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Target Practice [Open]

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1 Target Practice [Open] on Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:23 pm

Naia Lacus
Having finished her studies for the day Naia found herself drawn to the training grounds, while not her usual cup of tea her lack of dust worried her. Naia had concluded a bit of target practice would be required. Over the years she had come to rely heavily on her ability to use dust, but after arriving at Syne she’d found that out of all the items she forgot to pack, a variety of dust was one of them. The powder blue haired woman hadn’t walked straight over from her final lesson of the day, after all while she wasn’t planning on much movement training in a skirt seemed, ill advised. Which was how Naia found herself clad in a simple white button-down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to rest just above her elbow, a pair of simple black leggings, and comfortable sneakers a shade lighter than her leggings. In addition, she’d pulled her hair up into a ponytail just to keep it out of her face while she practiced.

It didn’t take her long to reach the shooting range and when she did Naia set her only weapon, a pistol on the small wooden counter in front of her, followed by pulling the few magazines she had out from their position attached to her belt. Without hesitation she set them beside her weapon, taking in a deep breath as she did. Grey eyes started down at the metal and wood weapon in front of her, while she’d had the weapon for a good while she rarely found herself using it, admittedly she should rely on it more, but it terrified her. What if she missed? What if that miss hurt someone, particularly someone on her side? Naia had so little control over it, over anything it could do, there were just so many variables she couldn’t predict and that made her nervous. Her fists clenched as she stood there simply staring at her own weapon, feeling more nervous by the second.

For a moment she debated putting this whole thing off, but Naia had been doing that for the past few months. It had been her intention to have a much better grasp on her weapon when she arrived in Bellmuse, but apparently her nerves had other plans. “Come on, you can do this. It isn’t that hard, just pick it up and pull the trigger,” The blue haired girl muttered under her breath reaching up with an admittedly shaking hand and taking her weapon in hand. With that she let out another sigh before spacing her feet slightly apart, before raising her arm weapon in hand her other hand moving quickly to both help support the weight and hopefully steady her aim. Finger on the trigger she applied the faintest amount of pressure, arm shaking in the process.

Removing her finger from the trigger for a moment she let her hands drop while she took in another breath. “Just aim and fire, like he taught you,” With that she took in another deep breath before letting it out and quickly raising her arms again, weapon in hand. Pausing only for a second as her finger game into contact with the trigger she pulled it back. A loud bang echoing throughout the area causing the young woman to flinch slightly at the sound, but with little hesitation she pulled trigger again, and again, and again each time hitting the target before her. Certainly not in the perfect spot but it was better than Naia had anticipated on doing, after emptying a single magazine she popped it out with ease, loaded another, and prepared herself to continue.

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2 Re: Target Practice [Open] on Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:16 pm

Knox Weller
Rangi wasn’t the type when he’d been a student to train much, he’d been the slacker of his team generally, though that had changed in some ways in recent years.  He didn’t neglect his training, nor was he altogether too neglectful of his job as the sole Custodian of Syne Academy.  While there were times when he slacked in his duties, lounging around and daydreaming, or outright snoozing rather than patrolling the grounds.  The monkey faunus did also take his job seriously most of the time, or at least often enough to avoid getting in trouble over shirking his duties.

Now, he was here to check some of the systems within the training areas firing range, specifically, many glitches appeared to be caused both in the data recorder. A device meant to record data on the student’s abilities, specifically synced to one’s scroll as well as with some of the more advanced shooting courses computer systems, many of which controlled things such as when the targets popped out, as well as the training projectiles that were meant to fire at the prospective trainee. While the course itself was through a separate door, much of the computer systems were accessible through the range he was in now. There was a student or two, though he was mostly ignored. The janitor made a mental note to clean up here later as well, as a good amount of shell casings appeared to have been left at a couple of the windows. A blue haired woman, likely a student attracted his attention, far less steady than other gunslingers in he’d seen.

While firearms weren’t his preferred weapon of choice, his own weapon had once had some functionality as one, and more importantly one of his former teammates had been a rather skilled gunslinger. “That won’t do you much good in the field.” He commented not looking up from the holographic display he was currently working on.  “You can’t do much if you’re scared of your own weapon.”  The man didn’t say it in any way that hinted at judgement, his tone was more calm and relaxed, one would almost assume he were speaking of the weather. His focus not turning from the monitor as a complex mechanism raised from the console. Few would find it easy to understand anything regarding the training arena’s software or hardware.  Rangi simply happened to be one of those, and the machine’s complexity making it, so any secrets were kept simply by that fact alone.

One would notice the various holographic screens flicker slightly, ones which displays such things as statistics on various students, as well as recommendations for alterations to their various weapons.

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3 Re: Target Practice [Open] on Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:26 pm

Naia Lacus
Fire, reload, repeat. It was the rhythm Naia had found herself falling into as she did just that, her arms jerking back ever so slightly with each shot as the recoil of the weapon hit her. Firing the final round in her current magazine she ejected it before setting it aside and reaching for another, only to pause midway and turn her head in the direction of a voice. A voice that she didn't recognize. Which wasn't the least bit surprising considering most people she knew happened to live in a completely different kingdom. While Naia couldn't quite put her finger on why she had turned to respond instead of focusing on her training, there wasn't much she could do about it. Particularly when the fact she was already looking at the voice's owner, who was admittedly on the more rugged spectrum of appearances and seemed to be working on something, struck her. Though the grey eyed woman paid little attention to whatever the flickering of the screens had displayed, besides even if she had it was doubtful she'd understand anything on them. Of course, that didn't stop her from giving them a once over before concluding none of what she could see, which wasn't much, made any sense.

Taking a moment to close her eyes and gather her thoughts before giving her head a small shake Naia turned her attention back to the range in front of her. "I realize that," Was the start of her response, tone as even as you would expect. There was little concern in her voice, but what was there still shone through as she got back to her training. "Which is why I'm here in the first place," Finishing her statement in as calm a tone as she could, the blue haired woman slipped the next magazine into her weapon. Followed quickly by moving the slide back into place, lifting it up, aiming, and just as before pulling the trigger. Flinching again as the sound hit her, she found herself pausing before her next shot.

Naia opened her mouth to speak but ended up just not doing so and instead clenched her jaw before re-centering herself, both mentally and physically. Focusing on the goal she had in mind and making sure her feet were firmly planted on the ground as she once again took aim. Unsurprisingly by this point the woman didn't fire, apparently the few words the other individual had spoken had gotten under her skin, even though Naia assumed it was unintentional. After all his tone had been friendly enough, but now her doubt was eating at her. Dropping her hands again she set her pistol down ad leaned against the small counter as she stared ahead doing her best not to just walk. Because like it or not she needed the practice, and that was driven even more home by how quickly her irrational fear of her own weapon was noticed by someone else.

"Take it slow, one thing at a time," Naia muttered to herself taking in a deep breath before letting it out as she grabbed her weapon once again, and hoped she'd actually fire it this time. Though by this time Naia had almost concluded putting this off until future notice would be the best option she had.

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4 Re: Target Practice [Open] on Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:35 pm

Knox Weller
Rangi thought for a minute as he inspected the complicated systems, the issue itself was a bit unclear, and at the moment he could only assume. It would be difficult to simply mess with things without knowing what his actions would cause. The janitor pulled some tools off his cart as he noted the machinery, mentally mapping it out so as to better connect what was what within his mind while he seemed to take stock of his tools. The girl was still here at least, which was good as he didn’t intend to dissuade her from her training, though she seemed to have frozen up, had his words really gotten to him.

The custodian didn’t really want to be harsh to the kid, and he sighed realizing his error. Though his focus was mostly still on his work as he began to open one of the mechanisms in front of him using a small screwdriver. “You’re really putting too much thought into this kid,” He commented idly, he knew first hand that hesitation could be lethal in the field, as anyone who’d spent some time as a real huntsman or huntress would be able to tell. “Using your head is important in a fight. but some things you’ve just gotta go with your instinct on.” The monkey faunus frowned after getting open the compartment he’d been working on, though the contents likely would merely confuse most people not well-versed in technology. The fact that the screens around the room seemed to be acting up, scrambling with static as though something were interfering with them was likely a clue as to what the frown was indicative of. He reached for a bin of parts, his hand opening a compartment on his janitor’s cart before removing the blue bin. Naia may have noticed by now that he was clearly somewhat older than many of the students, though not entirely out of the range one could peg as a student.

Rangi carried himself with a laid-back casual attitude, and his tone was that of one who had experience beyond his years. Anyone would likely be able to tell this wasn’t merely a student of Syne, nor a mundane custodian. He seemed the type that would much prefer lazing around, despite the noteworthy focus he seemed to have on his current task and apparent experience.

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5 Re: Target Practice [Open] on Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:43 pm

Naia Lacus
Remaining where she was and simply staring straight ahead seemed to be the only thing Naia was able to accomplish at the moment. It wasn't just the strangers words that had caused her to stiffen and lock up, so much as the realization her concerns had been so obvious. If this had been an actual combat situation that little fact would not bode well, expressing her concern about a weapon she was all but required to be comfortable with in physical manner would not aid her or anyone else. In all actuality it was more likely to cause more harm than the weapon itself. Naia knew this, she knew it well. Yet was unable to face that knowledge and instead focused on pushing forward, hoping to push her way through the uncertainty that gnawed at her each time she lifted her pistol.

Having lost herself in thoughts better left thought in private her head snapped up and to her right, as once again the stranger spoke. While it was apparent he meant nothing more than to give advice by his tone Naia could not help but let out a small humorless laugh. "With respect sir, but I am inclined to disagree. Instinct's are what result in bad decisions, and otherwise avoidable scenarios. Instincts are nothing more than archaic urges that stem from self-preservation," With her statement coming to a close it was then Naia noticed the unusual flicker of the holographic screens dotted around the room. While it made her wonder just what was going on, it also was not her concern, after all she could do nothing to help or so she assumed.

In short order after this realization her attention was drawn back towards the individual Naia found herself in a conversation with, taking a moment to give the individual another once over she came to the conclusion he wasn't a student. While it was quite possible she was incorrect on that matter he did not give off the air of someone who was currently attending an Academy to learn, which left the option of him belonging to the staff. In accordance with him not giving off the air of a student, he certainly did not seem like the teaching type but what did Naia know? Neither of these factors were going to change how she acted around him, though it did make her wonder just what his reason for being here was. A question she received a quick answer to as she once again observed his actions, from what little she knew of electronics and what was currently occurring she pegged him as a repairman, or something of that nature.

"Apologies as I am uncertain if this is any of my concern, and may seem slightly uncouth after my previous statement," Naia began glancing towards a flickering screen once again before turning her attention back to the individual before her, keeping her tone calm and even, as always. "But do you have any idea as to what is causing all of the, well, flickering?" It was a simple if odd question she asked motioning with a hand towards some of the screens even if he certainly seemed more focused on his work than her actions, which was perfectly fine by her even more so if he was fixing the issues that seemed to be showing themselves with more consistency than before.

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6 Re: Target Practice [Open] on Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:55 pm

Knox Weller
Rangi found the girl’s thought process interesting, but it was clearly one that was born more from training than real hard experience. It was natural to think that way though, and he wasn’t really the type to get annoyed about ideological stuff, still he could at least give advice, and he knew that while thinking one’s actions through, plans rarely went according to plan, being able to react on instinct was a necessity to be a flexible fighter, after all one didn’t usually have time to plan out every individual attack or move in a fight. “You’re still young kid, you’ll learn more later on.” He commented idly, not all too concerned now as he focused on the task at hand.

He frowned at the component he’d been looking over as the girl questioned what was going on. “It looks like somebody was messing with things they shouldn’t, did a sloppy fix when they were trying to solve a different problem with the data recorder.” He answered, mostly thinking aloud on the problem. “If you see the routed these cables around here, rather than the more obvious route…They were trying to keep some of the components in place.” He commented looking over the pieces while thinking things over. “Issue is, this device vents right through the bottom, where these cables are.” He answered idly, speaking his thoughts as he continued what looked like tinkering, he did replace a few pieces from the main device he’d been messing with, though his actions would likely be lost on anyone with less technically literate skills. “The heat was trapped inside, so some things got damaged.” Rangi concluded. From the brief display of technical skill, one could conclude the monkey faunus was smarter than his outward attitude and appearance suggested, and after a few moments the screen seemed to reset, before returning to displaying the same values as before, the flickering having ceased.

“Sometimes your instincts are the best way to survive a bad decision, self-preservation isn’t always a bad thing.” Rangi resumed, continuing the conversation from before as his attention moved back to the holographic display. One may notice the brief tinge of something in the custodian’s voice. A tiny hint of emotion that might indicate to someone there was more on his mind than simple mechanics. “hmm…I can’t really be sure yet…” Rangi muttered to himself, clearly deep in thought.
He looked over at the firing range. “Mind giving it a couple of shots?”

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