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Kamala Siyar [Complete]

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1 Kamala Siyar [Complete] on Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:42 am

Kamala Siyar
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Kamala Siyar
Age: 19
Birthday: June 15th
Gender: Female
Race: Jackal Faunus
Trait: A pair of ears atop her head, oftentimes under her favorite hat.
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Face Claim:

STR: 5
DEF: 1
RES: 1
SPT: 5
SPD: 8 | Above Average | 4 Actions per Post
Aura 100|200HP

Major: Combat | Focusing on becoming a specialized hunter.
- Tarot Cards
Her mother got her hooked on the art of reading tarot cards, and it's stayed with Kamala throughout her relatively short life. Not to mention it's a passion her mother shared which makes it all the more valuable to her. Often times she can be found practicing her readings when she has some free time.
- Canines
Why not just dogs? Well her like extends from cute little puppies all the way up to the most intimidating wolf Faunus one could meet. This like most likely stems from the fact she herself is a sub-type of canine Faunus. Also, she definitely always has at least one folder on her scroll full of cute puppy pictures.
- Pepper
Yes, it is just a seasoning. But that doesn't stop Kamala from being obsessed with it, she tends to put it on everything she eats if she gets the chance...thankfully withing reason. Most sweets are safe from peppery goodness, keyword most.
- Mythology
It intrigues her, and she likes to think unicorns, dragons and the like all once existed at one point in time or another. Not to mention mythological creatures make for rather good inspiration when it comes to design choices.
- Short Jokes
Admittedly Kamala is much more sensitive about her stature then she should be. That said, anything pointed in her direction that even sounds like a short joke will generally result in a kick to the stater's shin, a smack to the head, or another less than serious injury Kamala can inflict in retribution.
- Cold Weather
When you grow up in a desert nothing cold other than drinks and food really sits well with you. Kamala has no idea how to deal with a chill winter morning, let alone snow. Typically she'll just lock herself indoors and stay under the covers all day.  
- Sore Losers
Whether it's a board game or an actual fight doesn't matter to Kamala, if you can't lose with dignity then you shouldn't compete at all it's as simple as that.
- Alarm Clocks
What is there to like? They're loud, noisy, and excel at waking you up in the morning while the first two traits aren't inherently bad the third is unforgivable. At least to Kamala who prefers to sleep in as much as possible whenever possible.  
- Claustrophobia | Fear of confined spaces
While nothing in her life has happened to make Kamala fear such things she still does, and has for as long as she can remember. If at all possible she prefers to keep herself in as open an area as possible. Not to mention she avoids anything that can lead to her getting trapped somewhere small and enclosed, if she can.
- Soteriophobia | Fear of depending on others
Kamala herself has been the only true constant in her life, friends came and went, as did foster families. Due to this she's learned to rely on no one other than herself, which is why when she needs to rely on someone else she doesn't take it well. In fact she rarely truly relies on anyone and will simply make sure to do it herself just in case. This has lead to more than a few issues but the faunus has no intention of changing her ways anytime soon.
- Achluophobia | Fear of the dark
Another fear that doesn't make much logical sense, but for as long as she can remember the dark has always set Kamala on edge. It makes her nervous so she does her best to avoid it. While she can handle darkness itself rather easily on a daily basis, such as nighttime, or other normal factors, anything unnatural makes her panic.
Talent: Acting/Persuasion
Weakness Vehicle Mastery
Overall Personality:
Kamala is in a word a pessimist, always thinking the worst of people resulting in her guard being up most of the time. While she has little problem interacting with others and acting like any other upbeat individual she never really opens up to people. Rarely will she indulge in a conversation that lasts more than a few moments, nor will she ever divulge information about herself that is anything resembling personal. Instead she keeps things superficial, talking about the weather instead of where she is from. Commenting on another's outfit to distract them from focusing on her in the slightest. Never one to trust others easily Kamala always keeps her cards close to her chest, never giving another individual more than they truly need to know.

Not an overtly social creature in the slightest, Kamala heavily prefers spending time with herself, alone. What this time is spent doing varies but is truly the only time Kamala finds herself relaxing, or allowing herself to show who, and what, she truly is. This leads into the fact Kamala will keep the fact she is a faunus from coming out as long as she possibly can, while she realizes not everyone is the same, her faith in humanity, and even other faunus is lacking. So, she would much prefer people to think her human, and normal in their judgmental eyes. In addition to all of this Kamala herself tends to judge others the very first time she sees them, and her opinions from that initial point are excruciatingly hard to change, at least in a positive way.

Despite all of this the jackal faunus has come to realize her outlook isn't particularly good, or seen that way at the very least. Due to this she puts her skills in acting to work nearly everyday, doing her best to come off as an upbeat individual who just doesn't seem to notice quite how much she avoids talking to herself. When around others Kamala can and will be friendly, even if it is superficial, if needed she will even offer assistance with issues others have. Doing her best not to draw attention to herself by being too, well, mean. It takes its tole on her, particularly if she has to keep the act up for extended periods of time and more than once she has slipped up, snapping at others, or just being particularly dreary in her statements.

Despite all of her flaws Kamala does have her selling points. For one she is unwavering loyal, if you earn her trust you will have it for the rest of your life. In addition she will do what she can to help a friend, and is willing to go out of her way to do so. Whether that would be staying up late to help them study or intercepting an incoming attack. The few people the jackal faunus lets into her heart mean the world to her, and it follows she will give them the world in return. This does have drawbacks however, after all if someone breaks what trust Kamala puts in them it will not be a pretty sight, and she will hold a grudge just as long as she'll remain loyal.

All in all Kamala is a hard person to get to get to know. Preferring to keep to herself she tends to hide behind a cheerful exterior put up to help her blend into the crowd. But, if someone manage to break through all of the walls and fail safes she has in place someone  might actually get the chance to know her. If it works out, Kamala is a friend for life she'll be there when you need her, just don't expect any hugs or a large amount of compliments.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Carnelian Red
Semblance:  Rapid Adaptation | Buff Only
Kamala's semblance allows her body to rapidly react to her surroundings, adapting itself to better fit the situation. While this originally was only able to work naturally through countless hours of practice Kamala has gained more control of her semblance, allowing her to adapt in a way she chooses rather than having her semblance do it naturally. Most if not all of these adaptations are focused on survival and making her stronger, as her semblance is often only used during a fight. Whether that's hardening her skin into something resembling stone, increasing her muscle mass so she can punch harder, allowing herself to more easily take dust into her body with fewer repercussions, and making herself fire resistant. However, only one adaptation may be active at any given time, meaning she should choose wisely what adaptation she has at any given moment.

Known Adaptations:

Increased muscle mass(STR Buff), this adaptation is rather self explanatory it adds to the muscle mass Kamala already has, allowing her to hit harder for as long as it is active. While most adaptations are hard to notice this one is visible if you pay attention, as her muscles become more well defined due to the increase in mass.

Hardening of the skin(DEF Buff), this adaptation allows Kamala to take a serious hit. It does not make invulnerable in the slightest, all it does is make her skin harder to get through and more resistant to physical damage. The noticeable change for this adaptation come in another physical change, this on the surface of her skin. It takes on a rock-like texture both in appearance and feel.

Elemental resistance(RES Buff), if going up against an individual using one particular kind of dust, or if in an extreme environment Kamala can make herself more resistant to a particular element. For example fire, if she notes an individual to have a particular fondness for fire dust she can adapt to be more resistant to fire this would also work well if she ever found herself in a burning building or the like. In general being resistant to fire makes her more resistant to heat so hot weather wouldn't be too much of a problem either. This adaptation is not limited to fire but it can only be used for one element at any given time. Meaning if someone uses fire dust for the first two hits then switches to ice she will only resist the dust type she is resistant to, in the above example that would be the two fire attacks. In addition to only being able to resist one element it must either be dust based or natural. This means a semblance that produces fire or the like is unresisted by her semblance, the reason for this is due to how aura and semblances themselves function, which is on an individual, one per person level. All of this boils down to mean while she can resist naturally occurring flames or that of dust, something created with the use of aura and/or a semblace bypasses this resistance without question. A final note is this resistance does not make her immune to any element, it simply allows her to handle their harmful effects with greater success. This adaptation is possibly the hardest to notice as there is no physical change, other than an initial flash of her aura across her skin.

Dust absorption(SPR Buff), while not the best definition of this adaptation it makes the most sense. With this adaptation active Kamala can more easily inject dust into herself with fewer repercussions and get more control of the substance as a result. While still not a perfect method, or really a safe one it is effective. However Kamala does have to be careful not to overdo it, as while this adaptation does make it easier to infuse herself with dust it also numbs her pain receptors to allow herself to do so, meaning it hurts more than it shows and when the adaptation goes away the pain doesn't. While this isn't the only change to her it is the major one that allows her to have greater success with taking dust into herself, though are more than a few minor changes that make her resistant to the effects of dust on an internal level. If she isn't careful this adaptation could take her out of a fight if quickly switched to another adaptation, or in the event she runs out of aura. While the adaptation itself doesn't give itself away the injection of dust into herself is a pretty obvious giveaway.  

Buff Type: Can be +2 to STR, DEF, RES, or SPR. Only one buff can be active per post, and costs 10 AP to activate, and a continuous 10 AP per post active. Costs one action to activate buff, and costs one action to change buff type. Cannot change buff type more than once a post, activation qualifies as a change.

Item 1: Sakthi | Tier One Weapon | Hidden Blade
This weapon was passed from Kamala's mother down to her after the aforementioned woman's death. While her mother acquired the gauntlet through unknown means Kamala has made ample use of it. Appearance wise it is a metal bracer, commonly worn over a black finger less glove on Kamala's right arm, often hidden under her jacket. When aura is channeled through the bracer portion a blade roughly two and a half feet in length will extend from the interior. Other than this retraction and extension the bracer has no other moving parts. The blade itself is rather sharp, and is split into a total of six segments, each segment sliding over the other for ease storage in the bracer itself. On top of the bracer is a small port, which can be popped open to reveal a chamber for dust crystals, making maneuvers involving dust and her weapon easier to accomplish. As this port allows for the dust to easily coat the blade when needed. Combat wise Kamala focuses on hand to hand combat, using her weapon to surprise opponents or attack particularly tough individuals.
Weapon Image Reference:

Item 2: x2 Fire Dust | Tier One | 10 Uses Total
For dust storage Kamala has several hidden compartments on the interior of her jacket. It allows her easy access to the substance while not blatantly showing others she actually has it. Two compartments are hidden in the front torso portion of her jacket, one pocket on either side. In addition to this she has several small holders for dust vials and crystals sewn into the left sleeve of her jacket for ease of access.
History and Sample
Born to Iku Siyar and Rajani Aurea, both of whom were indeed faunus though they happened to be different types. Her life started in a small village in the kingdom of Vacuo, she didn't stay there for long as from birth she was a nomad, her parents both part of a group of traveling performers. They never stayed in one place too long, all of them preferring to be on the move. It wasn't the easiest life to be sure, but all of them wouldn't trade it for another, Kamala's parents included. So it was the young jackal faunus found herself growing up surrounded by so many talented people, some with song, others with dance, and even a few who could simply pull off a convincing innocent act. It was quite a fun childhood, as there was always something to do, boredom was a concept she could barely wrap her head around when she was young.

Life took a turn for the worse when Kamala turned the delicate age of thirteen, her mother who had been sporadically ill for as long as she could remember came down with something serious. While they made it to a doctor, nothing could be done resulting in the woman's death. Unfortunately for Kamala her mother's death was just the very top of a mountain of unpleasant things that all came crashing down on her head. Her father, who up to this point had been kind, compassionate, and involved with his only child withdrew into himself having been shaken to the core by the loss of his wife. This left Kamala to fend for herself, and her father. As such she took up her mother's job to help bring in some money, or that was the hope. Unfortunately not many people wanted a tarot reading from a child, much less a faunus who was part of a wandering group of wandering misfits.

While a young Kamala thought things could not possibly get any worse she found herself wrong in the end. The band of misfits she had known for as long as she had been alive left her, well more her father, but she was caught in the crossfire. This left a still thirteen year old Kamala alone providing for herself and her currently emotionally devastated father. With no other choice Kamala did the only thing she could think of, particularly since the tarot readings were not working in her favor, she stole. Food, clothes, money it honestly didn't make a difference, if it could help her and her father that was all that mattered. Over the course of a few months Kamala's luck had held but then it came crashing down, and all she'd done was try and steal a bit of food from a restaurant.

In the end she got caught, dragged to her father who was still recovering, but turned livid after hearing what had occurred. With no money her father ordered Kamala to work off her debt, while the owner who caught her seemed skeptical he did agree. Though this incident did no favors with Kamala and her father's relationship. In fact it was the breaking point for Kamala, and the start of her cheerful exterior. For the next month Kamala worked her butt off doing what she could to make her transgression right, or so she had people believe. The last day she worked there was the first time she was left to close the place down, suffice to say when the owner came back the next day he was down several hundred lien and an employee.

So it was Kamala found herself to be a drifter, moving from town to town trying to attract as little attention as possible. It was hard, but she made due. Still having to make a living by taking what she needed, it hurt a little every time she stole but she could see no other way. Her experiences all pointed to anything legal being unwise, either because there would be no profit, or people would simply think her work sub par because of what she was. It was a hard existence but she didn't complain, instead she focused on what she could do to make a future for herself. Being a travelling anything was out of the question, instead she looked at occupations that might suite her skills which is how she came to learn of huntsmen.

Kamala was sixteen before she officially made up her mind and applied to Shade Academy in the hopes of starting her training, to her relief she was accepted. Though her experience wasn't particularly pleasant while she was there, while no one was outright mean she could feel the looks she got. Particularly when people asked where she learned to fight, or why she dressed in such an odd way. So it was Kamala started to dress in the style she does now, and the birth of her favorite hat. By the time she was eighteen Kamala had enough, she applied for transfer to Syne, namely to leave the kingdom that had made her behind. Though she had to admit, Bellmuse itself intrigued her and she was certainly looking forward to exploring the place after she finished her final year at Shade.
RP Sample:
"So this is the great Syne Academy," Kamala hummed lightly to herself eyes scanning the location she would now call home. Honestly, it wasn't terrible which was a good note in her book. "I was expecting bigger," She added as a afterthought giving her head a small tilt to take in the group of building that made up the academy itself. What had implanted these thoughts into her head she was unsure of, but whatever it was had sorely oversimplified the majesty of Syne. With a small sigh she pushed hands into the pockets of her simple black jacket as she started to walk forward, her shoes lightly tapping against the stone underfoot.

While she found herself underwhelmed it probably wasn't a good idea to keep people waiting, after all she didn't want to make a bad first impression. Though she did question if who she was meeting would feel the same, perhaps they would prefer her to be late. Not that it mattered to her, Kamala really just wanted her enrollment process to be over but she was in the final steps. That thought gave her some small bit of comfort as she started to prepare herself fro the ordeal ahead.

A small smile was pushed onto her face, and a cheerful bounce added to her step as she moved. It was time to get into normal girl mode, though it hurt her to do it. But what hurt the most was her hands going up to tug the edge of her beanie down further, making utterly sure it wouldn't come off and expose her for what she was. With that done she let her hands fall to her sides before continuing on her way, cheery smile on her fact the entire way to her meeting.

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2 Re: Kamala Siyar [Complete] on Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:24 pm

Richard Lionheart
Hey welcome to the site, I loved reading this app but I have got two things I need to raise. First of all is your image on the app itself, I can't see it and I checked with others who say they cannot. Second is more minor but it's a semblance recommendation, augmenting your body as you have is fine but when it comes to dust (as "Attuning to dust" is a bit weird considering the rest of the semblance) might I recommend your semblance lets you take dust into your body easier, with less of the negative repercussions and such ^^ Thus allowing you to use it better, buffing spt.

The other issue tied into that is that the semblance does read "Kamala has gained the ablity to force her body to adapt in whatever way she wants it to" which might be a bit too extreme a phrasing, but as long as you list everything that entails you are fine ^^

Bump when done

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3 Re: Kamala Siyar [Complete] on Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:39 pm

Kamala Siyar
Alrighty, I think I got everything. Ah, and thanks for the welcome and the suggestion, both are appreciated.

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4 Re: Kamala Siyar [Complete] on Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:32 pm

Richard Lionheart
Alright that's all excellent, the only thing I want to make clear is that general elemental resistance isn't a thing on the site (being immune or resistant to all fire based damage for example) here just stat based resistance. You can leave things as they are, your Elemental Resistance being a Res buff but for a specific dust type, but just to be clear it would provide no additional protection against the likes of a fire producing semblance as semblance damage ignores stats. If you wanted to explain why this happens, you could say your semblance cannot adapt to pure aura based damage. Bump just to confirm you know this/when you've incorporated the wording ^^

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5 Re: Kamala Siyar [Complete] on Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:35 pm

Kamala Siyar
Necessary information has been added.

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6 Re: Kamala Siyar [Complete] on Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:43 pm

Richard Lionheart
Approved ^^ And feel free to hop in discord if you haven't

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