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Of Grimm Magnitude (Open to 6)

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26 Re: Of Grimm Magnitude (Open to 6) on Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:05 am

Ciyen Worgana
Ciyen's dog ears stood up as she detected a noise, and she just barely managed to get her shield up in time to prevent her from taking too much damage as the Grimm thrashed about. She grimaced and grabbed the pilot, bundling him in her sweater, trying to pick him up but unable to. She instead dragged him as best she could away from the aircraft, now lighting ablaze, and the Nuckelavee, though that was far enough away to hopefully not be too much a worry.
   She set the pilot down a little out of the way, behind a shipping container opposite the Grimm's location, and sighed. She took her sweatshirt again, tearing it into long strips of cloth, which she proceeded to use as makeshift bandages for the worst of the wounds. This wasn't exactly her strong suit, so she didn't know if they would be effective or not, but she hoped that they'd be efficient. She would then stand up and begin to make her way towards the Grimm, though it didn't even occur to her that she'd left her chainsaw over by the fallen airship; despite it being simply left there, the chainsaw itself was resilient enough that it should be able to withstand, say, being trampled by a Nuckelavee or being hurled through the air by an exploding aircraft.


Hit by Nuckelavee's thrashing, (60 dmg) - (20 DEF + 10 armor) = -30 HP

Recovery aura, +5 SP

SP 100 | HP 150

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27 Re: Of Grimm Magnitude (Open to 6) on Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:09 am

Raid Boss
The Nuckelavee Deals 60 Damage before Defences

The beast, not feeling the continued shots of the sniper girl, assumed that by moving it had escaped the source of its pain. This was of course rather foolish but the beast had no frame of reference to understand the damage being done to it. For a moment it hesitated, taking in its surroundings; red eyes cut through the pouring rain, only for its lower half to find itself ruptured; a blade embedded in the neck of the horse. The nuckelavee reared onto its hind legs, the flying girl's second slash would make its mark but the creature's body was thrown backward and out the path of her attack!

The great thrashing of its body sent its two long limbs to whip the girl from behind! The two black limbs would come up to cross and lash the girl's back, primed to knock her through the air and over the beast. The young faunus efforts would not be in vain however, due to the Grimm's movement the shots fired from the medical student would indeed make their mark; striking the undercarriage of the horse as it lowered. For a moment the nuckelavee would be on its knees!

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28 Re: Of Grimm Magnitude (Open to 6) on Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:35 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
The creature’s thrashing made things rather difficult for the airborne girl, particularly with the two pronged attack. While Arrwyn was able to tell that the creature had noticed her, the double pronged attack took the flying girl by surprise, knocking her over the creature of Grimm as it had likely planned.Not to say it went completely as planned however, while Arrwyn wasn’t able to mitigate the damage much, she managed to stay airborne.

She knew she probably couldn’t stand up to another attack like that, not with how dangerous this thing was, the noble girl could tell they were having some effect on the creature though. The next few moments only proving the matter as creature was brought to it’s knees.Arrwyn wasn’t about to let the opening go to waste, and that last attack had left her in perfect position for a renewed assault on the creature’s unarmored back.

The blonde fell onto the creature with a momentum fueled downward strike of her sword into the creature’s horseback that would be followed by a sweeping strike to the human aspect’s back. The noble’s strikes were carefully made, and she’d follow up the horizontal strike with one going upward diagonally from what would be the lower back to the creature’s right shoulder. The noble hoped this would be enough to actually take the thing down, or at least hinder it enough her allies could do better.
Those stretchy limbs could have a fair chance of taking her down otherwise…at least the noble thought they could with the amount of damage she’d already seen them do. Finally, the blonde would finish her combination strike with a swipe at the Nuckallevee’s neck, just below the helmet like bone armor of the monster.

HP:50/150 AP110/150

Four attacks made, 25 damage each before defenses.

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29 Re: Of Grimm Magnitude (Open to 6) on Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:14 pm

Valerie Fenix
Valerie saw an opening here and now to put in some damage, but her teammate needed her help too. She couldn't do anything as it was right now, but she knew someone that could. Although, she had just extended her shield, new events gave her an idea, so it once more folded back into her gauntlet. She holstered her firearm, and pointed at the Nuckalavee, loosing a sharp whistle through her teeth that prompted Paprika to charge directly at the grimm. Valerie followed close behind her partner, and the pup suddenly stopped sharply and jumped.

Its paws touched the ground and forced a spike of earth to rise from the ground below them, angling toward the grimm in a crash-course to spear the thing. This altered the battefield in the process, giving Val just enough time and direction to run along the spike and jump up to join Wyn on the creatures back. She caught herself with her armored hand, and grabbed Wyn by her shoulder with the other.

"Don't worry, I'm with you." Valerie said as she let her semblance work on her teammate, overcharging her aura and forcing her to heal faster, causing the both of them to be enveloped by golden flame.


HP: 105
SP: 140

Valerie's Actions:
Leaped onto the grimm
Healed Arrwyn for 20 HP: -30 SP
Recovery Aura: +5 SP

HP: 40
SP: 0

Actions: Formed an earth spike to impale the grimm for 20 Semblance Damage: -20 SP

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30 Re: Of Grimm Magnitude (Open to 6) on Mon Nov 19, 2018 2:43 pm

Faeth watched and waited until the right moment. When the beast fell to its knees she aimed for its center if mass. Where the man part fused to the horse part was the easiest place to hit.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

Gently squeeze the trigger.

The kick from firing the large caliber bullet was painful. She quickly loaded the second bullet without looking away and waited to see the nuckluvee react before firing again. The bullets she was using were rather experimental, being ordinary bullets made with a minor application of her gunpowder saint semblance. The first bullet was the weakest and had taken a week to forge. The idea behind these three special shots was that they would penetrate about an inch or two into the body before it fragmented explosively and turned one large bullet into dozens of little ones leaving large coin sized exit holes.

She aimed for the man torso part and fired her second bullet. This one had much more added to it, but it had also taken her longer to get it right without exploding in her barrel. Faeth hissed as she could tell the flight of the shot was wrong already, having had to rush the creation. Still, even a nick would do some major damage in the right place. She loaded her last bullet and waited, feeling a bruise starting to form on her shoulder for the first two shots.

2x regular attacks- 30 damage before defense

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