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Aquatic hunter (Ask to join)

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1 Aquatic hunter (Ask to join) on Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:11 pm

Quill Darwind
It was a warm summers day and there was a large amount of fish to catch that day, most just red bass and catfish but it was still a feast for Quill. Quill had developed a way to catch fish easy and without the use of a fishing pole or net, he would place some worms in his hand and waited till a fish was close enough to catch with his bare hand. For the most part it was a success but the smaller fish were a bit harder to catch then the larger ones. Soon after there was a pile of fish that was mostly bass, Quill then ate some of the fishes and cared some of them back for later. He did come back to the stream to sun bath for a while but he heard something moving in a bush that was on the other side of the stream. He then readies himself for battle or to run away.

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