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Ruin has come

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1 Ruin has come on Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:17 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Ruin Nocturne
Age: 17
Birthday: 7/7
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus- Dire Wolf (has wolf ears)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250 lbs
Face Claim: Raven-elsword

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: academic
Likes: knowledge, training, cooking, plushies
Dislikes: pointless fighting, lies, being told he's wrong, unnecessary speech
Fears: forgetting, destruction, goats (their eyes are just weird), The Screams
Talent: Loremaster
Weakness social interaction
Overall Personality: Ruin is a very awkward young man who has practically no idea how to act in most situations. Because of this, he is brutally honest without thinking of the consequences and despises what he perceives as lies. This leads him to be exceedingly polite or insufferably rude.

He has a strong sense of justice that gets him in trouble sometimes and won't hesitate to protect others if he is able to. This does, however, cut both ways. If he believes there is no chance for him to successfully aid someone, he simply won't do anything.

He doesn't talk much and when he does is in a soft, often cracking voice with as few words as possible. Whether it is because of his voice, the fact he is unused to conversation, or he is trying to avoid causing conflict with others, or a combination of all three reasons being why he doesn't speak much is not known.

His beliefs for truth and lies have made him easily angered by cults, telepastors, or anyone who manipulates information for personal gain.

He has a soft spot for birds and secretly collects plushies

Aura type: recovery
Aura Color: black
Semblance: Son of The Mother
Ruin's bones are harder than normal and the color of obsidian.

By activating his Semblance he causes aura flow through allowing his bones to harden further. He can use this to augment his physical attack or defense by +2.

He also possesses the ability to make his bones potrude from his body as spikes which he can launch up to 10 yards out. He can also pull them back as long as they remain intact and there is something made with his bones connecting him to it. When out of range, the bones crumble to dust. His bones continuously regenerate as long as he has aura.

He can reshape his bones so long as they are in contact with his body. However, if the bones are inside him (or if it's his Bonearm) the reshaping is rather painful.

The bones have to be infused with Dust before fully leaving Ruin's body.

Item 1: Oblivion Gate. Ruin's sword/arm combo, a massive saber/cleaver sort of weapon. Made from an alloy of steel mixed with his bone fragments from his arm.
Item 2: Natural armor. Because his bone structure is so dense, it serves as a natural armor. Tier 1 physical armor

History and Sample
There is history, and there are those who seek to gather and safeguard it. This group is known as The Sages, of which Ruin's parents, Gaul and Heilung, were members of. When he was born, The Sages believed that because the pupil of his right eye was irregular and shaped like the alchemical symbol of life and his left arm was claw like and seemed to be made of a bone carapace, he was destined for greatness.

Of course, for every supposed prophesy of a hero, there's a disaster. A group of people whose eyes were black with red vertical sits attacked the temple where Ruin was born seven days later. Many Sages were killed in the fighting including his father Gaul. Desperate to protect her son from the same fate, Ruin's mother ran away with him and they vanished into the wilderness.

Heilung did her best to raise Ruin, teaching him to read, write, how to take care of himself and most importantly, she gave him a love and thirst for knowledge. When he turned 5, his aura was unlocked by his mother and at age 10, he discovered his semblance.

Life was tame for the next two years as Heilung taught her son how to protect himself and reinforced his sense of responsibility regarding his power.

One day, when he was fifteen, Ruin found a faded mural that spoke of the people with black eyes. And a method of forging weapons to kill them. Heilung returned home from gathering food to find that Ruin had forged such a weapon using bits of his Bonearm for material.

Shocked and horrified at the self mutilation (even if it grew back thanks to his semblance), she threw him out, "If ye be looking for the spilling of blood, your blood shall water the earth and all will be knowing of your sins."

Stunned at the sudden change of fortune, Ruin decided he would go on a personal journey to discover himself and find out why he was born shaped the way he was. Several weeks of travel led him to a temple that turned out to be where his parents had come from.

The Sages, on learning who he was, devoted their time to teaching Ruin everything he would need to know about the world and the island they lived on. Two years later, he became an Acolyte of Lore and left the temple to complete his test to become a Lorekeeper, someone who finds and records ancient knowledge.

Ruin's first time in the city was...well...he hated every minute of it. While being able to access the information available on the scroll, it also opened his eyes to the evil of the world and his fellow people.

Being a big man, Ruin found himself being mocked and ridiculed by humans and a group calling themselves the White Fang tried to recruit him. However, what ultimately derailed his journey was a bar brawl.

Ruin had been walking past a building when a fight broke out and two guys flew through the window landing on him. In the ensuing fight, Ruin used his semblance and almost broke a man's spine. Nothing ends a ight faster than someone almost dying.

Ruin was given a choice, he could rot in jail for years, or he could go to syne Academy and put his skills to good use. Of course the idea of being able to access otherwise unobtainable knowledge had nothing to do with that choice.

Chapters are like doors, when one is drawn closed, the next opens.
RP Sample:
Ruin sat in the cell, surrounded by all types. Next to him was a weasel Faunus who kept trying to get his attention, "hey, hey buddy. Whatcha in for huh?" He looked at the smaller man, "assault". The weasel sized him up, "ya know, I knows some fellas who could use a big guy like you. They shows appreciation all nice like too if ya catching my meaning."

Ruin simply stared at the smaller faun us until he squealed and scampered to another part of the cell, "just ignore Scratch, yeh hear? He can't do shot so he trues to buddy up with the right people." The dark skinned human leaned over and stuck his hand out, "Andre." The Dire wolf Faunus took it in a firm grip, "Hail and well met Andre. I am Ruin."
"Oh great, another one of thosetypes." A third man moaned as he pressed against the bars, "officer! Get me out of here! I'm gonna flip shit!" Ruin raised an eyebrow and looked at Andre questioningly, "Don't pay him no mind. Kenny always gets like that when a new guy comes in."
Now Ruin was more confused, "you...get arrested often?"
"Yeah, me and Kenny, we like to get drunk and do stupid shit. Not like that guy, he's bad news. Him and anyone rolling with him is begging for trouble."
"I shall take your words to heart kind sir." Ruin put hs hands together and bowed to Andre. In the cell across, a group of hookers were trying to get the young man's attention. And failing to get anything more than a look of pity, "if yeh don't at least say one of them is pretty, people gonna think you swing for the same team."
"They'll think you're a swallower."
"Um...I... do not understand."
"They'll think you're gay."
"Is there something wrong with being in a happy mood and festive? From my understanding, everyone is happy and gay during the winter."

Andre hung his head, "kid, I know you can't possibly be that oblivious. Let me spell it out: people gonna think you like sleeping with men. Yeh know? Doin it hard. Playing the piano, gettin dirty naughty. You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?"
Ruin took a moment before the light clicked, "ah, intercourse! Must I answer them?"
"Dear Oum, this kid is like a renfair reject."
"Shut up Kenny. No, it ain't,  but it'll e easier if yeh just give them something. They won't stop otherwise." The older man looked at the younger and saw the discomfort, "who knows, maybe they'll find you out there on the streets, that would be awkward wouldn't it?"

Ruin stood up and crossed the floor until he reached the bars and studied the women for a moment, "you there, with the pink hair, what is your name?"
"Well then, it is fortuitous that your eyes shine like your namesake. For it would be a travesty to see such beauty go upraised." The girl blushed and her friends or colleagues twittered excitedly as Ruin took to his seat again, "damn that was pretty smooth. You practiced that one?"
Ruin shook his head, "Tis the first I spoke to a woman who was neither a scholar nor my mother."

A woman in uniform walked up to the cell, "piss off Kenny. Hey kid, you're coming with me." Ruin got up and followed, casting a nervous glance at the prostitutes who seemed to be looking at him rather hungrily, "so kid, the judge thinks you should be given a choice to either break the law again or make something of yourself. Right here." They stopped at a door and the woman motioned for him to enter.

Sitting at the only table was a balding man, "Mr. Nocturne, have a seat. I'm Daniel Grey from the Syne admissions office. So I hear you had a bit of a rough introduction to the town."
Ruin shrugged, thought a moment and the nodded, "so you are aware of the deal being offered and what that entails?"
Another nod.
"Alright, then if you're certain you want to do this, just sign here, and here. Initial this. We will try to get in contact with your guardian and if they have any concerns or complaints they'll e able to reach us at our office. Any questions?"
Ruin shook his head as he signed the papers. The world was much different from what he expected.

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2 Re: Ruin has come on Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:05 pm

Ishi Omo
So, wonderful app that has a few problems.

First thing first; there's no controlling your bones with your mind. The rest of that semblance is okay in my book.

Second, you gotta choose either the arm or the sword as the weapon.

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3 Re: Ruin has come on Thu Aug 16, 2018 5:14 am


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4 Re: Ruin has come on Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:17 pm

Ishi Omo
Right, so sorry for taking this long.

Got two thigns. First; what's your fanus trait?

and two; it's about your semblance again.

How are you pulling them back?

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5 Re: Ruin has come on Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:01 pm

Fixed and hopefully the explanation makes sense for how he pulls his bones back.

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6 Re: Ruin has come on Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:56 pm

Ishi Omo

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