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Tri Nyoman

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1Tri Nyoman Empty Tri Nyoman on Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:21 am

Tri Nyoman
Enrollment Form

Tri Nyoman D863c29014d69f3127c6c5416324e113--gonna-anime-cosplay

Basic info
Name: Tri Nyoman
Age: One year
Birthday: February 12
Gender:[/] Male…sometimes
Race: Android
Height:5’7 Male/4’5  Female
Weight: 140 pounds (Male)/110 pounds(female)
Face Claim: Soji Mitsuka/Tail Red from Gonna Be The Twintail

Aura 100|200 HP

Likes: Sweets, Sports, Comics,clothes, being praised.
Dislikes: Fighting, rodents, philosophical stuff, getting hurt..
Fears: Eggplant, bugs, germs
Talent: persuasion/acting
Weakness Wilderness Survival
Overall Personality: Tri Is a bit confusing, while they know they were originally one gender or the other even they don't know which, and tends to consider themself as whatever they currently are at a given time for the most part. Tri tends to be rather open about their emotions and rather extroverted, at the same time however Tri can get shy when it comes to things such as being complemented, or when dealing with somebody they like, even platonically. They are a bit of a narcissist, believing themselves to be hyper competent in everything even when the opposite is true.  Their self confidence is actually rather fragile, though they overcompensate. Tri has a tendency to hold a grudge, though they also tend towards playfulness at the same time. They are a bit radical in their own worldview and beliefs, often refusing facts outright when they don’t conform to preexisting beliefs. Similar to their lack or real confidence, Tri is actually a big coward, though often overcompensates by trying to act braver than they are. Tri has a bit of a fascination with their appearance, whether in male or female form, always wanting to look their best and being rather self conscious about such things, though they will deny such things when it is brought up.
Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Purple.
Semblance: Gender Change   Tri is able to change their gender at will, though they have little real control over this semblance, they become a female version of themselves. The female form appears younger than their male form. They have some control over this, in that most of the time he/she cannot control when they change. Their male form is the actual base form and being in the female form. This uses 10 aura per post she is in female form.   They notably change more when in emotion distress, or if particularly distracted. Her female form seems to be faster, giving her a buff to speed when in this form.
Male form:
Tri Nyoman Latest?cb=20141028163056

girl form:
Tri Nyoman Latest?cb=20141028164542

Item 1: Earth Dust
Item 2: Shape changing clothing: underclothing which changes shape along with Tri to match his/her form. In male form this consists primarily of his underclothes (consisting of shirt and shorts)  and is worn below other clothes he wears.  While the female form seems to morph into a leotard-like outfit. physical armor.

History and Sample
Tri is an android developed for one main purpose, this primarily being infiltration. He was built primarily to be able to not only gather Information but for potential infiltration and subterfuge. It is unknown who built Tri, as they aren’t very sure themselves.  While Tri is aware of their android status, they aren’t particularly concerned by this.  All Tri is aware of is having activated on a ship to Bellmuse, with little real knowledge of what they are meant to do.  Tri knows they were created for a purpose, and that this involved going to Bellmuse, however Tri is unsure of what this mission or purpose is, nor do they know who sent them there. While Tri doesn’t know much about themselves, outside of their own name, they do seem to have knowledge of Remnant and how to live within society. Similarly, they are aware of what their own needs are and capabilities.

While Tri is ignorant on much regarding themselves, they did decide to simply live their own life for now, and after seeing a recruitment poster within the ship-A typical transport ship that had little clue who she was outside her passage to the country being paid for- for Syne academy.  Tri similarly found they had knowledge of dust, and some knowledge of combat though below average as near as he can tell he was not designed with combat in mind. Tri was at least able to qualify for the academy though only truly attending due to the simple fact they have nowhere else to go, nor any idea of what else to do. Despite this they are content to live their life rather than seek out any sort of answers, thinking of themselves as any other living creature and mostly keeping the fact they are an android to themselves.
RP Sample:
The sun coming through the window would have likely awoken a human much earlier, and Tri found himself awakened near noon. Noting the time on a nearby clock, he realized he was late, beginning a rushed frenzy to prepare himself for his afternoon classes. The android left mess as he rushed to get ready, eventually reaching for the dresser to get their clothes for the day.
Only to realize the arm was shorter than it had been. She sighed, before her hand moved to the drawer below the original one he had reached for, and she opened it to reveal the female variation of the uniform. “Guess it’s too much to stay the same for a day…”
The short girl packed a bag with a change of clothes, before rushing out the door, her hair streaming behind her as she rushed to make it to her remaining classes, with only four minutes to make it, she knew she’d definitely have to rush too, they’d been late three times this week already, and it was only Tuesday!

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Richard Lionheart
Hello welcome to the site, I noticed this isn't in the rules but androids do need to be one years old if they are students under the guise of "Testing" and are there full body pictures of the fc to go in your semblance description? Putting them there under a spoiler tag would be useful. Knowing if there is any other more obvious physical change, say height and weight (though I see you included height in your character height but didn't specify which was which), would also be useful in the semblance ^^ Bump when done

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Tri Nyoman
le bump

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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