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Might Makes Right (Private)

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1 Might Makes Right (Private) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:59 pm

Monika Sonnejager
The sun... There was a certain eloquence to the stubborn beating of the sun's rays despite the desires of anyone, such eloquence only served to forge a greater desire in Monika to enjoy it. She had no access to such warmth and beaches from the confines of an Atlesian military school. With the end of Summer so quickly rounding it's final bend, she was pushed to take advantage, but her training still held greatest priority...

So she made a compromise... Here she was, on this sunshiny day, swinging her massive longsword around with deliberate practice, wearing only a sarong-style swimsuit and an MP3 player on her bicep, playing piano music into her ears.

From her perspective, it was like practicing ballet with her tool of martial use, as such serenity left her with a calm mind and steadied form. In short, she felt so at peace here. The unsteady footing left her consistently focused on her stance, and the harsh sunlight left her sweating in the Summer heat.

Monika was in her own little slice of heaven, despite what anyone else on the beach may think of her right about now.

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2 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:54 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Beaches were great. Arrwyn noted, as she hovered in the air, the blonde having never been to one before hadn’t known what to expect at first. Though when she arrived it seemed almost like a heavenly place to the somewhat perverted noble. Between the more attractive men walking around shirtless and all the woman barely clad in anything at all. Yes, Arrwyn was very much enjoying herself, as she’d spent a long portion of her time out here flirting with people of both genders and enjoying the…view.

The swordswoman managed to catch her eye easily enough, the girl seemed unusual enough and more than pretty enough for her attention to lock onto her, the swordsmanship only serving to add another layer of interest. Though it wasn’t crossing swords the noble girl had in mind at the moment. Arrwyn’s attire would seem somewhat abnormal for the beach, having forgone any sort of swimwear. Instead Arrwyn wore a tank top and notably short shorts, the outfit looking more like it was meant for jogging rather than a visit to the beach. Her boots would perhaps be the most visibly out of place, though mostly only worn due to her need to hide her faunus status. In truth, a part of Arrwyn wanted to wear a swimsuit, but she couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t be recognized, and allowing her nature to be exposed was simply not worth the risk even if it would help in her…activities. At least not in such a public locale.

The blonde noble would float near the swordswoman, openly ogling her as her body traced the other girl’s figure. “Well that’s one way to have fun. Though I could think of plenty of other ways to get a nice little…workout in.” Arrwyn called out, floating in the air just out of the weapons reach and behind the other girl, so as to not be hit if she ended up surprising the girl a bit too much. The noble wouldn’t make any effort to hide the fact she was checking out the other blonde and would speak with a suggestive tone that only further implied less than innocent thoughts.

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3 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:45 am

Monika Sonnejager
Monika spun her sword in a brief flourish before peeking over her shoulder, taking a moment to survey the outsider.

One seemed normal enough, however, her flight did give her an obvious 'call-to-attention' so to speak. This led Monika to start making some assumptions about the newcomer, most of which being that this girl was a combatant of some kind. A soldier, a student, or something else, flight without use of faunus traits or use of technological instruments meant that a semblance of some kind was likely involved.

Monika swung her sword behind her as she turned, leaving it planted firmly in the sand as she plucked an earbud with her free hand, then the other, giving the stranger her full attention. She did, however, keep her hands occupied as she pulled her hairpiece free and let it fall past her shoulders, promptly collected again as the young knight began to adjust her ponytail.

"Ah. Pardon such boorish behavior, as it seems I was caught unawares. Did you have a query you'd grace me to repeat madam?"

Monika spoke respectfully and apologetically, taking implication that her not hearing the original statement was an insult to the stranger and even more so to have the audacity to request that it be repeated.

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4 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Sun Aug 26, 2018 1:19 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn watched the girl finish her apparent sword training routine, though whether it was a specific form or simple training was unclear. Arrwyn herself not being an expert on the matter where longswords were concerned couldn’t tell at all. Not that the swordsmanship was what she was really focusing on anyways though she could note at the very least the girl seemed pretty good, especially given that fighting on sand could be tricky from what she understood.

When the other girl turned her attention to Arrwyn the blonde noble girl floated a bit closer, though not landing quite yet right now. She didn’t bother to hide her examination of the other girl’s body, eyes still roaming greedily. Though when the other girl talked she did note a few things, primarily that the girl seemed to be speak in a familiar manner of uptight politeness. Something that confused Arrwyn, as she wasn’t aware any other nobles had been in the area, and she was aware of most noble houses from Atlas, and surrounding island nations of Bellmuse. Of course, that made Arrwyn more tempted to be discrete with her…offers but she decided to shrug that off. Besides, the stiffer ones often times ended up being more fun in her experience.

“Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just enjoying the view.” The final word punctuated by Wyn’s overt attempts to check the other girl out. “Though I’d love to get have some…private training sometime.” The floating girl added, maintaining a tone that hinted at her desire for far more than just crossing swords. Arrwyn’s playful expression only meant to add to the equation. “Arrwyn Ellavir.” She introduced, floating downward to stand in front of the other blonde.

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5 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:19 pm

Monika Sonnejager
Fortunately, Monika was blind enough to such social cues that she either didn't notice the leering gaze that had befallen her, or she didn't care. The same could only be said for the innuendo directed her way, as she showed no reaction to it whatsoever, taking the statement at face value and looking off to the horizon with a smile planted upon her face.

"Oh yes. The sight is quite splendid, I agree. A shame that such beautiful seas were lost on the eyes of my homeland." The lady sighed as she finished adjusting her braid to her liking. She suddenly leaned down to her ankles and started to stretch, desiring to continue the workout as well as she could without invoking any kind of rudeness on her part.

Monika sits down and lifts one of her legs and to stretch it out. "I would be happy to give a fellow martial fighter my knowledge, if you so wish." She peers up at her conversational partner. "Monika Sonnejager, at you service."

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6 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:13 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn’s playful smile stayed even as her innuendo flew over the girl’s head, making her wonder how innocent the other girl was? Or perhaps just playing innocent, it made no difference as that was amusing in its own right Instead she decided to turn it up a bit, walking a bit closer, though respecting the girl’s personal space enough not to get too close, yet at least. “Yes, a shame I can’t see more.” She added, her eyes locking onto the other girl’s assets as she spoke, making it clear she wasn’t speaking of the ocean, though she didn’t think the girl would pick up on the comment. The mention of a homeland indicated the girl was foreign to Bellmuse, though not which country she was from.

Either way Arrwyn wasn’t sure if she should be a bit more blatant, or perhaps dance around with the subtle angle a bit more. She didn’t know much about the other girl yet besides her own suspicions, so it wasn’t like she knew exactly what approach would work best.

“Unfortunately, my sword is back at the academy, though I could join you for some…other exercises.” Arrwyn replied to the girl maintaining her attempt to not so subtly hint at her own intentions. The blonde was beginning to wonder how long the other girl would remain ignorant of her advances; assuming she was really as ignorant as she seemed. “Sonnejager…that name sounds familiar.” She though out loud. Trying to recall where she had heard it. The possibility the two of them shared a homeland not eluding Arrwyn. Though she wouldn’t say anything on the subject for now, as at the very least her own name, a name that was rather recognizable back in Atlas didn’t seem to have been met with any sort of outward recognition.

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7 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:35 am

Monika Sonnejager
Monika had been unable to recognize the names of many other noble houses of Atlas for a few simple reasons. One being that the past years of their family falling out of public view thanks to the hostile business goings with the Schnee family have rendered attention to aristocracy to be relatively unimportant as of now. The other reason being that her time in the Atlesian combat schools has rendered her... less than adept with matters of current events as of the time being.

The girl did grin when her own familial title was recognized and spoke up happily. "Oh yes. My family is one of warriors descent, my father, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and on and on. My entire bloodline is mired in brave soldiers who've fought in every major conflict of the past few centuries. Oh, but that isn't even to mention the businesses we owned in Atlas. One would find great difficulty in purchasing any article of attire without the Sonnejager name printed somewhere in them."

Monika laughed before sighing. "Oh, but enough about my family. You wanted to train." She eyed Arrwyn curiously as her smile drifted toward a look of mild confusion. "Ummm, I suppose we could do some stretches and standard athletics if you were so inclined. However, I don't suppose you had a... Um, a change of clothes... More suited to rolling in the sand?"

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8 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:15 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn felt a bit of trepidation learning that the girl she was currently flirting with happened to be Atlasian nobility, before she recalled that the girl had somehow managed to not recognize her own name. She did briefly remember that the Sonnejager family was something of a pariah when it came to Atlas nobility, with rumors over how they’d lost near everything having circulated like wildfire. She wouldn’t say anything, as she knew the girl still evidently had plenty of pride, not that Arrwyn could blame her, as the family’s only true crime had been getting on the bad side of the Schnee family from what she understood.
“Think I have a cousin that was petitioning for your hand or something.” Arrwyn mused, she found the idea amusing in a way, having had her own petitioners before, though her family keeping her condition secret meant they were unwilling to simply marry her off, as such a thing could prove harmful if done to the wrong person or family.  “Lucky you, he got turned down.” She added, still remembering her grandfather’s rantings about the “insult to the Ellavir name” that the rejection had implied.

At the comment on her attire Arrwyn looked down, thinking for a moment, she hadn’t brought a change of clothes, not even really owning a swimsuit due to the need to hide her faunus trait, and even had she done so she likely wouldn’t have risked the exposure both due to the other girl’s status and the simple fact they were still in a public place.  “Oh, eager to see me all dressed up already?” Arrwyn teased, as she didn’t really want to back down still, if anything the potential threat of exposure only made things more exciting to her.  Besides, she was confident she could at least have some fun with the former noble without having her secret exposed.  “I’d be happy to let you sneak a peek, if that’s what you’re into.” She added in a lower voice, though not so low the other girl wouldn’t hear.

If anything, being nobility explained the other girl’s ignorance somewhat, though that didn’t mean Wyn was fully ready to back down.  She decided to answer the girl seriously after a few minutes of grinning, hoping her teasing would get some kind of reaction soon.  It was much more fun when she had people blushing or stammering in response.   “Unfortunately, though I didn't think to bring any other clothes, guess that just means I’ll have to work with what I’ve got.”

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9 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Mon Aug 27, 2018 11:52 pm

Monika Sonnejager
Monika grinned and closed her eyes as she mused, "Oh there were more than a few issues barring such gentlemen from my hand."

One of those problems was her father and grandfather both fighting to break the mold a bit if only so she could marry a man that she chose on her own. Though that simply brought around the other key problem... "Which isn't to say that I did not enjoy the attention to a degree. It was quite flattering, however, as young as I was, it was only rational that I wait for some time to get a few things sorted proper."

She opened her eyes and tilted her head in a bit of bemusement at the other statements communicated by her companion. Monika did turn a slight shade of pink. Despite this, she seemed to be well composed and continued on to state. "Ah, well, I suppose that will have to do then. I don't mind if you don't."

'Certainly, that had to be a faux pas of a sort. One would not be so bold, surely.'

Monika dropped her leg down and rolled forward to stand herself up and brush a few grains of sand away. "Let us be right to it then. No sense in any needless wasting of time."

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10 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:52 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
“Fortunately, I never had to deal with that, my grandfather wished for me to focus on my lessons instead.” Arrwyn commented, though she knew there were more than a few petitioners for her hand, even now considering her family’s own power, it was only natural. However, her secret had allowed her the ability to avoid such things with her family being more focused on hiding her secret than anything. Not that the explanation she gave was a total lie, as her family had a reputation for waiting longer until arranging such things anyway, often being very selective in regard to marriages, at least within the main line of the family.

Arrwyn didn’t miss the girl’s slight blush, though there was little other implication that the girl had understood what she’d been suggesting. Not that one should expect any less from Atlasian etiquette tutors. Arrwyn added mentally, recalling her own rather extensive courses regarding manners, posture, and many other aspects of how one must behave as a noble. Not that she adhered to them strictly outside of home, at least not since she’d started sneaking out years earlier, after her semblance had been discovered.

“Well then, I’ll follow you’re lead then,” Arrwyn agreed before her gaze lowered on the girl’s body again. “It’ll give me something nice to look at.” She added, grinning.

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11 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:37 pm

Monika Sonnejager
Monika tilted her head again. Now she was wise to the manner in which this girl was acting, even if her note was more accidental than on purpose.

'Ah, that was most assuredly deliberate.'

"Right... Well... Not exactly how this works. You're gonna need to limber up first, so get on the ground and I'll help you stretch a bit."

Monika twisted her arm behind her and pulled her sword from the sand and tossed it a few meters off to the side so that the pair of them would have more space to work with without fear of accidentally bumping into a weapon while doing so.

"Hmm. So, I'll be correct in assuming that not only are you a student at the academy but just as well, a fellow noble..." Monika trailed off curiously, making a note of how odd it was. She had to be Atlesian as well, considering that she had family petitioning her own. "Why not attend Atlas? Most families hold preference to the dignified lifestyle that comes with the training there."

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12 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:27 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn wondered if the other girl was beginning to catch on, before smirking at the other girl’s instruction. “Oh, eager to get your hands on me? I’ll make sure not to disappoint then.” She asked grinning as she complied and sat down on the ground. Wondering if she’d be able to get the other girl to go along with it. It at least seemed she’d made some headway, though Arrwyn wasn’t sure what remarks of hers would be best to be made. “Hmm you got it, I’m a tech major though, not combat.” She answered, waiting for the other girl to continue taking the lead. “Not that I didn’t consider it though.’ She added.

When the question of why she hadn’t gone to Atlas academy instead, as there were major reasons for her not to, though not all of them were ones she was willing to talk. Instead she decided on one of her default explanations for it, the one her father had officially given for her being sent to Bellmuse.

“My family wanted to ensure strong ties between Atlas and Bellmuse, its an important trading center. They thought that a major noble house sending their only daughter to Bellmuse’s huntsman academy would make a strong statement.” She answered with a shrug. “And besides, I don’t think I could stand being stuck in a stuffy place like that.” She answered, grinning. Atlas Academy was hardly the type of place she’d enjoy attending. Too much focus on discipline and stuffy things like that. “Besides, I can think of [i[much[/i] better distractions than politics." She added.

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13 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:02 pm

Monika Sonnejager
Monika simply walked over and shoved the girl down. "Not like that, you need to be able to be more flexible, and sitting up will not render the same results." The girl crawled over the other after dropping into the sand herself, grabbing the other by the wrist and moving her shoulder a bit. She pinned Arrwyn to the ground and started to pull her arm off to the side towards the other, without allowing her to lift her body off of the ground. Such was a practice that helped unwind muscles in your trapezius down to the biceps.

"Whatever your major, I am certain that we'll all see combat nonetheless. I pray your family is prepared for that if they allowed you to follow a course that allows ordinary people to become heroes, assuming their fortitude withholds." Monika said off-handedly as she kept focus on the tension she was creating in the girl's arm. She squirmed a bit as she nudged a bit closer in order to reach Arrwyn's other arm and repeat the process in reverse. "Nevertheless, some do not take well to the concept of taking orders from another, nor do they appreciate the idea of being a cog as part of a mechanism. I never saw much glory in the idea of being a soldier myself, so I can empathize rather well."

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14 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:51 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
Arrwyn was more than a bit amused at the current turn of events, as the two of them were undoubtedly putting on quite a display for those around them, allowing the other girl to pin her and happily following the girl’s lead, though a bit slower. She wondered if Monika was doing this on purpose? She wouldn’t mind either way, as someone who appreciated close contact, but it was without a doubt amusing. Especially considering the girl was raised to be one of the stuffy noble types. She decided not to stop her teasing, though she had to wonder how aware Monika really was of how the two of them looked. “Oh, I didn’t take you for being so forward…” She commented, her playful expression still in place.

Arrwyn thought about the other noblewoman’s comments for a moment, not sure if her family would even really care all that much if she died. One of her cousins would undoubtedly take over as head of the family instead. “I’m not sure my family even cares.” She commented, before moving onto the girl’s other comment. Though she did smirk a bit at the other girl having moved closer, considering a few actions before deciding for now she’d simply go with a bit more teasing. “You sure you aren’t interested in more than stretching?” She asked in a suggestive tone, whispering so that those around wouldn’t hear. Though the two girls were undoubtedly drawing attention already. Atlas is a bit too…restrictive, for my liking.”

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15 Re: Might Makes Right (Private) on Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:17 am

Monika Sonnejager
Monika released Arrwyn's limbs and relented, sitting up and leaning into her knees as she let them dig into the sand a bit. Her expression turned sour as she furrowed her brow and scowled at one of the previous statements posed to her. Her aristocratic cadence suddenly dropped in the face of a much more natural and relaxed tone, albeit an aggressive one when coupled with her expression.

"Um, what? Your family doesn't care? What kind of sense does that make? They're your blood, they should care for you unconditionally."
Monika paused for a moment while collecting herself, her expression gradually softening until it is more reminiscent of the contented half-smile it usually carries. She was inserting herself into business that wasn't hers again, so she took steps to draw back and change the subject.

"Well, we can't stretch all day, but you have no sword. If you want to move onto calisthenics or general athletics, we could do so quite easily." Her fingers eventually found themselves idly digging into the sand at her sides as they wandered on their own. They dug into the grains playfully until she was buried down to her wrists, seemingly without her even noticing as she had not taken her eyes from Arrwyn this whole time.

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