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Back to the Fairy tale, Back to the Show! (Open)

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Fuyuko stared out the window of the recreational building. The last thing she could remember was a sense of being crushed and thrown about before waking up in the infirmary of Syne only a few days ago.

She tried to find out what had happened, but no one seemed to know anything other than the fact that the princess was dead, the person responsible was most likely dead, and they had fewer people leave the cave than went in. The only thing she could recall for certain was that among the group was a psychopath who controlled wind. However when she tried to find out more. It was as if there had never been such a person according to the semblance directory.

The cat girl had let it go and simply enjoyed being able to walk about again. The sun was bright. The day clear and the flowers outside the open window smelled lovely. It felt like today was the first day of a new life.

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Sebastian Black
He should've known that it was a bad idea to punch from that angle; at least that was what his hand was telling him. Sure, he wasn't wrong at the time. The grimm wasn't running away with Sebastian's hand in its mouth, but what he didn't realize was that trying to punch at the angle does mess up ones hand, as suggested by the bruising and pain localized in his right hand. It's funny that the arm that was getting eaten was the one that didn't hurt at all.

He had made it to the building and was told there was a line. Oh well, it was no matter. He was curious about the girl who looked like had a new lease on life. He'd walk over to the gal and crouch a bit lower, so that he was more her height. He didn't intend this as creepy or anything, more so as it was meant to equal the talking field. It wasn't fair for him to stand so much taller if they were to talk as equals.

"What'd you do? Survive a major catastrophe or something? With how you're looking at the window, it sure seems like it."

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She was snapped out of her reverie by a male voice, "Hm? Um, yes. I think... I honestly don't remember what happened." She tilted her head as her ears twitched, "if it isn't too insensitive to ask, how long ago did the princess die?" She shifted uncomfortably. It felt bad that she had to ask that considering she was there when it happened.

It took her a moment to realize she had forgotten to introduce herself, "I'm sorry, I'm Fuyuko." She held her hand up like a paw and tilted her head with a sad smile, "Nyah". She tried to hide the wince from her previously immobile joints and muscles rebelling against movement.

Outside the window, she heard birds squabbling over the feeder and a squirrel chattering at them as it hid nuts away in the ground. She figured it'd be easier to have a conversation if she spun the wheelchair around to face the man speaking to her, "What about you? Any deep soul crushing scars?" the girl had tried to be light hearted about it but it came out slightly bitter.

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Sebastian Black
Sebastian hadn't the smallest idea when the princess died; he hadn't even known there was a royal family here. Well, he didn't really know much about much. That was the bit of a problem, but the secondary question, the 'Deep, soul crushing' scars question did have him thinking. Did he have any particular one?

It was a hard question because, if Sebastian were to be honest, he had an easy life. He's had such strength since he was young, that combat sports came naturally to the boy. That, combined with his copious amounts of free time, made the young boy an expert warrior even now; when he was still young. There was a glaring flaw, in that he was hardly strong enough to fight a lot of grimm.

While that part of his brain got sidetracked, he was thinking about the whole scars thing.

"I dunno about soul crushing, but I ain't had something I didn't regret. While saving a fella from getting robbed, I may have taken too long fighting his robbers off. This meant I got shipped here, to train. I'm a boxer, and honestly? Would rather be boxing than training to be a huntsman."

He didn't have any other real scar, and that wasn't even a scar so much as it was a smidge on his public record.

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Fuyuko kept her smile, "that's not so bad. It just means you gotta punch harder. Easy fix there. If I want to hit harder I have to take my gun apart and swap out cheap pieces for expensive ones." She wheeled to a table and leaned her elbow on it gesturing to the chair next to her, "it seems nice to have a plan for after you graduate. Being a boxer instead of a huntsman sounds fun." It seemed like everyone wanted to be huntsman and huntress these days.

She reached up and stretched, forgetting she was still wearing the half size too small clothes and not particularly caring at the moment, "does boxing run through the family?" She was rather curious now, and one of the old man's rules had been that to cure sadness was to focus on other shit.

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Sebastian Black
"You seem to misunderstand a bit miss. My boxing days are over. I assaulted 5 people to save one. Only reason I ain't in jail is because they decided sending me here is worth. And nah. I'm the first one who took interest."

He was curious now. He felt like what the girl said wasn't wrong so much as it felt strange to him. He took the seat next to her, figuring to have a nice chat.

"Why not box? Maybe you won't hit harder with your gun, but knowing how to fight in a hand to hand situation is important. I can't say you'll always have your gun."

Sebastian rubbed his injured hand. He had learned a valuable lesson this day. Well, 2. First, this girl was wearing small clothes and not caring. This, admittedly, peeved Sebastian.

"What's your combat attire like? I only ask because of the context. We are both trying to become people who hunt grimm."

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