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Oswald Hollow

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1 Oswald Hollow on Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:03 pm

Oswald Hollow
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Oswald Nikolai Hollow
Age: 37
b]Birthday:[/b]September 13
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Weight:160 pounds
Face Claim: Goro Majima

Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Professor  (Faunus Medical Studies)
Likes: Beauty, Painting, experimentation, Spicy food, interesting specimens, teaching, faunus, dissection
Dislikes: Ignorance, boredom, wastefulness, smoking, grimm, The cold
Fears: Losing his sanity, stagnation, death, heights, the lose of a valuable specimen
Talent: Medic/doctor
Weakness Tracking
Overall Personality: Oswald is something of an eccentric individual, he tends to act somewhat loony, often times showing behavior that seemingly has no purpose, though just as often he tends to exaggerate his behavior in order to make a larger point, He’s a rather dedicated teacher and researcher, but his ethics leave something to be desired. He’s primarily a man of science, and values experimentation highly. To the point where concepts like the will of his patient or their comfort becomes secondary. It isn’t uncommon for him to recognize someone as a valuable and necessary specimen, and he often will move to experiment on people without any regard to their feelings on the matter.  Oswald tends closer to madness than sanity, however he is also an expert in his field, and dedicated enough to his craft that he will put his thirst for knowledge or test subjects secondary when his services as a medical professional take priority. Though it wont stop him from experimenting AFTER a patient has recovered. He has a fixation on faunus, especially the more rare or interesting types and similarly with those that have other fascinating conditions. This isn’t to say his curiosity is limited only to humans or faunus, as he will gladly dissect a grimm or disassemble an zndroid given the opportunity, merely to see how they work.
Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: neon green
Semblance: Take your medicine
Oswald has the ability to create drugs with different types of effects to them. Buff/recovery/poison/sleep
Buff: Oswald can create a substance that can buff someone’s strength, defense, resistance, or speed whether it be his own or that of another person, though it requires his own aura to sustain the effect. 10 aura sustained effect. Strength and speed is through a substance similar to Adrenaline, while the defensive and resistance buffs are caused by something similar to anesthetic, which numbs the body, the  recovering 20 hp for 30 aura.

Finally Oswald can use his ability to create a potent poison syringe, allowing him to inflict poison damage, with the possibility of poisoning his target as well. Similarly he can create a drug which can result in sleep. The substances he creates take on a glow, one which matches the color of his aura.

He usually channels his semblance through syringes which he carries on him.
Item 1: A reinforced walking Cane that while not needed for Oswald, is his primary weapon, supposedly there are hidden functions and forms to it, but these have been left inactive due to neglect.
Item 2: dust resistant field, this is primarily projected from his eyepatch, and while nobody knows how it works, it creates a field around him that defends against dust.

History and Sample
From a young age, Oswald had been fascinated with learning new information. especially so in regards to the more interesting people within the world or remnant. Oswald’s fascination and curiosity lead him into the medical world, where he quickly become an expert in fields and one of the world’s foremost experts of medicine in regards to faunus. Though this quickly became dull, and the limitatons on doctors ethically, as well as those associated with time quickly caused the man to move more towards a different path, as his desire for experimentation, and his research continued to grow exponentially. The more Oswald learned, the more he wanted to learn, and he quickly found a problem when it came to the more unique and interesting potential test subjects he desired.
Specifically the fact that their rarity made it hard for the mad doctor to actually experiment. These factors were what first inspired him to go into becoming a huntsman in the first place, primarily due to the freedom the occupation would allow him, as well as the potential to encounter more interesting test subjects. Oswald gained a reputation for being bizarre, and eccentric, with more than one story about him circulating through hunter circles regarding his bizarre nature. Oswald was a prodigy in the medical field, and still is considered one of the most brilliant medical minds even if his seeming insanity is more well-known than ever. Despite his quirks, he is fully qualified as a teacher, having fully earned his position on the staff of the academy. Oswald was originally born within the kingdom of Vale, though his careers as both a doctor and huntsman have taken him all over the world of remnant, allowing him to have more than a few bizarre adventures that few would believe if told stories of them. He seems to have numerous stories about how he supposedly lost his eye, with the

story never being told the same twice, and often changing wildly from a duel with a bandit king to having lost it in a tragic fishing accident.
RP Sample:
The patient stepped inside his office with a wary expression on his face. Oswald was well aware of his reputation, and the fact that his desk was empty only served to spook his patient more. The fact that when the door closed, the doctor was standing there only seemed to spook the boy further, as his presence was only realized after the great doctor, Oswald Hollow addressed his newest patient.
“My, aren’t we nervous?” He commented with a manic smile as his eyes caught the boy’s hand. The crab’s claw that the boy had was quite interesting, and the doctor knew that he would simply have to learn more. “Now now Mr. Pearl, we simply must get to know eachother better.” The doctor said, the look on his face giving the impression he was deciding how best to learn more.
After all such a fascinating trait would surely have quite a few unique characteristics, and it would be a shame if it’s mysteries were unexplored.  

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