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The Madman's Lecture. (Class/open)

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1 The Madman's Lecture. (Class/open) on Sun Aug 05, 2018 4:14 pm

Oswald Hollow
An opportunity to instill his knowledge onto others, truly Oswald felt that it was a blessing, he’d never have accepted the position of an instructor otherwise. Such a marvelous prospect was simply too grand for the doctor to refuse, and from what little time he’d spent on the island thusly, already the mad doctor could tell that it would be well worth the time and setup. A huntsman academy was a grand place for him to continue his research, possibly even allowing him to branch out into new projects.

At the moment however he had another distraction to focus on, his first class would be underway soon, and so the madman would wait, while he was inside the classroom, none of the students would likely see the doctor at first. His desk would be notably empty, with numerous files upon it, as well as a name placard that displayed his name and title to the world, but little else that would indicate any notable details to the world of his personality. The white board of the room displayed the title of the class, Introduction to Faunus Medical Studies to the world, however there was little else of import that would be noticed.

However were a student to look upward, they would see the mad doctor himself, seemingly hiding on flat on the ceiling, though the discovery was unlikely, as this particular lecturing room had a high ceiling, and there was nothing to indicate his presence, the doctor appeared to be strapped to the ceiling by some form of leather strap, a medical book open in his hand as he waited for students to arrive still out of sight.

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2 Re: The Madman's Lecture. (Class/open) on Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:47 pm

Sebastian Black
In particular, he knew nothing about Fanus biology. It was a problem all things considered. He knew how to do liver shots, and things like that, but didn't actually know the specifics. Not to mention, he knew that his pouch was strange. First of all, he was a guy with a pouch, which meant that he wasn't like, a kangaroo. That, in of itself, made him feel odd. Well, it was until he walked into the room with the strange man on the ceiling.

It's notable that Sebastian always looks up, because he'd often to so to look at the spotlights and the like in events, and thus has kept doing even to this day. That's how he found the strange man on the ceiling. He figured there was no reason for the guy to be alone up there, so he adjusted the blue shirt he was wearing, made sure his pants were on right, and made sure his shoes were tight.

Then, he crouched and jumped up to the roof, grabbing one of the rafters and holding himself there casually.

"I'm guessing you're the teacher, yeah? Ain't teachers supposed to be behind a desk, not above it?"

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3 Re: The Madman's Lecture. (Class/open) on Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:41 pm

Oswald Hollow
Oswald looked from his book to the student, mildly amused by his being noticed, more students looking up now as they walked in now that attention had been drawn towards him. The imperceptible shift in movement, one which would allow him to better unlatch the strap holding him to the ceiling whensoever he chose.

Though this student, quite an interesting subject, the idea of having a test subject with this level of base strength…if the man’s appearance and ability to hold on, it would require more tests, but plenty of ideas for experimentation came to the madman’s mind, causing a sinister smile to stretch across his face. Yes this teaching job would be simply grand, a wonderous experience to be sure. “Well aren’t you an astute one.” He mused as his eyes passed over the specimen.

He wondered if there was a way he could increase the man’s muscle mass and strength more, possibly beyond what could be considered to be human limitations. He was certain he could do such, and this man could easily prove a good subject. The madman thought about it for a moment before unlatching himself, there was still time for Students to arrive, so he wouldn’t come down quite yet. “And such a stuffy desk isn’t it, why it would be a shame to have myself confined to some corner of the room.l” The madman answered the student. He’d continue his reading for now, though his mind was far more occupied with scheming his latest prospective project, the idea firmly planted already.

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4 Re: The Madman's Lecture. (Class/open) on Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:30 pm

Sebastian Black
He could see the point to the answer that the fella gave. It wasn't unreasonable. Although, he was hardly an astute one. While still hanging, Sebastian went into his stomach pouch and pulled out a snack bar, which he would start eating. He had no reason to get down from here, not with such an interesting fellow. It was strange, admittedly, because it wasn't like this teacher had a lack of discipline. It was quite the opposite. For how easy the fixture to the ceiling could likely fail, the teacher had no qualms.

He was curious about something, and would decide to ask about this.

"While desks are stuffy, I'm more impressed with this little craft you have here. All this for shock factor, that's pretty neat."

Sebastian felt lazy at the moment, and wanted to fix that, so he started to do one-armed pull-ups as he talked and ate.

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5 Re: The Madman's Lecture. (Class/open) on Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:01 pm

Oswald Hollow
Oswald gave the student an amused look, still mentally planning his potential experiments for later on as he did so. His eyes lighting up at the sight of the boy’s apparent faunus trait even as he mentally analyzed it. It appeared a flesh-based pouch similar to a few animals he could thing of, though he had to wonder how it was composed, as there were several ways he could imagine a trait like such could have adapted to the human body. How much of it was simply composed of skin as opposed to say, fat or muscle? How much space would it have inside.
Perhaps it wasn’t the most interesting of traits when one thought about it, however it was certainly unusual, and Oswald Hollow was nothing if not a fellow whom enjoyed thinking of the unusual. He wondered if there would be a way to get a sample of tissue or the like, without having the somewhat noisy security man interfere with his scientific analysis. Oswald’s watch alarm seemed to go off before he could decide, just as the young man mentioned his contraption. “What is life without a little shock?” He mused as he loosened the strap, any students in the room would be treated to the sound of a less than reassuring laugh, some may even call it a mad cackle rather than a true laugh as the mad doctor flipped down from the ceiling in a most unexpected display of acrobatics.

The doctor would land upright, on his desk, though a miscalculation caused him to face the wrong way and thus have his back to the class at first. “Greetings class, as many of you may know I am your instructor, Dr. Oswald Hollow.” The mad doctor gave a showy bow as he turned around to face the class, not missing a beat despite having been facing the wrong direction. There was still time for latecomers to arrive, or for students to distinguish themselves from the rabble, however for now the Doctor’s first class was beginning.

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