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Neveah Vincent Valentine "Completed"

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1Neveah Vincent Valentine "Completed" Empty Neveah Vincent Valentine "Completed" on Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:49 am

Neveah Vincent Valentine
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Neveah Vincent Valentine
Age: 19
Birthday: December 25th
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus [Wolf]
Trait: Black fur [Mixed with hair]
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Face Claim: Lyndis by RazalorArts

STR: 3
DEF: 4
RES: 4
SPT: 1
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat
1.) Confidence: "V" is a very confident person, she doesn't tend to show it off initially, but she does when she feels the need to, and will demonstrate a high level of positive sense of her skill and prowess in combat, tending to be seen when she has determined her victory.
2.) Excellent Listener: Due to her ability to not talk and listen before she speaks and understand situations, "V" has a very good understanding of how to listen and hear before she thinks, she takes in all the information beforehand and constructs a thought and plan after gaining everything she heard. This makes her great for tactics and with sending her on messenger mission's, whether or not she likes those kinds of missions, "V" tends to think first if not already in a blinding rage or extremely ticked off.
3.) Heart of Gold: See how you want to, "V" isn't as cold hearted as she wants to let others think, yes she is distant, yes; she is hard to get along with at times, but once she actually finds someone she "cares" (using this word loosely) for, "V" will not want to loose that person of group of people. If someone actually gets her to open up, she will see that person as a close friend whom put up with her crap and gained her trust and affection.

1.) Gula (Gluttony): What can be said here, "V" has a rather beast like appetite when it comes to food or drinks she likes.
2.) Avaritia (Greed): Much like her Gluttony, "V's" love for money can be derived from her Greed over it, always wanting to get more.
3.) Reckless: At times "V" can rush into battle against her better judgement, this usually happens when she see's someone she cares for deeply in trouble and require aid, or if an innocent is being harmed.
4.) Ira (Wrath): "V" is what many call a short fused woman, but this fuse is very thick and reinforced, it takes a lot to make her fuse spark and ignite, before she releases her full rage on a person or group of people.

1.) Food
2.) Lien
3.) Reading
4.) Music
5.) Combat

1.) Noise
2.) Eavesdroppers
3.) Grimm
4.) White Fang
5.) Boring Lectures
6.) Heights

1.) Acrophobia: "V" is a person who is not a fan of heights, to her, it prevents her from performing at peak performance, being how she could easily slip and plummet to her death, but the most it makes her is rather queasy to look down and think of how high she is
2.) Arachnophobia: The fear of spiders, or insectoids similar to spiders like scorpions, "V" has a uneasy feeling when around spiders or anything like them, she doesn't mind insects, just not spiders or things similar to them, she doesn't have a deathly fear of them, just gets nervous when she is near them.
3.) Kinetoptophobia: The fear of motion, or unneeded motion, this fear comes from "V" fear as a child when her family was in a car accident, she grew a hatred and fear of vehicles when her mother was injured from it. She typically will refuse to travel via any form of vehicles, whether or not they are safe, as when she does; she begins to feel sickly on it at the flood of memories that come when on it.
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Vehicular Mastery
Overall Personality: Reckless, blunt, tactful and resourceful, Neveah, or often called by her alias "V", is a spunky, spirited individual whom tends to be a complex being, while being levelheaded, sharp minded and wise, can be somewhat of a contradiction. "V" often can be a brilliant tactician when the time is right, but can also be reckless; chagrining in blinding into battle to slay all before her, she can be calm, but also lash out in a violent rage if pushed too far. Due to this, she tends to stick to herself, but yearns to be apart of a group, people whom she can try to open to but is too unsure of their reaction, though she tends to be a lone person, she wears flashy colors to be noticed. Due to her upbringing, she was taught to be a fighter, less than a lady, so she typically acts more boyish than feminine, which can be a turn off when she snaps or shuts her emotions out like most Males do, however despite sometimes being called a hollow person. "V" is a very caring person, even if she wishes to not show it all the time, subtle hints are dropped, a smirk or a settling in her brow, or a soft expression with her eyes, she loves kids and hates them at the same time. Often acting like a mother or older sibling, whilst this is hard to believe considering being a only child and has not given birth to any children, "V" has a strong maternal mind, which can be contributed by her own mother. Regardless, "V" has a heart of gold, even if she tries to hide it behind a wall of ice, steel and stone, when she does speak it is only a few words as she views them pointless unless focusing on devising a plan of attack or explaining a weakness to a enemy.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Sakura
Semblance: Petal Storm [Damage, Defense, & Utility]: "Like a glimmering hope, beauty flickers like a flame." These are the words uttered by Neveah before releasing the full power that she has, which her Aura transforms into a thousand tiny blade petals, which fly toward 'V's" target. She can control and direct the blade petals by slashing at her target with her hands, eyes or even body movement. The blade petals themselves reflect light in such a way as to resemble cherry blossom petals, or even rose petals, and possess enough cutting power to instantly slash through high grade metal. She has such control over her Semblance that she can perform several techniques, such as using the blade petals as a shield to block attacks, and commonly attacks her opponents from several angles or simply surrounds them with the blade petals to keep them occupied. Additionally, "V" can surround her opponent in a whirling sphere of blade petals, which is possibly inescapable if the opponent dodges at the right moment; and grows smaller over time. Eventually, the sphere collapses in on itself, crushing "V's" opponent in a flash of bright light. (Essentially, Petal Storm is a balanced version of Senbonzakura from Bleach, only petals, no blade forming.)
Petal Storm:

Item 1: Skiajati no Kotetsu:[Physical Weapon]: A weapon like no other, Kotetsu is a weapon designed after the Tachi, a weapon forged in the same manner as most weapons classified in her homeland. This variation of the Tachi is a single edge sword called Katana, Kotetsu was forged by "V" after her years of training by her father and mother. Kotetsu's blade was forged in the same manner as all Tachi are in "V's" homeland, holding the tradition that her parents taught her. Kotetsu's blade holds nearly one-billion folds, making it quite strong, the only parts that are altered to be more technologically better are everything by the blade and fitting. Despite it being altered, including the very same non-magnetic alloy made to construct some of Kikuichimonji metal parts and the Kotetsu's blade, Kotetsu is still much like any Tachi found in the northern uncharted continent above Vacuo. (Skiajati no Kotetsu has several meanings to its name, one being "Born of Steel", which entails when in combat, but also "Born of Peace", when combat is not needed. But others are "Born of/from peace", "made from/steel", "steel of darkness", "darkness of steel", "the piercing darkness", "the peaceful darkness".)
Item 2: Kikuichimonji [Physical Armor]: Kikuichimonji, the name of "V's" armor, is a rather unusual one, holding a crimson red appearance for the Kimono, the armor is known as a Karuta back where "V" was born, the armor is comprised of leather, iron and clothe, however, despite the origin, Kikuichimonji was developed using newer technological advantages. Such as her crimson Kimono has non-magnetic metal wires weaved throughout the fabric while being stitched together with metal plates to provide more defense, under the kimono is a form of gambeson mimic, combining linen into the leather chest-piece. There are some metal plates on the shoulders and waist, but that is it, along with this, Kikuichimonji is also fitted with metal gauntlets and boots, using light metals to provide movement but also defense; it is elegant but also high functional as armor.

History and Sample
Born on the northern region of Sanus, the island located above Vacuo which is currently unexplored, Neveah however didn't spend a ton of time in her homeland, for when she became three she and her parents left their home due to turmoil that was quite dangerous for a young family. She, her mother and father all moved to Vacuo for sometime, being there until the age of eight, due to some problems with local outlaws. Her father made a deal with a transporter to allow his family to hitch a ride on one of their cargo freights. However they had to assist with anything the crew asked, thus their seven day trip from Vacuo to Vale began.

When they arrived in Vale, they quickly made way to finding a home, Naveah's father found a job as a chief at a local restaurant which paid quite well. Years went by as Neveah grew into a fine young lady, her mother teaching her little girl how to fight due to being bullied from the local boys, however she wasn't just taught how to fight with her hands, she was taught the way of the sword. Neveah learned many things from not just her mother, her father taught her how to survive in the world encase she was ever away from home, he taught her how to forage, gather and survive in the wilderness. She was taught how to track and trap creatures, but mostly how to evade Grimm and many dangers.

However, her training came to an end when the White Fang attacked her town, they took prisoner's and ended anyone who showed resistance. Which was her parent as they helped their seventeen year old daughter escape with a few individuals who knew about the incoming attack. After that day, Neveah discarded her name, and took upon the alias of "V", she was taken in by a male named Cor, whom trained her how to control her rage and harness it into power. Which eventually turned into her unlocking her Semblance by age eighteen, a torrent of glorious petal that sliced all things around "V" in a blind rage.

However despite this, Cor made sure "V" learned to harness it without being consumed by vengeance and hatred, but use her power to show mercy and contempt with her situation. Not too long after this, "V" forged her sword and armor, using a special alloy Cor made for her and told her about a place that could help her control her Semblance and use it to good use, instead of cutting down tress. She agreed despite not wanting to leave her mentor and father figure behind, he assured her that it was better this way. And before leaving, she branded a tattoo upon her right cheekbone, the very same one Cor had upon his right shoulder.
RP Sample:
As the wondrous brisk air of the northern region struck her cheeks, the olive toned lass trotted along the roadside, keeping her wits about her for she knew that danger was around her in any form, in any location. "V" knew how dangerous the wilderness was, her father taught her much, Markus taught her many things, much like her mother Rinah. As the cool wind picked up, the caused her azure scarf to flutter about, the piece of fabric dancing about behind her, the subtle clanking of her sword against her waist. Skiajati no Kotetsu, her prized belonging, sheathed and still, the calmness about "V" was almost unsettling, almost like a Python ready to strike a target, if one was to jump out at her. Her emerald eyes glimmered with a solemn aura, her jingasa, a type of Kasa, a straw hat worn by many from her homeland, shrouded her eyes, the shimmering bronze Lotus flower upon the blade material. As "V" kept her composure, the sound of her metallic boots crushing the grass and leaves beneath her filled the air, her walk would be quite long as she was sure it would be a day or so more before arriving in Bellmuse, the place that held Syne Academy, the school were Cor was taught.

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Richard Lionheart
Alright this is a good app but I can see a couple of issues ^^ Easiest to fix is that on the trait I do need a specified creature the trait is derived from as this is a stranger one, need to be sure it's nothing mythological or the like (you have also misspelt trait). There are spiky red lizards you could claim the trait is based off of (as when two faunus have children the trait the child has is not a combination, but random; as is specified in the world of remnant on faunus) With the semblance I need a little more specifics in regards to your transformed state's size and I need to know what the buffs are. You put in a bit that reads "Semblance Etc.:" which you may have meant to fill with that but have not ^^

There are some small things with the items to, most simply I need a specification of armour type (dust or physical resistant). More complexly is the fusion of your weapon back into your body. While I think this is fine you cannot change your weapon's form by fusing it with your body, you couldn't do a claw strike in your transformed state and claim your claws are that same weapon. The weapon itself must stay the same even if you use it difficulty, the blade expanding out of your wrist in the beast form for example. Bump when done.

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Neveah Vincent Valentine
Le bump

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Richard Lionheart
Oh I'm sorry, I sent this earlier but I guess it didn't go through. Your last two fears, as I understand them, are too similar. As I understand it one is the fear of motion and one is the fear of sickness brought on by motion, they do overlap a bit much is all ^^ Add an unrelated one or replace one, bump when done

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Neveah Vincent Valentine
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Richard Lionheart

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