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These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt)

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1These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) Empty These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) on Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:44 pm

Sebastian Black
He had finally gotten some money out from his old account, and was resting around in Skylight woods. Partly because he knew there was a chance for grimm, and partly because laying around and eating snacks was his mood at the moment. He, himself, wore a coat. No shirt as if things got wild, he needed to have his full range of movement, and he hadn't been able to find the sort of clothing he needed here. He was just too big. He had brought the coat from before though, it's red coloring a comfort to him in a new place.

This didn't mean that he wasn't comfortable anyway. He was enough that he had elected to go to a place that was known for having grimm problems only to fight them. He was a little rusty, if he were to be honest. He needed to get it sorted. He heard that you could even get smarter ones here. That would be fun.

He hadn't fought many, if he were to be honest. But they were often the only ones who could fight him one on one.

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2These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) Empty Re: These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) on Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:39 pm


The creep hadn’t been very successful in finding humans to attack today, while the area usually was somewhat busier, at the moment the Grimm hadn’t found much to attack outright. The creature didn’t truly think, so much as acting on instinct, and its instincts, as well as its emotional senses told it something was here worth killing, and so here it was.

At first the area appeared clear, at least until the creature noticed the prey within the clearing. The distinction between human or faunus was moot to a creature of Grimm, it only noticing that the prey was large, though this was little concern to the grimms minimal intelligence, and the creep did as any of its species would do.

The creature charged the prey, the red cloth easily visible and used as a target for the Grimm’s assault. The Grimm would attempt to headbutt the faunus, attempting to stun or knock him over, before attempting to step on the human, using its claws to both pin and rip into them if possible. The Grimm would finish it’s offensive by trying to bite the human’s neck to end it quickly.

Hp 170/170

Attacks: three attacks 45 damage per attack defense not included.

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3These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) Empty Re: These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) on Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:46 pm

Sebastian Black
Sebastian's wish had been granted. He heard it coming from a good bit away, and had time to slip on his gloves really quick. He got into his boxing stack, a rigid one. He looked towards the grimm, and would wait until the charging grimm got close. It was fast, make no mistake, but Sebastian has significantly less ground to cover.

As it got close, he'd bend his legs and drop down. This wasn't to dodge, but to start off with his next move.As the grimm would go overhead, he'd launch himself up into it's underside, hitting it with a massive uppercut. He would make sure to grab it and make sure it didn't fly away though.

He'd smash it into the ground using his neigh super strength. He'd then smash it once more, this time with a hook. IT would inevitably stay standing and be angry with him, but he had asserted what he felt to be his dominance.
3 boops, at two at 40, one at 30.

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4These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) Empty Re: These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) on Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:08 pm

At first it seemed everything was going according to how the grimm expected, and while the human had spotted it, the grimm didn’t truly recognize him as anything close to a threat, simply jumping at it to throw it’s momentum and weight at him, only for the boxer’s fist to knock the grimm skywards, just before it felt itself being forced back to earth again by it’s opponent’s strength, slamming hard into the ground.

Fortunately, the grimm was able to recover in time, getting it’s feet under it quickly and moving in order to allow the human’s final attack to strike it’s armored plating, rather than the ink black flesh of the grimm. It’s movement’s didn’t stop there either, as the grimm used the opportunity to bite at the human’s arm, assuming they would not be able to retract it in time. Whether the bite succeeded or not, the creature of darkness would also proceed with throwing it’s own weight against the human, hoping to trample them afterward as an add on to it’s charge.

HP: 117/170

Actions: Three attacks doing 45 physical damage before defenses. (Trample and initial slamming against Sebastion are separate attacks)

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5These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) Empty Re: These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) on Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:21 pm

Sebastian Black
Sebastian was actually impressed at the Grimms reaction speed. This, combined with the obvious plan, made Sebastians line of attack much easier to sort out. He let the grimm bit his arm, and then bulked up, as he was trampled upon and charged upon. Sure, it wasn't a fun experience, but it certainly put him in shape from a beating to the creep. As he was trampled, his bulked up, uneaten arm, and smashed his fist into the side of Grimm three times. This wasn't an elegant situation, but that meant he could use a non-elegant solution.

Sebastian knew that if he was anyone else this would probably be one the worse things he could do. That, however, just meant that the rest were sissys. They couldn't handle what he did. Also, notable, was that he was having a quite wonderful time, a smile on his face. This was fun. This was a fight, the two tended to collide.
3 bops, 50 damage before defenses each.

140/200 hp

90/100 aura

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6These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) Empty Re: These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) on Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:37 pm

The grimm was somewhat annoyed to see that something was impeding it’s attempted meal. The grimm wasn’t intelligent enough to understand aura only recognizing that something was between it and the flesh of it’s prey, as such the creep attempted to simply crunch down on the strange object to get through it by force, rather than letting go or anything like that.

As it did so, the man’s fist slammed into it’s side, and the creep attempted to dig it’s claws farther in as the opponent, prey or predator it’s primitive intelligence was hard pressed to decide fought back witb powerful blows. The creature would attempt to drag it’s claws downward, trying to tear open the huntsman’s flesh rather than fleeing.

The creature recognized instinctively however that this was no longer a mere hunt, but a struggle for life and death, causing It’s efforts to redouble as the fighter’s final strike collided with it’s side.

HP 12/170

Actions: Three physical attacks at 45 damage before defense.

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7These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) Empty Re: These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) on Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:49 pm

Sebastian Black
Sebastian realized that perhaps this wasn't the best approach, since he was taking way more damage than he needed to. He could've literally boxed this thing into oblivin but what was the fun in that? He could smash it! Like he was doing. It was much more simple. Much more effective? Not so much, but it was the art of simplicity. If he was able to smash you, he wouldn't have to exert the effort. However, one of his biggest qualms right now was the fact that his coat was getting scruffed!

The beast clawed at him. This was an annoying thing. He threw one last hard blow to the side of the beast and watch as it'd likely poof. He was done with this fight already! That was boring! What happened to the fun times of hitting another fellow 12 times in the face before they went down?

What a shame.


One attack at 40

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8These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) Empty Re: These are scrubs!(Solo/Hunt) on Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:13 pm

The creep attempted to make a last ditch effort to slay it’s opponent. Though it’s strength would end up failing it. The Creep had the choice of fight or flight, and it’s instinctive choice to fight the humanoid opponent had largely caused it’s downfall. Were it iintelligent enough to recognize the mistake, it might have felt regret. However as the matter was the Creep did not bemoan it’s fate, instead as the human’s fist struck it, the creature made a gut-wrenching cry as it died.

The Creep’s legs would give out, collapsing under it’s own weight as whatever form of consciousness it had left it. The creature of darkness already beginning to dissolve as it slumped to the ground, returning to whatever darkness had spawned it. It wouldn’t take long until the creature’s disappeared fully, leaving no trace it had ever existed at all. The faunus had been successful in beating the lone Grimm, however it was only one of the many that populated the area. It’s disappeared likely would leave little true impact at all in truth.

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