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Listening to Nature (open/2)

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1 Listening to Nature (open/2) on Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:49 pm

Merlynn had decided to take a break and go out which was well beyond her normally stop at the sweets store or the cafe to enjoy some tea. For the first time, merlynn wore her old combat dress, with parts of the skirt where ripped and torn away gave the fabric an almost designer like look as well as and ghostly appearance in dim light. But why was she wearing this over her skintight combat suit well, she had to keep a somewhat decent appearance where she was going.

Soon she was in front of the Eldorado's Casino which was her destination. After all being more than well over the age she walked in showing her id as a huntress to the front door. she was let in without a hitch might have been because of the dress showing so much leg. Well whatever the reason merlynn soon found her self in a huge room with a lot of lights and noise going on, It was a different feel about it then the normal quite spots she picked out. she made her way to what seemed to be the bar of the casino merlynn took a seat in the first booth she found by herself and let out a sigh, half of her hair looked like a pixie cut while the other half was a curly bouncy style as if to make a movie star like appearance. but because of this, it blocked some of her vision as to more one side.

She would wait to have her order taken as she crossed her legs under the table and her hands folded in her lap relaxing in the noise.

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2 Re: Listening to Nature (open/2) on Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:43 am

It was of those regular days for Karma. Not one where she had to collect information for or about anybody, just a normal day working at the Eldorado. The only thing that was different compared to the usual was that her friend Vera had taken the day off to go on a date with one of their colleague and while the dark skin girl was happy that her friend was seeing someone, that meant she didn't have anyone to talk to as she usually kept her distance with everybody else.

It seemed like socializing would end up on the schedule however as Karma was asked to take on the bar for a while as the guy who tended to it received an emergency call. It didn't really matter to her, she would probably end up making more tip than him with her alluring bunny-like attire. The first thing the silver-haired girl did when she got behind the bar was to take a look at the selection of drink that was available to the patrons. She wouldn't want to make then wait on the account of not remembering where a specific bottle was kept.

After a while serving a single man that has been there for hours and was probably served multiple times by the previous bartender, a new face sat down at the bar. She was a pretty girl with antlers sprouting from her head like leafless trees, obviously a faunus. Karma slowly approached her with a welcoming smile as she placed her hands on the counter to announce her presence in case her new client wouldn't have noticed her. "Hello Sugar, what can I serve you today? Something fizzy and fruity maybe? Or perhaps you're a girl that loves strong alcohol?"

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3 Re: Listening to Nature (open/2) on Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:20 am

Flash Driver
Flash was a droid of many jobs. He'd been a waiter, a painter, an architect, crossing guard and unknowingly aided many snake-oil salesman. Today however he was helping out in a casino, an establishment he knew next to nothing about. There were people dealing cards, big disks spinning with tiny balls being thrown of them. It was a quiet time, early in the evening, a couple of people looked really happy but many of them looked quite downtrodden, the closer Flash got to the bar though the more goofy (red-faced) smiles that he saw. He believed this was common when fleshy ones became intoxicated, it was a truly strange how they enjoyed imbibing flammable fluids that gave them less control over their life.

He saw a lot more faunus than he did humans, mostly of the rabbit variety. In fact it was quite bizarre, he'd never seen so many of them in one place... were they related? Was this a family business Flash had stumbled into? None of them looked particularly alike, outside their clothing and ears. Flash was, truth be told, only working unofficially at this place; he hadn't spoke to an owner or even many of the staff outside making sure they weren't cold in those strange outfits they wore. How they even put them on he was quite unsure. Only the drunkest of folks seemed to be interacting with him, taking photos and posing like they seemed to do with some of the rabbit faunus much to the chagrin of the bouncers.

Currently he was carrying a great number of glasses, two between each of his four fingers on both of his hands and a tray with near twenty sat atop his head; kept perfectly stable as he walked toward the bar. There was one of the rabbit faunus there who seemed to know what they were doing, a very drunk looking man on one side of the bar and a girl with antlers on the other. Antler girl seemed to be quite unable to see on the side Flash approached from, having a haircut Flash hadn't seen in his lifetime. The girl working the bar had some quite uncommon eyes, a sort Flash had only seen a couple of times, very red. Raise his hands to clearly show the glasses, towering over the pair.

"I guess I should glask where to put these? I don't mean to wine but I've collected quite a few. I could probably carry some more but I a-beer to have cleaned them all up, is there a broom I should pick up somewhere or? I don't really work here, it's dust that I want to help out ^^ You have a very big family by the way o.o"

Flash didn't speak, rather everything he meant to say appeared on his T.V. like face. Naturally the droid was unarmed but there had been a quite thorough check, dressed in only a sports jacket; no shirt, no trousers and his feet were basically shoe shaped so it wasn't as though he needed them.

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4 Re: Listening to Nature (open/2) on Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:24 am

The doe sat there when the alabaster haired women spoke to her, the red eyes made merlynn almost burst from her seat as her eyes widened but her legs froze in place as she let out a soft grunt to hold back some emotions she felt suddenly. "Just some coffee with 5 whiskey shots to start..." her body had to force her self back down. The tan skin is what stopped her, it wasn't Angelina the pale doe that had merlynn in such a mess over.

Merlynn rwcompossed her self when a new thing entered the moment which took her mind off her memory. What was this walking TV, an why was it making so many puns with its head set. "What are you...a walking tv?" She was now more interested in the TV looking thing. Which helped take her mind off the sudden reminder of Angelina which aloud her to keep her emotions in check.

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