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Aurelia Lomidze (waiting for aproval)

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1 Aurelia Lomidze (waiting for aproval) on Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:58 pm


Basic info
Name: Aurelia Astrid Lomidze
Age: 18
Birthday: 9/22/XXXX
Gender: female
Race: Lion faunus
Height: 5’1
Weight: 108Lbs (112+Arm)
Face Claim:none, Aurelia belongs to me and nobody besides me has permission to use her, the profile art was done by @Maytnars


Aura 150|150 HP (change in multiples of 10)

Likes: Fish and meat based foods, Adventure novels, big cats, sunny days, sour gummy candies.
Dislikes: Bigoted people, Moths, Deep bodies of water, cloudy days, Shrill noises, Foul scents, Bitter foods.
Fears: Failure, being forgotten, loosing control over her own actions.
Talent: Athleticism
Weakness: organization
Overall Personality: Aurelia is an over all rather up beat and free spirited young woman however many feel she is a bit overwhelming to be around. Similar to the animal whom she bares the ears of Aurelia is loud, proud, and (at least she tries to be) in charge. She is the type of person who puts her all into everything she does and will refuse to give up until the job is done. Some of the many words used to describe her at first glance would be: Stubborn, Childish,thrill seeking and Care free; However, there is much more to her than just that. Aurelia is a very loyal and trustworthy person who would without hesitation be very likely to put her life on the line for someone she cares about.Along with this she has a strong sense of morale justice and finds it near impossible to stay quiet when she sees something that upsets her. Last but not least despite seeming confident deep down Aurelia is an awkward and clumsy sort of person who is simply bum rushing her way through life. She has a tendency to fluster easily as a result of this though she will usually brush it off as nothing.

Aura type: recovery
Aura Color: Pale blue
Semblance: (Utility/damaging) Kings roar, this semblance is a hereditary one passed down through the centuries old Liomidze family. It allows the user to let out a ground shaking roar that creates a pulse like shock wave pushing anyone caught within it’s blast back. Along with this it is capable of doing physical damage at close range.
Item 1: Felidae’s claw , Rather than having a weapon in the traditional sense Aurelia is in possession of and constantly wearing a custom made gauntlet over top her right hand. She has dubbed it Felidae’s claw and it has multiple functions, the main one however, is not combat oriented. Felidae’s claw is a high tech device used to restore full movement to Aurelia’s right hand, which suffers from deep nerve damage due to an accident while she was young. It’s other function is as a weapon, The gauntlet has “retractable claws” in the form of sharp spring loaded blades at the tip of each finger, and has a dust powered cannon in the center of the palm. (Rating 1)

History and Sample
History : Aurelia was born and raised on a large estate owned by the practically Ancient Leomidze family. Which, is a family of powerful faunus who’s origins date almost as far back as time itself. Because of this Aurelia grew up rather pampered allowed to do whatever she wished when she wished. Though, this may not have been the best thing as she was a very, very rambunctious child, and some may say that she still is. Thankfully however she had her elder brother to keep her in line, and to play with. For the first ten years or so of Aurelia’s life things were peaceful, well as peaceful as they could be in the “house of the lions” up until a few months after she turned 12 that is. It was a cool November morning when an accident left Aurelia severely limited, The young faunus had been playing around un supervised and, managed to get into her brother’s (whom was an up and coming technological genius) work room, curious despite the saying “curiosity killed the cat” Aurelia threw caution to the wind and went around playing with whatever was within reach. Unfortunately one of those things within reach was a prototype of Aria’s current weapon, Felidae’s claw. A prototype that had failed, in fact her brother was preparing to trash the thing due to the fact that it emitted harmful electricity once turned on. Aurelia of course being a child and thinking it looked cool, put it on, and flipped the switch. Upon doing so the Unfinished product would end up leaving her with very severe electrical burns, so bad to the fact that the nerves within her hand were scorched and would never fully recover. After Loosing control over her Right hand Aurelia, no longer able to do a lot of the things she liked, fell into a depression locking herself in her room and only leaving for occasional visits to the estate library. This went on for quite awhile until she found a book detailing the adventures of a well established huntress. The book seemed to spark life back into Aurelia as she took sudden interest in being a “hero” and being able to explore the unknown and fight grim. She would bring this up to her brother, begging and pleading for him to make something to give her back use of her hand so she could attend a combat school. Feeling partially responsible for her injury he agreed and began the construction of Felidae’s claw. Soon after Aurelia left for combat school and spent the next six years before graduating. She is currently attending Styns.

RP Sample :
The usually rambunctious lion faunus lay sprawled out in a rather unladylike manner upon the grass beneath a shaded tree a look of bliss upon her face as she dozed, basking in the sun in a ridiculously cat like manner. With her movement limited to just the rise and fall of her chest, plus the occasional twitch of her ears She looked relatively peaceful. This, combined with the way her wavy golden hair fell in waves over her shoulders, and the fact that her mouth was parted ever so slightly caused her to look almost fragile. After all, despite being a lion Faunus she was relatively small. To anyone who was well aquatinted with Aurelia seeing her like this was probably an amusing sight, after all it wasn’t every day you got to see a sleeping beast.

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2 Re: Aurelia Lomidze (waiting for aproval) on Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:39 pm

Richard Lionheart
Hey welcome to the site ^^ This app is great and I love the original art, however there are a couple things that need cleared up here and there. First of all is more general but on the application template if you went a little further down you would have seen a box with all the code in it, thus giving you the colours and the spoiler tags on history and rp sample. This isn't fully necessary outside the tags on history and rp sample so you can either shift it all onto the code or, if you'd rather, just put those in spoiler tags. You do this by utilising the task bar you'll see when writing things, you put your text in the symbol with the notepad and exclamation mark sign ^^

Second thing, just to be sure on, is your major you have written "Stubborn" which is not an option? The majors are the degrees you can work toward at Syne, as well as Citizen for those who do not wish to be part of the academy, they can be found here

Third are your semblance and items, first is by close range I take it you mean the pulse that comes from your mouth can hit close to you or far away? Just wanted certainty on that, that is absolutely something you can do like one can throw a fireball or flick it at someone closer. Also is utility just for you pushing without dealing damage? Finally on the items you have only listed one, unless you are a Citizen major you do need to list two items; to keep with your characters design that has been drawn might I recommend you take your clothes as armour (be it physical resistant or dust resistant)? Though you don't actually need to, you could have something additional not in your image. Finally you do also say that Felidae’s Claw has multiple functions; you listed the claws, helping with arm control and the dust usage but I just want to confirm that is it ^^ I don't think that, in accordance with rules, there is anything else you could add right now anyway. Oh and finally, you've misspelled Syne at the end of your history and you do need to add 13 more words to your rp sample. Just say when done!

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3 Re: Aurelia Lomidze (waiting for aproval) on Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:42 pm

thought major meant something else oops, along with that i created this on my phone so it wouldn’t let me copy the code could you send me the tags here so i can copy and paste them in?

And for the semblance yes! Like any sort of pulse the further away from the source the more is spreads out and the weaker it gets until there isn’t anything left.

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4 Re: Aurelia Lomidze (waiting for aproval) on Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:48 pm

Oh also how do I edit the post? Do you think i should just move over to my laptop 😅?

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5 Re: Aurelia Lomidze (waiting for aproval) on Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:49 pm

Richard Lionheart
Oh wow you're on the app that's a first for us, awesome. Alright if you remove the stars from these you'll have the code. [*spoiler="History"][/spoiler] [*spoiler="Rp Sample"][/spoiler] I have no idea how you'd edit on the app, it might be worth moving to the laptop? Usually there would be a red button on the left just beneath your post you press in order to edit, but if it is not there I have no idea where it'd be ^^ll

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6 Re: Aurelia Lomidze (waiting for aproval) on Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:51 pm

Alright! I should be able to get around to that in a bit, feeling lazy at the moment so i’ll do it next time i get up to use my laptop! Thanks btw!! I look forwards to roleplaying here :)

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7 Re: Aurelia Lomidze (waiting for aproval) on Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:34 pm

Richard Lionheart
No bother and I look forward to the same :D

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