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Jam Session (Open)

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1 Jam Session (Open) on Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:23 am

In dorm 1312, a young blue haired student stood organizing his belongings in his new home. Three suitcases lied on the floor open with clothes and trinkets jutting out of them randomly as Luke made his new bed for the first time. After covering his bed with his blankets and adjusting the pillows, Luke stopped for a moment and looked out the large window in his room, observing the large courtyards and grounds of Syne. He fell back on his bed and let out a deep breath, thinking about home and his old school friends, wondering where they had gone and how they were doing.

Luke stood up and began organizing his clothes into drawers. Moreso throwing his clothes into the drawers at random rather than organizing. He then took out his laptop and propped it up on the desk with some new speakers he bought before coming to Syne. He scrolled through a playlist looking through it song by song until he found something he liked. He turned up the volume and got back to work, adjusting his room to his liking. The door of his room remained open as he was moving in and out, collecting the last remnants of his gear.

Luke took a few pictures out in the frames from his suitcase and propped them up on his desk. One was of his mother and father. The other was of his step father Thomas and his family. The other was a picture of Elaine, his mentor and friend. He looked at the pictures reminiscing for a bit on how far he'd come. He looked that the picture of his uncle and turned it face down on the desk and walked away to put up some posters cityscapes that he'd found at the store a few days ago.

After he had finished cleaning up the mess of clothing and personal belongings he had unleashed in his room, he propped his sword up against the wall and flung himself in his chair as he attempted to get lost in his music.

((OOC: Music played from his speakers Post links OOC as the music changes))

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2 Re: Jam Session (Open) on Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:54 am

Xidkoh was walking through the dormitory,  many new students had been moving in recently, but Xidkoh just wanted peace and quiet. So he was making his way directly back to his room without any intention of even a simple hello. Some luggage and other items were left in the hallway as people were moving things into their rooms and Xidkoh simply avoided these obstacles, all he wanted was some peace and quiet in his dorm and nothing more. Though when Xidkoh walked by the dorm which was right next to his own, he heard loud music and saw the door left open. Xidkoh began to peer into the room and said at a volume loud enough to hear over the music "If you're going to play your music you might want to close your door. Some people actually enjoy peace and quiet, and I really don't want to hear that music through the walls"

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3 Re: Jam Session (Open) on Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:42 am

Krystal was skipping along the dorm hallways, bored and not knowing what to do. She was hugging her bunny and looking around the dorms. She still had no idea where she was supposed to be at. Usually she liked classical music but she heard some really loud music coming from a room, she thought it was pretty good but it was too loud so she went where it was coming from and attempted to stop it. "Ummm... Hello?"She started off, not knowing what to say to mere strangers, as she popped her head in the room. She clutched her bunny tight.

"The music is nice and all but can you put it lower?"She asked politely. She had no idea how the person was going to react so she decided to start from a more polite approach.

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4 Re: Jam Session (Open) on Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:36 pm

Cheshire skipped through the dormitory waving people down and explaining her situation only to get weird looks and a turned back. 'Just because I have cat ears doesn't mean I'm not normal' she thought and went back to her search. She saw someone peeking into a room and decided to ask her. Cheshire tapped the girl's shoulder.

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5 Re: Jam Session (Open) on Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:18 pm


Hey Cheshirefolie, welcome to the site. Unfortunately you have to get your app approved before you can post in a thread so your post has to be voided. Once your app has been approved then you can post in the threads. (Also the minimum word count is 150)

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