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Light Meditation (Dust training/upgrade thread T3) (closed)

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Rika Titania
One might find that when they are a huntsman, or huntress some things came easier than others.

Breath in, breath out.

For some the prospect of fighting grimm was terrifying, a constant duel for life and death against creatures that were universally known as enemies of all those inhabiting the world of remnant, from Atlas to Vacuo there were tales of the creatures causing havoc and destruction.
Breath in, breath out.
Still others could have problems with many of the other facets of a hunter’s life, from the constant living on the road to the required training it may ask of them, Even the simple fact that it required one to dedicate their lives to protecting others could cause problems for those not prone to acts of selflessness and sacrifice.
Breath in, breath out.
Rika Titania, huntress in training had other issues, many would call her reckless, careless, and irresponsible. The type of person many would feel was not suited to carrying dangerous weapons and fighting creatures of darkness. A hyperactive but good-natured young woman who may have been just a bit naïve and childish.
Breath in, breath out.
Few would be able to connect the redhead with that description seeing her now, sitting cross-legged with a focused look on her face. One that showed discipline customary of martial artists, and seemingly the picture of a meditative individual. The red silk shirt and black martial arts slacks were the same, as was the sole pigtail which her hair had been tied back into. The red furred cat tail similarly would be recognizable. Nobody who looked on the redheaded martial artist would likely recognize her for the well-meaning troublemaker that had begun making something of a name for herself within the local hunters’ academy.
Breath in, breath out.
This was the mantra going through the normally energetic redhead’s mind now. Recent events had hit Rika in an unexpected way, between a less than great performance against the fog pirate in the forest recently, as well as issues she’d faced against other opponents in the last while she’d decided it would be best to try something that the pigtailed girl rarely would ever have normally considered doing, particularly not willingly. While she often trained to improve her skill, as well as increase and maintain her normal level of fitness and physical ability there had been certain areas of her own martial development she had been ignoring.

Meditation was a part of the art that many might have scoffed at, as it did not focus on one’s skill nor strength. The art of meditation in fact seemed an easy task, though in practice much harder. To balance one’s mind required discipline, to train one’s spirit determination and patience was a necessity. Rika had often been forced into the more mental exercise when she was younger, mostly to train in those two valuable traits if she were honest, though she’d vehemently deny not having those. She didn’t need to do stupid meditation for those things dammit!

However, Rika had realized in the past couple of days that it might be best to find some way to train her spirit, a task that was more than a little difficult for several reasons. The first simply being there were really any solid methods of doing so through normal methods. One could train their body easily, relatively speaking through exercising it. Unfortunately, the spirit was far less tangible than one might think, and while there existed some exercises Rika knew to train aura, she wasn’t aura of any actual exercises to train spirit beyond theoretical types. While they had gone over mental fortitude training in one of her texts, Rika had only skimmed through it and found it all as boring as the method she currently was doing.

Really, she never got how some martial artists chose to meditate, though she could appreciate the fact that it was more challenging than most considered. Meditation after all required one to remain completely still, not moving a muscle nor speaking a word. The fact that many meditation sessions could last HOURS Baffled the pigtailed girl at the best of time. The effort of balancing one’s heart and soul, strengthen one’s spirit through the incredibly grueling practice of sitting around doing absolutely nothing was perhaps one of the hardest challenges she could imagine, reflecting on one’s own self, the very core of their being. Rika had never been good at sitting still, anyone who knew the redhead would have confirmed this fact as well, considering her normal energetic, often hyperactive behavior.
In short, Rika could sum up the entirety of her meditative efforts in one single word, and in fact she did after roughly fifteen minutes of sitting there with her legs crossed, trying her best to meditate.
“Boring…” The cat faunus drawled, her eyes drooping a bit before snapping awake again. She had yet to really make any deep or meaningful self-discoveries, and Rika was already at her wit’s end with the exercise. She groaned loudly realizing she’d have to start again, looking out at the water mournfully. One might have even described the girl’s attitude about the whole thing dramatic and childish, had anyone been there.

The pigtailed girl had chosen to attempt her meditations at the docks, which were mostly closed with few exceptions due to the high security alert of the island, specifically of a threat meant to come from the sea. It made sense even to somebody like Rika, who didn’t really get most things like that. Why didn’t they just go beat up the pirates after all? It wasn’t like the academy didn’t have strong fighters of their own.
That thought made her frown, and Rika’s meditation would almost have seemed to be helping if one were to pay attention to her, as the pigtailed cat faunus sat still pondering that. The pirate she’d fought had been tough, not only using some pretty strong dust stuff, but the fact that they had been able to hide in that fog had given them a huge edge against her. Rika knew she needed to improve, but meditation wasn’t her strong suit, and she was already working to improve her physical abilities as much as she could.

It was a few minutes before the revelation reached her, that the best thing to do would be to research into more ways of fighting, as well as continue her own improvement. The pigtailed girl sighed realizing she’d have to do this meditation stuff a lot more before it really did anything good for her, not even realizing the benefit balancing her thoughts and reflecting on her own mistakes during the previous engagement had caused. Though another engagement did come to mind, a fight with a teacher known as Madam Haze.

The teacher had used some pretty cool dust techniques, and Rika knew she’d need to up her own game with dust to really stand a chance against the real skilled fighters out there. She doubted these pirate guys were gonna just give up if she couldn’t face them, and there was no way she’d come even close to their best guy yet, if she had to guess.

After all, the villains usually sent the wimps to do the grunt work right?

She stood up, stretching as she looked around the quiet dock, the sun nearing the end of it’s trip through the sky as the beautiful colors of sunset painted the sky. Rika had climbed onto a storage container within the dockyard of Bellmuse, blissfully unaware of any signs warning away trespassing and having decided it was at the very least a nice thinking place. At the very least she hadn’t gotten too distracted yet from her thoughts, though the meditation had been unsuccessful.

Still the pigtailed girl knew now at least that there were some things she could do, though it would take her doing something almost as difficult and strenuous as meditation. Rika would need to study, from a book,

She didn’t hate books, not at all really. However, the fact was that her experience with them had mostly been things such as adventure novels, and other works of fiction. It had been only a couple hours so far, and Rika had gone and gotten a second book on dust, as well as the one she’d used previously to study in order to gain her tier two dust. She’d built up a bit of money, so buying the thing itself wasn’t that hard, and she’d even managed to find a new dust crystal she wasn’t familiar with in the belongings of another student. The pigtailed girl had managed to convince them to let her try it out, though they had asked a favor in return, while she wasn’t really sure what they’d ask she had agreed immediately. After all, why wouldn’t she, new dust types meant new techniques, which was something she was more than happy to experiment with, similarly the type itself was the subject of some of her current readings. The martial artist had never actually seen anybody using tier 3 dust, as not only was it a bit more expensive, there was simply the fact that not a lot of students seemed to have it from her limited observations.

Heck apparently the girl that had given her it hadn’t even had her t2 dust license, though Rika didn’t really get the whole license thing anyways. The whole idea of needing one was silly even though she knew it was a requirement in order to actually buy the stuff from Dusty’s place. Why would anyone want to restrict dust? It was awesome!

Either way it did seem like the dust crystals marked t3 were rather difficult to use for people who didn’t have practice using dust, and unlike with the second tier there weren’t near as many new types as she expected. Rika thought it was a bit boring that there were only two new dust types that a t3 license would unlock, though the idea of more potent and powerful dust of other types still did appeal greatly to her hyperactive mind, as it raced to thinking up ways to use the third tier of dust. There were issues like how it was more volatile or something, but Rika didn’t pay attention to those or the silly reminders for weird concepts like caution. After all she wanted to learn what type of cool stuff she could do with this new dust.

The new types sounded weird too, while one could easily figure out what other types did, she didn’t exactly get out a shadow could be used to fight, after all she had one and all it did was lay there and be useless and stupid. But she shrugged it off, merely memorizing what she thought would be important to pass the test for her license. Light dust seemed to match the white crystal she’d gotten her hands on, and Rika read on curiously to find out more.

Finally getting bored of the careful study, Rika decided that now was the time for her to get to the fun stuff, focusing her aura into the crystal to activate it, hopefully she’d figure out what it did without causing too much damage. The pigtailed girl was at least conscientious enough to realize it was an action best done without any people around, but she’d neglected thinking of the possibly collateral damage the crystal could cause.

Fortunately, there was little in the way of destructive effect for the pigtailed girl’s efforts, and instead simply a bright light which lit up the area around her, possibly attract some attention as the clear night sky was invaded by it’s presence. One could likely see the light from a fair distance away. Rika, being right next to the light source, was temporarily blinded. Her eyes felt like they were burning from the intensity of the dust’s effect, and she cut it off quickly, taking several minutes to recover before she finished blinking the spots out of her eyes. The martial artist could at least see how the light dust could be useful, though she made a mental note to play around with it in the future. Returning to her dorm shortly after to sleep.

After all, she had a test to pass, and a dust license to get!

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