of pink did make itself known on her cheeks as she laughed breaking eye contact for the first time since she had initiated this entire conversation. This was quickly rectified as she looked back towards the floating woman just in time to see her return to the ground, landing with such ease and grace that Naia found herself feeling envious for a handful of seconds before being snapped back into reality. Though, that return could certainly be credited to the woman giving Naia's previously offered hand a shake and returning the favor of giving her name.

Hesitating for a moment before taking her head back as a sense of recognition washed over the grey eyed woman, not so much with the appearance but Arrwyn's family name was certainly something she'd heard before. After all, Naia herself had spent the previous nineteen years of her life in Atlas, it would be weirder if she had no clue who they were. The more she thought about this revelation the more it made sense, and some of Arrwyn's mannerisms began to make a little more sense. Though the way she spoke still had Naia lost in a whirl of confusion, but as always, she didn't dwell on it too much, at least for the moment. Instead she focused more on the new information she had received. "Well Arrwyn, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance,"

"I apologize in advance if this is too forward of me, but would you be a part of the Ellavir family? By which I mean the Ellavir family?" Drawing her hand back and replacing it in its former position clutched around her book that remained clasped to her chest just as usual. "I mean nothing by it if you are or are not a member it would just be nice to meet another individual originally from Atlas," It was the honest truth, though another question managed to slip into her mind and she couldn't help but to ask it. "Though if you are indeed an Ellavir why are you here instead of at Atlas Academy or the like?" With this question Naia gave her head the slightest tilt of the side as she spoke. Her curiosity once again starting to get the better of her.

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7 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:51 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
The blonde haired noble girl found the other girl’s reactions to her teasing hilarious, especially given that it was apparent that the other girl was trying to maintain some degree of composure. It was cute in a way. She wasn’t too surprised at her family name being recognized, given the family’s standing in Atlas and not merely socially. The smirk on her face disappearing as she learned this girl was from Atlas. The news was a mixed bag, on the one hand she was glad to meet someone from her home country here, though on the other it meant if her secret were revealed here, then the news could easily reach Atlas.

It was a reminder of the potential danger of her own situation, and Arrwyn’s self-satisfied smirk changed to a more nervous smile briefly. “Ah…yeah, I’m one of those Ellavirs.” She confirmed. Trying to recall if the name of the girl was tied to any of Atlas’s upper class. The girl’s behavior certainly reminded her of how many Atlasian noble girls talked. When Atlas’ own academy came up she decided to deflect the issue, there were multiple reasons, but most of them weren’t something she was going to share.

“A girl needs to keep some secrets.” She said, before stepping forward, invading the other girl’s personal space slightly. “I’m sure you could find a way to convince me though.” She said quietly enough that only the other girl would be able to hear. The teasing would probably work as well for a deflection as anything, and Wyn’s suggestive grin returned She stepped back just as soon, though her expression remained the same. “But really, I mostly wanted to avoid politics, you know how those things are.” She answered after, the response having just come to her. It wasn’t necessarily untrue, as many people would have wanted to try to take advantage of her family’s standing. Whether to garner favor with her family or attempting to find dirt on her to further their own advancements.

Similarly, there was the chance of getting stuck in drama with other nobles, many of whom would either try to kiss up to her or dislike her out of spite. Atlasian noble families had long histories and even longer memories when it came to grudges. Not the sort of thing she’d want to deal with. Then there was the issue of her secret, it would have been too risky to go to school in Atlas, where her secret could no doubt become public much quicker at even the slightest mistake. Bellmuse meanwhile was a place where she was little known enough, even those who recognized her name likely wouldn’t have any real involvement in Atlasian politics, or any grudge against her family.

Then there was the fact that her family had used, that being that it was meant to help improve Atlas' relations with Bellmuse. It wasn't untrue, simply not the most important reason for her presence at Syne.

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8 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:22 pm

Naia Lacus
Making a mental note of the way the Arrwyn's facial expressions changed after confirming her suspicions. While she wasn't entirely sure why admitting she was a true Ellavir would cause that slight expression change. For the moment she decided it would be prudent not to comment on it, as she seemed a little put out by one revelation or another. While Naia was unsure as to what part of their conversation had caused this sudden dip in her personality, she decided to put it down to something to do with Arrwyn's family. After all, from what little she knew of Atlasian politics it made the most sense. What little knowledge she had stemmed from second hand conversations she'd heard about from her mother, and on the rare occasions she was taken to a business function with said parent who just so happened to work for the Schnee Dust Company, though Naia herself had never had the pleasure, or displeasure depending on who you ask, of meeting a Schnee herself.

With the blonde's next action Naia leaned back in shock at the sudden invasion of her personal bubble of space, so much so she was forced to take half a step back. "U-uhm," Naia stuttered unsure of how to respond, the waiver in her voice and continual dusting of a light pink  on her cheeks a sure sign of just how uncomfortable this whole situation was making her, though she did her best to at least stand her ground. Which was harder than the blue haired girl would ever like to admit, she was however not the best at dealing with such situations, but she was doing her best. "I think it would be best if I let your secrets remain as such, after all everyone needs a few," This was her rushed response to Arrwyn's words her voice shaking just slightly while she got herself back under control before continuing. "Politics, that makes sense. Though I don't have much experience in the matter myself, my parents preferred to keep me out of the loop as well as they were able. I myself have continued that train of thinking, but I realize that might not have been the best decision on my part," Flashing a small smile in the other woman's direction as she spoke Naia decided to change the subject, after all it was obvious this was a subject her new acquaintance was not particularly fond of.

"Either way so far the climate here is certainly better than Atlas, though the heat is certainly going to take some getting used to," Sure it wasn't the best way to change the subject but it was all Naia seemed to be able to come up with on short notice. To hopefully reduce the awkwardness of the situation she continued, in hindsight that might not have been the best option. But she found herself enjoying the conversation she was having with the admittedly different blonde, well different when compared to the people Naia herself generally associated with. Which consisted mostly of other academically inclined individuals, or her family which didn’t give her a lot in the way of people diversity. "Either way I thank you for what information you did share, I appreciate the extra information...uh, I mean that in a friendly way I swear," She quickly added the last part mentally seeing as how it could be construed in a multitude of ways. More than just a few of them could be taken in a negative light. "Ah, that makes it seem like I meant it in a bad way, which I didn't. But, oh dear, I'm just making this worse aren't I?" With this a slightly flustered smile made its way onto her face as she looked towards Arrwyn once again, hoping she hadn't come off rude or anything of the sort.

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9 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:57 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn let out an exaggerated sigh as though she were disappointed that the other girl had passed on the offer. “Offer still stands.” She teased shooting the girl a flirtatious look, she was at least satisfied that the topic was mostly dropped. She felt a bit envious about the fact the other girl had been able to stay uninvolved in politics. Being a noble meant that politics were a part of her life, and she’d been learning about such things from day one, from etiquette classes to lessons on the histories of other notable families and individuals. Then there were the more social aspects to it, trying to act this way, never saying these things, avoiding scandal.

The rumors about her largely were unconfirmed, even those few that were closer to the truth, and as such those rarely came up around those of the upper class. The other girl at least understood she didn’t want to talk about the subject and moved on to the subject of the difference in the climate. “It’s not so bad,” Arrwyn hadn’t had much problem with the climate in Atlas, and while the heat was a bit uncomfortable for her as a native to the colder climate of Atlas, there were some benefits. “I do love seeing people wearing less clothing.” She added, leering at the other girl, and her eyes notably dipping down once again to the girl’s skirt. When the blue haired girl verbally began to stumble, Arrwyn found it even more amusing than before. The girl was apparently worried she’d said take the statement negatively. “So, what brings you all the way out to Bellmuse?” She asked, curious about the other girl.

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10 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:32 pm

Naia Lacus
Relief was the first emotion to gently pass over Naia as the twos conversation shifted from the admittedly awkward babbling of Naia herself to something she was more prepared for. Though that didn't mean she felt any more comfortable at the situation at hand. While it may have been an over assumption on her part she felt that she had unintentionally started to dig up something Arrwyn would much rather prefer to keep buried. So, she was honestly relieved as the subject changed to less personal topics, though the mention of fewer clothes and a glance in the downwards glance from the blonde made Naia close her eyes for a moment to keep herself calm. Not that she would ever do anything about it, but just to be careful she took that few seconds to compose herself a cheerful smile coming to rest on her face.

"True, I must admit it is rather nice not to have to wear layers of clothes at all times," She stated before giving the other girl a quick once over. While certainly not bundled into an oblivion like you would need to be to survive a winter in Atlas she still seemed to have quite a bit more than was necessary in the current weather. But, to each their own as her step-father always aid, namely when she brought up his odd food choices but that whole thought was for a later date. The noblewoman's next question made her pause for a moment, her brow furrowing slightly in thought as she cast her gaze towards the ground. Honestly her reasoning was rather simple, so she wasn't sure why she was thinking on it so hard. With that she let out a light laugh before looking back up and making eye contact once again with the blonde.

"To be honest I was just bored of Atlas," Naia stated giving a shrug of her shoulders as she sent a look around the courtyard happy to not see a speck of snow. "I've lived there my entire life, well in the kingdom itself at least, and it just felt like time for a change," Giving a nod of her head at this she smiled softly as her attention returned to her current companion. "Though, the more I think about it maybe sailing to a small island wasn't the best choice of a first new place to experience," With that she let out a light laugh before continuing once again, saying more than she truly thought she'd be able to. While this was indeed the biggest reason for her to leave Atlas, it wasn't the only one. The secondary reason however was a private matter and not something she was about to share with a woman she had just met, no matter how friendly, if playful, they happened to be. "All in all though, I'm glad I did it. I think it will be a good experience to have under my belt, and who knows maybe Bellmuse will grow on me and I won't want to leave. I doubt my mother would appreciate that much," Giving her head a small shake at that Naia paused for another few seconds before speaking yet again.

"Besides I've heard the dust studies here are quite a bit better than they are back in Atlas, even if I'd have easier access to the substance itself back home," Her shoulder's rose into a shrug at this, after all it hadn't exactly been pertinent information but she felt like she should share it anyways, then it struck her to do something. After all her step-father had always told her to address things earlier rather than later, so why not start now? "Now, I mean no offense by this, but can I just ask why all the staring? While I have my own suspicions I would just like to confirm that," Grey eyes glanced down towards her own stocking clad legs and what of her skirt she could see before looking up again, slight worry but also a hint of confusion in her eyes, not to mention her cheeks flushed a bright shade of red. "My choice in attire hasn't offended you in some way, it hasn’t has it?"

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11 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Tue Jul 03, 2018 10:22 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn could certainly understand being conflicted about being in Bellmuse. On the one hand, she was away from everything she’d ever known, friends and relatives included as well as the simple fact that it was a completely different country. While she had visited the other major kingdoms a few times, her family having interests throughout Remnant though most of her life had been spent in Atlas, and she wasn’t at all familiar with how the other countries were for an average person, and only knew a bit of it from the perspective of an Atlasian due to her sneaking out, something that she’d started doing during her teens.

She wasn’t sure if she’d be willing to stay forever or not, her family’s legacy would require her to take over eventually, and she’d need to move back to Atlas eventually for that to happen. She didn’t know much about Bellmuse’s dust curriculum, as she herself had never been all that heavily involved with dust, even though it was something she thought looked interesting and useful. When the other girl asked if she was somehow offended by the girl’s clothing Arrwyn didn’t really know what to say at first, and either way she couldn’t help but laughing at the notion. It was too funny to think, and the noble couldn’t even begin to get why the other girl got that idea.

“Absolutely, I want to see you out of them” She answered grinning and her tone making it clear she wasn’t simply talking about the other girl changing clothes. “Do I really sound like that type of stuffy noble?” She asked, batting her eyelashes at the other girl. The idea of it was too hilarious not to warrant a bit of teasing, and Arrwyn didn’t see any harm in being a playful with the other girl. Nor had she really seen any reason to cease her teasing, as it had continued having an effect.

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12 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:48 pm

Naia Lacus
A small frown flitted across Naia's face as the other woman's laughter reached her, while the response hadn't been unexpected it was still a tad on the surprising side. Or, that was what she thought for all of two seconds before the slightly shorter individual spoke, eliciting a small embarrassed sigh from Naia herself along with a forced and utter humorless laugh to match. It had been a silly question, and Naia had honestly assumed the staring wasn't meant to be malicious, or even rude. So, why she had even been shocked by the response in the first place was a mystery. While Arrwyn continued Naia found herself pulled into a train of thought she hand't expected to delve into much, if at al,l quite so early in her interactions with the noblewoman.

What did she think of Arrwyn Ellavir? The question itself was simple, yet the response didn't seem to follow suite. From the brief amount of time Naia had been exposed to her Naia found her to be an oddity. While she was supposedly raised with noble standards they only really showed through with the way she carried herself, and sometimes in the words she chose to use. Other than that she seemed like your everyday average huntsman academy student. Alight, maybe average wasn't quite the right word to use in this circumstance. Playful, certainly fit her better. Whether her teasing was serious or not it seemed to be her default setting and Naia couldn't help but wonder if it was a sort of self-preservation tactic or just how Arrwyn herself acted on a normal basis. Only time would tell, and Naia found herself quietly hoping she'd get that time one day. Letting out a seconds sigh she gave another shake of her head before speaking.

"I see,," Sure it wasn't the best response but it was certainly all Naia herself could come up with to say, in response to the first statement she was given. "Unfortunately for you I intend to keep my clothes in place for the foreseeable future," With that she flashed a small smile but was still caught off-guard by the revelation altogether. "And no, I don't think of you as a stuffy noble but if I had offended you in some way I would prefer to have the chance to rectify it, rather than leave it as such until a later date," With that there was another brief pause in Naia's words as she debated what to say next. "Either way I meant no offense by it so feel free to continue staring as long as you'd like, oh dear, that doesn't sound right," Naia stated with a small laugh honestly more than a little confused s to why she seemed to be stumbling over her own statements so much in the past few minutes.

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13 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:31 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn gave a look of mock disappointment, though it was clearly exaggerated so as to not be mistaken for something genuine. Arrwyn figured that this girl Naia wasn’t used to her particular type of teasing from the get go, but the embarrassment the other girl was obviously feeling was notable, and Arrwyn was wondering if perhaps she should cut back on the teasing a bit. After all she didn’t really want to annoy people as much she wanted to fluster them, and possibly have some fun at some point, if the other girl had been willing to take her up on it.

The blonde’s expression morphed back into her more playful look as she considered the other girl and her explanation for the question. She didn’t think her teasing could really be seen as malicious, but perhaps the other girl was simply the type to read too much into things? When the other girl once again tripped over her words Arrwyn didn’t miss the chance to slip in a comment. “Gladly” She answered sincerely, her eyes once again roaming the other girl’s body for good measure before returning to her face. The amusement was clear on Arrwyn’s face, and she wondered if she’d be able to interact with this other girl more often, she was if nothing else amusing to tease and Arrwyn wasn’t against the idea of making friends, even if many of her relatives would look their noses down at mingling with commoners.

“So you are a duster then?” She asked, deciding to change the topic from her teasing for now. “I wanted to get into that stuff a bit myself…” The noble girl said, not quite revealing her level of ignorance on dust, though she was hoping to learn more about it. After all dust seemed like something that could be useful, and it was neutral enough of a subject she figured the other girl would feel more comfortable talking about it.

She didn’t want to major in it, as her current major suited her personal interests much better, however knowing a bit more about dust could probably be useful.

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14 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:24 pm

Naia Lacus
Once again Naia found herself relieved, she lays tended to worry about what she herself was saying and whether or not she was doing something offensive. So, it was nice to find she was in fact perfectly fine, though that may have only been attributable to Arrwyn's laid back personality. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Naia decided to just roll with it and let out a small chuckle at the other woman's genuine yet playful response to her previous statement. The other girls attitude was certainly going to take some getting used to, after all Naia was more used to bookworms and other individuals who were more interested in their studies than actual people. Not that people were bad, Naia just didn't have a lot of experience in the human interaction department and hadn't really found a reason to change that yet.

With the conversation shifting its direction Naia gave a cheerful nod of her head, an odd sense of comfort washing over her as a topic she knew like the back of her hand was borough to the forefront of the current conversation. "I am indeed, " Her response was quick and she waited for Arrwyn to finish her thoughts before continuing listening intently to what the other woman had to say. "I'd certainly endorse the practice, it can come in handy in a pinch. Besides that, dust has numerous uses both in and outside of combat situations, people seem to forget that though. I mean, I have once or twice so I suppose I can't judge others too harshly on that matter," A smile made its way onto Naia's face, it was genuinely happy and was there because she was talking about something she adored.

Naia herself had been interested in dust from a young age, but only started studying it after her mother managed to get a job working for the Schnee Dust Company. From then on, she had a bit of an obsession with the stuff. Her interest however stemmed from a scientific rather than combat oriented standpoint. Naia herself dedicated much of her free time to her own little experiments trying to figure out whatever she could about the still mystical substance, not unexpectedly she hadn't found anything groundbreaking or new but she found it fun. To her that was all that really mattered.

"If you'd ever like some pointers I would be willing to help you, while I may not know everything about it I am at least somewhat knowledgeable in its practical applications," She offered just wanting to let the other girl know that if she ever did want to explore dust more heavily she would be more than willing to help. "In all honesty though dust just intrigues me, so I thought why not study it. After all, maybe I'll make the next big discovery, what about you? Do you have a major yet or are you still thinking on it?" Naia questioned before smiling at Arrwyn, obviously much more comfortable in conversations revolving around academics than other topics.

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15 Re: Floating Around (Open) on Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:54 am

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn didn’t miss the other girl’s smile and was satisfied she’d read the girl’s interest in dust correctly. She figured she’d bring up the subject of dust, though it was something that had allowed her to at least return the other girl into some semblance of comfort. Though that didn’t necessarily mean she didn’t like having the girl caught off guard or flustered. She was serious about her considerations with dust, though it would require a good bit of research, as she didn’t really know enough to pass the dust exam. Still the issue with her combat style was very apparent, that being that she had no real way of fighting at range, and with aerial combat that could be a major disadvantage the blonde knew.

“Oh well, if you are tutoring me...” Arrwyn replied slyly, her tone suggesting she had very different things in mind than tutoring, as well as the expression she gave. Though one might also notice her relief at not having to compromise her pride by asking for help in that regard a slight change from the expression she usually gave when teasing, one that might be noticeable to a more observant person. Having someone who knew what they were doing regarding this subject was helpful. The brief look of relief was covered up quickly, Arrwyn using her normal grin to cover the emotion. “I like to play around with tech, it can be fun learning how things work.” She answered. Not adding the fact that her family’s main economic interests were within the sphere of tech, even owning one of the companies that had been necessary for the development of plans such as the Paladin mechs.

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Naia Lacus
Dust was indeed one of Naia's proffered topics of discussion she did not want to only talk of things she found intriguing. Which was how Naia found herself asking of the other woman's interest, with genuine curiosity in her eyes, and in her voice. . Admittedly the blonde woman's initial answer to her suggestion of giving her some help in the dust department made Naia let out a light slightly nervous laugh. By this point it would be obvious to anyone she had never had much experience with such comments, but she took it in stride simply continuing on with the conversation at hand.

"The offer shall stand for the foreseeable future, as such if you ever want to take me up on it simply ask," This was her response to Arrwyn's statement and it was the truth, she would help her if the other woman ever asked for it. The brief look of relief that danced across the other individual's face also did not escape her notice, though the grey eyed woman refrained from commenting on her observation, instead she listened with interest to what Arrwyn had to say next. Surprise would be a good word to describe just how Naia felt about finding out what the other woman was focusing on during her time at Syne. From the brief amount of time she had spent with the other woman Naia would never have pegged her as someone quite so interested in technological studies or the like. Though, the more she let this information sit and register with her it made sense, Arrwyn was an Ellavir after all. .

While an array of thought flashed through her head Naia just flashed a smile. "Well, I'm certainly glad you have managed to find something that hold your interest. Personally i'm rather useless in the technology department, while I can use most of it and understand it, I am unable to fix any of it, and am left utterly stumped if it breaks," Certainly it wasn't the most interesting of conversation choices but it was the truth, Naia had never been too tech savvy when it came to fixing broken electronics or the like, no matter how hard she tried. Before she could  add on to her already spoken words a clear moderately loud beep came from the pocket of her jacket. Naia knew this to be her scroll. "Pardon me, I should check that," After this she reached into her pocket and pulled the device free, holding her book to her chest with one arm as she pressed the button to extend the holographic screen before letting out a small sigh. "Unfortunately it seems I have lost track of time, I have a class to be getting to,"

For the first time in a while the idea of a class was unpleasant, Naia would have much preferred to remain and continue her conversation. "Once again it as a pleasure to meet you Miss Ellavir, and I hope to have the pleasure of speaking with you again in the future. This may seem forward but would you mind if we exchanged numbers? After all I'd hate to leave you with no way to contact me if you ever did want that tutoring," While she spoke Naia's voice was rather normal with a hint of cheerfulness in it, and the last few words were said with a playful inflection as she looked towards the blonde and awaited her answer.

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