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Combat Rules

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Richard Lionheart
The OOC Basics

In combat stats are multiplied by 5, equipment have their tier multiplied by 10. The offensive stats are Strength and Spirit, the defensive stats are Defence and Resistance. Strength and Defence are the physical stats, meaning they interact with each other, Spirit and Resistance are the dust stats and thus interact. When calculating damage the following equations are used;

Physical based attack:
(Str x 5 + Weapon Tier x 10) - (Def x 5 + Armour Tier x 10) = Damage

Dust based attack:
(Spt x 5 + Dust Tier x 10) - (Res x 5 + Magic-Armour Tier x 10) = Damage

Semblance Damage will always do 20 damage, regardless of stats and armour. The only way to negate Semblance Damage is Semblance Defence, paying 20 for 20 to block 20 for 20. Semblance Defence is the only way to take 0 damage from an attack, otherwise the minimum damage taken will be 5 regardless of how low damage number comes out. This occurs when the attack being blocked by Semblance Defence is 20 or less damage before defensive stats, meaning that in the first half of the damage equation is total to 20 or less.


When writing combat a small change in writing style should be performed to account for other people’s actions. When writing to attack another player it should be phrased as though the attacks are yet to land or state where the attack was intended to hit rather than acting as though they have succeeded and assuming how the other player will react.
“She shot, aiming for the boy’s chest with the intent to kill. The blast had enough force behind it that, if it landed, it would send him flying.” rather than “She shot, exploding the boy’s chest in her bloodlust and sending him flying across the room.” The change is easiest shown when comparing attacking a training dummy in a post to attacking another player, two examples will be given utilising the Head of Syne Security Gwyn Ryu, first attacking a training dummy and then using the same attack on an unnamed player character.

Dummy Being Attacked:
Gwyn manifested a sword in his right hand, shining its dark blue colouration. He lowered the weapon and broke into a charge. He jumped left as to approach the dummy, augmenting his grip to claspe the curved sword in both hands and sliced through the straw-doll’s neck. As his leather boots met with the ground he screeched to a halt, releasing the blade and turning it to dust.

Player Character Being Attacked:
Gwyn manifested a sword in his right hand, shining its dark blue colouration. He lowered the weapon and broke into a charge, heading straight for the man from his right side. He jumped left to get closer before, taking his sword in both hands, swinging for the man’s neck. His trajectory would land him behind the man’s left side should all go to plan, leather boots squeaking as he would come to a stop. He would turn to the man and open his hands, his weapon vanishing into pixel-like fragments.


The site does not have a roll to hit system, whether an attack lands or misses is based entirely upon the situation and response of the characters. When you dodge you must do more than simply state “The attack was dodged,” you must define how the attack was dodged; additionally you should not luck your way out of attacks such as just happening to turn as the hidden sniper’s shot was fired.

Dodge Example:
Seeing the attack coming, a dagger thrown for his head, Gwyn stooped low to duck beneath it; forcing him to pause for a moment.

Status Effect Recap

It must be stated within the post that a status effect is intended to be inflicted, for example “He threw the fireball with intent to leave burns” or “His blade was coated, he sliced at her ankle hoping to poison.” The status dice should be rolled if an attack which is intended to deal status lands, not just because it is made, and should be rolled before posting the reply. If the status would not succeed the hit still lands but does not inflict the status, you cannot change your mind after rolling the status dice; that attack must hit. Status inflicting attacks can be dodged just as easily as non status inflicting attack, but rolling locks it in.


Some things you do will take up one of your actions on a post, the most obvious one being an attack but all semblance uses do also take up an action. The exception to this rule is a buff semblance in how it works, as well as lesserly the summoning semblance, that being they cost an action the post they are initiated but do not on every post after until they need to be reactivated (or changed in the case of some buffs, going from str to speed for example). A summon dying or being desummoned does not cost an action.

Environmental Weapons

Picking up an object in your environment, a stick or a rock or even a kitchen knife for example, does not increase the damage of your unarmed attacks. You still use your base str, as you do with all unarmed attacks. Environmental weapons should be kept simple, sticks and stones and such, unless under strange circumstance. In such cases you’d need to get the agreement of the other players in the thread, for example if you were to find a knife in the mines and use it; particularly if you’re planning to bring an item from home or the like. This should not happen with the likes of a gun, bomb or a significant weapon outside minor private threads. You can use objects in the environment weapons in hunts as well but they must be more accurate to location, for example knives would only be usable in this way if the grimm is in a kitchen. In the case of plot threads especially environmental weapons should be discussed with staff unless otherwise stated. Inflicting a status effect is not possible with an environmental weapon however, more rp based attacks like sand being thrown into a person’s eyes can be performed.

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