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Rekindled Passions (Open)

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1 Rekindled Passions (Open) on Fri Aug 24, 2018 6:39 pm

James Curnow
Some time had passed since Jimmy had come to Syne, his mere presence here was a mark that he'd left his family behind for now. Though, that wasn't by his choice at all, and really Jimmy wouldn't want anything more than to be welcomed back into the family with open arms.

That wasn't in the cards anymore though, especially after the parting interactions that the young man had with his mother, but that didn't deter him in the slightest. If anything, it had spurred him on to want to work harder, to get better, just a way to show that leaving it all behind wasn't going to be in vain.

Nowadays though, James seemed to be a bit melancholic in expression. Something has been eating him for a while, besides the fact that he hasn't been particularly social since coming here, he also was feeling a bit homesick. Naturally, he wanted to get rid of that so that he could once more focus on what was really important.

The only way that he could really see that happening was to do something he would do back at home. He wanted to perform again, but he barely knew where to start with getting the permission to do that. First, he probably needed to make a decision as to where he would even do that before getting the open permission to do his thing.

For now, Jimmy sat on a bench, elbow on his knee and head on his fist as he mired deep in though about how he could purge these demons assaulting his psyche.

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