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Falling Practice (major mission/closed)

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1 Falling Practice (major mission/closed) on Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:04 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Falling wasn’t exactly something many people thought about, outside of trying to avoid doing it, or possibly having the misfortune to end up falling and being hurt. For hunters however, falling was a bit different and required specialized training. Such an idea may have seemed ridiculous at first thought before one actually considered what it truly meant. Many huntsmen had to engage from airships, or simply fighting around and on higher terrain. It wasn’t abnormal for a fight to move from street side to rooftop for example, and even higher degrees of verticality could be attributed to such fights.

Additionally, there were plenty of Grimm that could fly, and being able to fall from great heights without getting injured, seriously or otherwise was a skill worth having. There was the additional close combat training needed, learning how to take a fall without hurting one’s self was just as important in terms of short distances as it was for long ones, even if long distances were more relevant and important at any given time.

It was understandable then, that Arrwyn was more focused currently at longer distances, as falling training in the traditional sense of learning how to survive falling from a long distance rather than the more martial sense of not being injured when knocked down in a fight. Arrwyn wasn’t too concerned about figuring this stuff out, her semblance gave her an edge in that regard. Falling was in a lot of ways less of a worry when one had the ability to fly, though being knocked out of the sky could still be a problem, and the noble knew she’d have to find a way to prevent that, or at least recover if it were to happen. After all there could be times she fell without being able to use her semblance. While she could stay in the air for quite awhile one could always end up exhausting their aura supply.

The more she looked into such things, the more viable the idea of gaining a dust license actually was for the noble girl. The noble girl for now, would simply work on the issues she could with her semblance, before trying to investigate ways that she could land properly without it later. After all it’d take a bit of time for her to look into how to get a dust license, and more to get it. So, for now the blonde was stuck dealing with falling the way she could.

The school fortunately had the facilities for such things, launcher like devices that would send their user off somewhere into the blue forest of Finnek. She heard that the maintenance had been done for them in preparation for the mission that had been posted on the board, and nobody seemed that concerned about this area of the grounds. It was almost private, except for the ever-present cameras that seemed to fill the academy. When she’d found out about the area of the campus, she was somewhat amused at the idea of a relatively secluded area on campus, with all the things the private area could allow.

Unfortunately, there was in fact camera present, as there ever was on the campus. While Wyn herself would find it amusing to give the school’s head of security a little show, she figured from what she’d briefly seen of the guy, and what she had heard that he may not appreciate something like that. Any potential partner she found would probably not be as appreciative of it as she was either, so that idea was scrapped for now at least.

Arrwyn did a second check of the launch platform one last time, making sure that it appeared to be in working order before getting into position on top of the thing. The machine’s safety protocols running before giving her the all clear, a button to the side lighting up that would allow her the ability to launch on her own terms. The blonde noble girl knew that there was a slight delay in the launcher, and so she wasn’t too concerned by the fact the launch didn’t happen immediately, giving the camera to one side a wink just before the launcher activated, sending her skyward over the forest. Arrwyn smirked at the sight below her as the island seemed to expand in all directions, she could just see the edge of the ocean in the distance, given the height she was at that wasn’t too surprising.

After all the island wasn’t as big as one would think, though her family did hold power over several other islands, but Bellmuse still wasn’t really a very large country at all. The sight of the ocean was still a bit stranger, as while she had been to the islands her family effectively helped to govern a few times it wasn’t often, and she had usually been secluded to her family’s property on those islands. Other than a handful of times, she’d rarely really been out of Atlas, a country notably colder where things like visiting a beach weren’t precisely enjoyable experiences.

She felt herself reach the apex of her arc, beginning to descend now that she had reached as high as the launcher could send her. Arrwyn allowed herself to fall some distance before beginning to activate her semblance, though only to a small degree rather than committing to full flight or levitation. Doing so was dangerous as she was already falling with quite a degree of momentum. A sudden stop midair could be almost as bad as if she were to hit the ground, as the energy behind her fall wouldn’t simply be neutralized.

Instead Arrwyn’s fall was slowing, something that to most would seem easier than a full stop, except that there was a degree of precision and control that nobody could really understand unless they had done so themselves. Slowing too much could be uncomfortable at the very least, near as bad as if she’d done a full stop, while slowing too little would make such things a moot point. At the moment she was gradually increasing her semblance use, rather than simply keeping it at the same rate.

The Noble girl still was falling, but her fall slowed significantly as she approached the ground once more, before she went from a slow fall to simply floating downward under her own power a few meters from the ground. The noble girl’s slow descent ceased gently as her feet landed on the abnormal soil that seemed to be native to Finnick, a playful look on her face as she landed in front of a few guys, giving a curtsy as she did so as if she were a theater player that had just concluded a masterful performance. Two of the guys looked a bit plain, but the third was rather attractive in the noble girl’s opinion. While she could have gone back up to continue the practice, as the noble knew that one success did not mean she had mastered the skill, the idea of teasing the guys came to mind, after all she could always make time to have a little fun…and one of them at least was cute.

The blonde glanced upwards, and back to the amazed civilians before shrugging, deciding she should just start the trip back instead. She could find someone to have fun with later, after all playing around was the most fun after one achieved something, and she did still have to figure out some ideas for landing without the use of her semblance if possible. That was still a major problem to solve. Besides, the guy wasn’t quite that cute, and her studies were still technically important. Arrwyn also knew that she did technically have a class soon, and as such should probably focus on getting back to the academy. Besides most of the students she’d seen so far were much more attractive, even if not all of them seemed to be the types to have some fun.

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