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Naia Lacus (Waiting for Approval)

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1 Naia Lacus (Waiting for Approval) on Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:28 pm

Naia Lacus
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Naia Lacus
Age: Twenty
Birthday: March 16th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Face Claim: Noriko Sonozaki from Kiznaiver

STR: 3
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 5
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Dust Major | Dust Research and Development
Books, both attaining and reading them her favorites are fairy tales.  
Small cafes, she likes the atmosphere they have and goes to them to relax when she can.
House cats, they're lithe, graceful, and adorable not to mention the only pets she was allowed to have.
Rice, it's such a versatile food and rather simple to make so she eats a lot of it.
Research, she tends to do it without even thinking and finds it undeniably fun to do.
Warm weather, she's more used to air condition interiors so sweltering heat doesn't mix well with her.
Spicy food, she has zero in the way of spice tolerance and will break into a coughing fit with even a drop of hot sauce.
Being late, she makes a habit of being exactly on time or earlier so when she runs late it causes her stress.
Laziness, it annoys her when people just sit around doing nothing particularly if she's forced to work with such individuals.
Flowers, really the only reason is because she's allergic and they make her sneeze all the time which isn't pleasant.
Arachnophobia, Naia is deathly afraid of spiders and will make anybody else deal with them if needed.
Coulrophobia, blame her father for taking her to a circus when she was still a little to young. Now she gets sick to her stomach and wants to run away whenever she sees a clown.
Atychiphobia, Naia is utterly terrified of being wrong, which happens to be the reason she spends so much time studying and always triple checks her facts. After all she would hate her oversight to get someone hurt.
Talent: Loremaster
Weakness Wilderness Survival
Overall Personality: Polite and reserved Naia was raised to always present herself as a responsible individual who could be trusted to get things done. Due to this she tends to hold herself back quite a bit in social interactions, always speaking in a polite tone and doing her best to always appear refined, or at the very least put together. To most she can come off as rather cold and distant due to how she decides to present herself which can make it slightly harder to get to know others but she honestly doesn't mind. While she isn't shy Naia certainly prefers the company of her latest research paper to other individuals and would trade any social event for a day spent reading about dust philosophy in the local library. Naia is always respectful to anyone she interacts with, rarely calling people by nicknames unless she knows them rather well. While she would appreciate the same courtesy given to her she isn't confrontational so won't bring it up if she isn't.

While not overly social Naia is a decent friend or so she thinks. She's honest which can be a blessing or a curse depending on what you ask, her mother learned this after asking how clothes looked, and more often than  not the answer was not a pleasant one. With that honesty comes unwavering loyalty Naia will stick with the people she cares about through thick and thin, though if she gets into an argument with someone she will certainly never be the first to apologize, even if she was certainly the one who was wrong. Always willing to lend a hand or be a shoulder to cry on when it comes to friends she'll do her best to help which is rather easy for her when it comes to intelligence based things. On the other hand when it comes to comforting someone upset she has a hard time figuring out what to do or say, as she herself hasn't had a lot of experience on either end of the comfort spectrum.

While a little more on the socially awkward side Naia is a loyal person who always does her best. Her best may not always be what someone expects, as she prefers to just be who she is rather than concern herself too much with what other's may think of her. Though this comfort in herself doesn't leech out to anyone else meaning she isn't the type of person to stand up for others. In fact she would prefer to just blend into the background if she truly had a choice, after all conflict isn't her strong suite and she tends to break down when it does happen. Particularly in a mean or exceptionally forceful manner whether she knew it was coming or not.

Overall Naia is a person who has their heart in the right place, or so she'd like to think. But when she chooses to remain silent as other's berate people does that actually make her good? Or, does it make her just as bad as the person doing the berating? It's a thought that crosses her mind more than you would think.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Aquamarine
Semblance: Naia's semblance which she refers to as Dust Manipulation, allows her to add a little extra oomph to the dust she uses. Most often, and seemingly only in an offensive manner. While it doesn't affect the dust itself it allows Naia to manipulate it with more fine tuned control, often times allowing it to have a greater impact on the target. This control is exceptional when her semblance is active allowing Naia to manipulate whatever dust she has in such a way as to make it more effective. Such as centering more in one area, or spreading it out evenly, she gets fine tuned control of this when her semblance is active. Along with this Naia also gains the ability to move it when activated, during the activation, and after the dust is already doing it's thing. Meaning she can make corrections on the fly instead of it just being a one and done. Though these corrections are limited to how quickly she can react in any given situation. Naia's semblance doesn't power the dust up in any way shape or form, it simply allows Naia, and only Naia, to control it to such a degree that it will be more effective in most circumstances. In addition to this Naia is limited to only being able to use her semblance on dust she has physically touched, and activated herself. Meaning if a teammate throws a fireball at someone she will be unable to use it, and any dust aimed at her by another individual is in no harm of being affected by her semblance. So, only dust that has started with, and been activated by Naia herself can be used in conjunction with her semblance. Naia tends to rely heavily on her semblance in a fight, most often when she feels particularly threatened. Which can be just as much of a hindrance as a benefit if she doesn't think out the application and possible ramifications before hand. The telltale sign of her semblance activating is the shimmer of her aura across her skin, it stays in a visible state for as long as Naia keeps her semblance up, when deactivated the telltale sign of her semblance will once again fade.
Buff Type Semblance | +2 to Naia's SPT | Drains 10 Aura per post active
Item 1: Xenocles is a Tier 1 M1911 pistol. Overall it is a single action, semi-automatic, magazine fed, recoil operated pistol that fires .45 caliber bullets. Appearance wise the metal parts are a solid silver in color while on the grip there are two wooden panels one on either side. In addition on the bottom of the grip a simple silver chain has been attached, this chain will generally be wrapped around Naia's arms when firing or simply holding her weapon, making it slightly less likely for her to drop her weapon. Though that doesn't mean it can't be knocked out of her hand, or yanked hard enough to be taken from her.
Weapon Image:

Item 2: 2x Tier 1 wind dust vials, five uses each. Considering Naia focuses heavily on using dust to fight, and is an avid researcher of the substance it makes sense for her to always have some on her. Most often she will carry it attached to the belt she wears around her waist, for ease of access her belt is studded with a bandoleer type pattern made of a stretchy fabric and meant hold vials of dust, though Naia also uses them to hold spare clips for Xenocles. This does however cut down on the amount of dust she can carry with her at any given time.This bandoleer part goes from roughly the middle of her left side and wraps around to stop an inch or so short from the middle point of her back. It only goes this far so she has ease of access and can her dust with ease even while in the middle of a fight.

History and Sample
Born to Ford Lacus and Nerida Ashfield, Naia was raised in the kingdom of Atlas. However, she was born in the town of Mantle. Her parents had gotten fed up with the situation in Atlas and decided to try and do something about it by moving to Mantle and doing what they could to help the less fortunate citizens there. Which is exactly when Naia was raised doing for the first eight years of her life, she was taught to help where she could and never assume about people based on their appearance. Though most of that went down the drain the day her father died, you see he was killed. Killed by an older Faunus man that they had helped once upon a time. It was an eye opening, and life changing event for the young Naia who until then had thought everyone was a good person. Turns out that really isn't the case, and even when you help it can result in a rather unfortunate event. While her father's death was investigated, both Naia and her mother had to remain in Mantle. Her mother shut down all efforts they had been making to help the residents and withdrew into herself.

It took a little over a year for her father's case to be closed ending with the arrest and sentencing of the Faunus that had committed the crime. Suffice to say that didn't go over well with the Faunus population in Mantle. Which was how Naia came to reside in Atlas with her mother. Though their pariah like status didn't exactly change, as the citizens of Atlas weren't thrilled at having a bunch of 'Faunus Lovers' back among them even if no one said it out loud all the looks did. By fighting tooth and nail her still despondent mother managed to procure herself a job at the illustrious Schnee Dust Company, it certainly wasn't a good one but it payed the bills. It was also what started Naia down the path to her seeming obsession with dust, as she wanted to know more about what her mother was working with even if it was indirectly.

Years passed and things remained the same, Naia continued to grow more and more knowledge obsessed as her mother did her best to provide for her. It was around this time most of her current day mannerism's were drilled into her. Whether it was at her mother's work related social events, or simply when Naia had to stop by her mother's office after school to pick up one thing or another. In addition around the time Naia was ten her mother started to get into another relationship. Naia was confused at first not recalling understanding how her mother could be with someone other than her father but she didn't push it too much. After all it was the first time in a long time she'd seen her mother truly happy about something other than Naia's always outstanding grades. After another year and when Naia was eleven her mother had them both move in with her lover recently turned fiance. At this point Naia had actually gotten to know the man as Rouge Alfman, and the two got on surprisingly well. He was a huntsman and the person who set her on the career path she would eventually follow, much to her mother's dismay. 

So it was when Naia finally could she enrolled in Atlas Academy where she thrived, at least in the academic part of the schooling. While she entered the Academy without having found her semblance she unlocked it during her first year when she was in a practice match against another student. It certainly isn't a very interesting story but suffice to say that fire dust ended up singeing more than just the other students clothes. In addition to this during her first year at the academy at the age of seventeen her mother and now step-father ended up adopting a twelve year old Faunus boy by the name of Carmine. While they didn't get to interact much at first the two ended up becoming good friends and even better siblings.

As time passed Naia found herself getting bored with her surroundings, after all there really wasn't anything new to find in Atlas and the only places to explore were freezing cold. Which didn't particularly appeal to her in any way, so she looked into other options. Eventually stumbling across information about both Syne Academy and Bellmuse. She took her time researching it to make sure it was somewhere she would want to go, and then ran it by her parents. Both of whom supported her wholeheartedly. So it was after Naia finished her third year of schooling at Atlas before enrolling in Syne Academy which is where Naia now finds herself, facing more schooling. Though to her that's a challenge she'll gladly face.
RP Sample:
"Rouge, people are staring," Naia muttered against the tall, lean, and messy crimson haired man who was currently holding her firmly pressed against his chest in a bear hug for the ages. A chime of laughter came in from the side as a green eyed and pale blue haired woman smiled at the sight before her, the wrinkles by her eyes crinkling with the movement. Though Naia found herself released before she could comment on either of her parent's reactions to her heading off to her new home.

"Sorry blue, couldn't help myself," The redhead stated giving a slightly embarrassed scratch to the back of his head, all while Naia looked up from where she stood at her full height. Still a good deal shorter than the man she looked up to as a father figure, giving a shake of her head in the process.

"It's perfectly alright, just a tad on the embarrassing side," Naia stated with a small laugh herself before letting out a sigh pale hands tightening their grip on the suitcase handle in her hands. It still hadn't hit her yet what she was doing, the fact she was leaving the one kingdom she'd ever known, and her family who had always been within a days travel of her. Now though, now she was leaving. Certainly not for good, but for the foreseeable future and this would be the last time the pale blue haired and grey eyed girl would be able to see two of the three people who helped her get this far in the first place. While her emotions were certainly starting to get the better of her, Naia was determined to keep a straight face. "On another note I really should be getting on the airship,"

"Right, I'm gonna miss ya blue. Make sure to call okay?" With those words Rogue pulled her into a warm side hug getting a smile out of her before letting go and her mother Nerida moved in front of him before starting to fuss. It was the usual mother things, straightening her clothes, brushing off dust, and as always retying the pale grey ribbon Naia herself always wore around her neck. All while fussing verbally at the same time.  

"Are you sure you packed everything? All your clothes, that suitcase isn't just full of books right? Not to mention what about your computer, we should wait another day. Just go home, make sure you have everything, have a good dinner, and then you can leave tomorrow," As she spoke Naia smiled gently letting go of the handle of her suitcase with a single hand before grabbing one of her mothers in her own. Giving it a light squeeze hopefully to help reassure her everything was going to be alright.This got her mother's attention causing her to stop fussing as she looked to Naia seeing the young girl who could never remember to put her jacket on, instead of the twenty year old woman who was going to out to do something she loved.

"I have everything mother, and if I don't I'll be able to manage. After all you taught me well, now, stop worrying about me and go get Carmine. I know he's going to hate that he couldn't come say goodbye himself, so treat him to something good for me please," Naia stated her tone as calm and even as ever. With her words spoken she dropped her mother's hand and re-latched it around the handle of that same ice blue suitcase. Her mother let out a shaky sigh before nodding, with that she reached out and cupped her daughters cheeks before kissing her on the forehead.

"Be safe," Naia gave a nod of her head while taking a few small steps back.

"Always," With that Naia turned causing powder blue hair to flutter out behind her as she moved, though it came to rest against her back again shortly. It took more willpower than the girl even knew she had not to turn around and go bolting back to her family. To be with them was all she wanted in this moment, hopefully that would pass. If not perhaps this whole idea was a mistake, and this feeling was a sign. A sign for her not to go, not to see new places, to just remain in the world she knew, the world that was safe for her. To this day she couldn't tell you why she didn't turn back, in fact she still wonders herself.

Within seconds she'd found herself aboard the ship that was going to take her to Bellmuse, and in the long run Syne Academy. It didn't take long to get on the deck, and just in time to. She stood by the railing surrounding the edge of the boat giving her enthusiastically waving parents a small wave in return as the large ship moved from it's docking place and out into the open ocean. Naia didn't leave the edge of the ship until her family was nothing more than a memory on the horizon even as numerous people shuffled by her, some stopped to take in the view next to her. When the two people she trusted more than anything were firmly out of view a light sigh left her lips as she shuffled off to find the cabin she would be staying in.

Unsurprisingly it was small, not to mention cramped. A bed with simple green sheets was shoved as far into the room as they could probably get it, along with a dresser that had seen better days squeezed in next to it. The rocking of the ship certainly didn't make the lacking room any better and was slowly starting to tie Naia's stomach in knots. It was her first time on a ship of the water fairing kind after all. With a sigh she set her suitcase down next to the dresser with a light 'thunk' before taking a seat on the bed which creaked under her weight. Leaning back against the wall she closed her eyes and took in a breath, the air was still chill but with a salty undertone to it, it probably didn't help that she'd forgotten to close the door to her little room.

That thought slipped into oblivion though as the reality of what she was doing hit her once again. With no one around, and no appearances or brave faces to keep up she let her tears roll gently down her cheeks. It hurt more than anything she'd ever felt to leave, and she was utterly terrified of going to a completely unknown place all on her own. She had no friends, no one she knew was there meaning it'd just be her. While her thoughts quickly went down a deep and dark hole her tears kept falling, though the familiar chime of her scroll got her attention. Letting out a sniffle she brushed her tears from her eyes as she dragged the small object from her pocket to check what had happened. As her eyes scanned over the message Naia smiled while holding it to her chest as she let herself slump sideways to lay on her side. Naia's scroll still on a picture of her father, mother, and brother on the screen all of them smiling with a caption of five simple words.

"Good luck! We love you!"  

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2 Re: Naia Lacus (Waiting for Approval) on Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:05 am

Richard Lionheart
Hey welcome to the site! This is a super application, really enjoyed reading it, and I only have one real issue. When it comes to your semblance, because of how it is worded, it does seem like you could use it on anyone's dust rather than just your own so I would recommend adding the likes of "She initiates the semblance by touching an unactivated dust crystal" or the like to prevent that kind of thing ^^ Bump when done!

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Naia Lacus
Hello to you to, and thank you for the welcome. I have added what you suggested to the semblance, but please if it still doesn't get the correct point across let me know.

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4 Re: Naia Lacus (Waiting for Approval) on Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:40 pm

Richard Lionheart
Yep that'll do! The only last thing is more of a check than an actual problem, I notice in your profile you've put "Above average speed" but your stats only total to average. The total when you subtract offensive stats from defensive needs to be more than two, not two itself. Let me know if that's fine or bump when done ^^

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5 Re: Naia Lacus (Waiting for Approval) on Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:43 pm

Naia Lacus
Oops, my bad there. Apparently I misread >2 as 2 itself when going through speed rules, eh-heh. I have redone my stats to sort out the issue, hopefully.

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6 Re: Naia Lacus (Waiting for Approval) on Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:47 pm

Richard Lionheart

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