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Do Androids Dream of- (Private w/ Flash)

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1 Do Androids Dream of- (Private w/ Flash) on Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:39 pm

Springwood often was the sight of some strange sights, being a town near a huntsman academy nowadays. The town had noisier days, though today mostly was an ordinary one, with people going about their normal business within the town, the midafternoon sun looking down from above. There were strange sights to be sure, the occasional huntsman traveling via rooftop rather than through the streets or other oddities.
The park in springwood wasn’t a large one, truly it was more of a small area of greenery, with some trees and benches. There was some litter left throughout, as careless people seemed to forego the nearby trashcans for the quicker method of disposing of trash by simply dropping it on the path that went through the small park. As well as some playgrounds in the corner where younger children might play, though at the moment the park seemed mostly absent.

One would see what looked like a young redheaded girl laying on the benches, and it was easy to assume she’d merely fallen asleep, until one noticed just how unresponsive she would be. It would be easy to mistake the girl for a corpse in fact, given not only the fact that she seemed unresponsive, but that they didn’t appear to be breathing at all. The sun having managed to get around a tree that likely had blocked any light from the bench earlier in the day shining directly on the girl.

Tri meanwhile wasn't going to be reactivating soon, likely to stay offline for a few hours more hours. The knowledge regarding their power requirements being unavailable to them until too late, and as such had not been able to use the sun to charge before finding herself deactivated. She would wake up soon, as her “skin” did act as a passive energy absorber, but had been hindered previously by simply not being in the sunlight. Ow however they were on the verge of turning back on, a sight that might be slightly abnormal to anybody. Not that Tri was aware of anyone nearby, being offline right now until she regained enough power to function for at least a few hours, long enough to charge herself fully.

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2 Re: Do Androids Dream of- (Private w/ Flash) on Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:50 am

If Flash was known for one thing, outside being a robot, it was for wandering. Flash had wandered across most all of Bellmuse; from the highest of mountains to the beach. Being an android, not needing to sleep or eat, he had a lot of free time to do such things. Springwood was a place he liked to walk, a quiet little town with a big lake; safe and quiet when compared to the self named main city of Bellmuse. This meant fewer people, more animals, which made for a nice change albeit just a little lonely. He was making his way through the gardens, enjoying the birdsong and sighting some squirrels, when he came to a bench; a small girl with very long hair dressed very much like a hunter (with her weird leotard, gauntlets and boots that no regular person would wear casually).

Her eyes were closed but it wasn't like Flash had a lot to do, he could just hang out for however long it took. Being an android, let alone a weirdo like he was, Flash saw absolutely nothing wrong with this course of action. He was fully prepared to just stand in the middle of the road and wait when he noticed something additionally abnormal. This girl was not breathing, it was as though she were a doll rather than a human. Flash immediately set about resuscitation, quite terrified. He couldn't speak to attempt the first stage, shouting to awaken, so instead he clapped his giant metal hands. Should that fail he'd move forward shaking the girl's head with one giant metal palm. Upon contact Flash would notice there was something wrong, the girl felt like she had flesh but not exactly like the flesh he had experienced; it was unclear whether they were faunus but being cold to the touch... Flash had met other more human looking androids before.

Should the girl still fail to awaken Flash would pull back tubular, permeable, sparks flickering around the fingers on his right hand. A low current was being run through them, this was another attempt to awaken rather than an attempt to restart the girl's breathing currently. He'd push two fingers to the centre of her forehead.

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3 Re: Do Androids Dream of- (Private w/ Flash) on Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:28 pm

Unsurprisingly, Tri would remain unresponsive from the loud noise, as she simply did not have enough power to actually turn on, and loud noises, or being shaken awake would do little to fix such an issue as they might sometimes do for more biological beings that were in a similar state. She simply didn’t have the power to actually activate as her energy reserves were depleted.   However, when the android’s electrical current went through her, it did charge Tri somewhat, and while not anywhere near a full charge it was more than enough to be able to reactivate in the end.

Tri found herself reactivating, systems booting up with several updates as to her own status appearing in front of her eyes before disappearing again as the world came into focus for the current gynoid. She was still getting an alert over her low battery, and the information regarding her own charging being found within her internal files a moment later.  Something she could have used earlier before having to shutdown at all, just another issue she had with how disjointed her files were, with most of the information she had on herself being disorganized and hard to comb through, whoever made her had to be a bit scatterbrained or something, or simply hadn’t thought to organize such things.

Of course, her own internal issues weren’t the only abnormality, as she noticed the large android standing over her, beginning to sit up as she looked at the metallic humanoid, blinking at the monitor that was its face.   “Um Hi…did you?” She began, noting that her systems had told her the charge she’d received came from some outside force. Now more focused on her own power she noted she didn’t really have much to work with, probably less than half an hour, and deemed it’d be best to actually go about charging.   It would be notable that despite being conscious, Tri was not breathing as most biologicals did, something most might not notice unless actively looking for it.  "Er...thank you for the jumpstart, sorry if this seems kinda weird."

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4 Re: Do Androids Dream of- (Private w/ Flash) on Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:07 am

Flash would pull back as the girl began to shift, standing straight; quite proud he'd correctly guessed she was an android... though having no way to visibly manifest that pride in a facial expression; he stood simply with his arms at his sides. Flash himself hadn't been offline in several months, he kept active when he charged; regardless of how much longer it took him to maximise his charge. The idea of being offline in public was especially baffling to him but at least this girl was confident in her actions and felt secure. Flash would listen as she spoke, happy to meet with another droid.

"Oh? Do you need any more?" Flash raised his hand, still crackling with faint pulsing lines leaping from his fingertips. "I could give you a whole lot more, it's not a problem :D Yes it was me who did it, it's not a problem! It's not weird at all, I've helped other androids before! My name is Flash Driver, I'm a tech student at Syne! What is yours? You're a student to right? Most regular folks don't really dress like that... or is that another android thing, I always feel rather underdressed." Rather than talk the android communicated through the screen on his face, seemingly he lacked some form of vocal processor; be it by design or by his own choice.

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5 Re: Do Androids Dream of- (Private w/ Flash) on Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:43 pm

Tri blinked as she saw that the other droid didn’t ‘talk’ but rather was communicating through words on his screen-face. It was interesting, and she supposed it was one way around not having the components to actually speak. The android did seem an older model rather than she herself, who appeared human to an extent that others weren’t usually able to tell from what she’d seen. Though it did result in being somewhat barraged by the other android’s questions somewhat. Something that would probably cause problems for some biological types. She had to think for a moment, measuring the pros and cons of getting more energy from the strange android before nodding, deciding there was no real harm in it. After all she had already been as vulnerable as she could really be, and as such didn’t see any risk to trusting him.

“If you can, solar charging can take awhile sometimes…” She admitted, glad to have been found by someone so helpful. The mention of other androids was surprising, but she put that off for now in favor of addressing the friendly droid’s questions. “Good to meet you Flash, I’m Tri…and yeah I’m an academic major.” She looked up at the sky, trying to decide how long she’d been out, her internal clock unfortunately didn’t update itself for some reason, and as such she had no clue what time it was. “You said there are other androids? How many of…us are there?’ She asked, never having even seen or heard of another android, though she’d only been online at all for a short time, maybe androids weren’t as uncommon as she thought?

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6 Re: Do Androids Dream of- (Private w/ Flash) on Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:24 pm

Without hesitation, ethereal lightning coursing around his right hand, Flash poked the girl's forehead with his fore and middle fingers. It was a charge relatively high in voltage but relatively low in current, as he was unsure at what rate the girl could take in electricity normally let alone through this impromptu method. He'd keep this going until she told him to stop, unsure if there would be any indication otherwise.

"Oh an academic major? Well I'm a tech major! I don't do too much fighting, mostly picked mine so I could tinker with myself a little better. If you every need a tune up do let me know :D" Flash replied, words spreading across his screen.

He would then respond to her second statement, that pertaining to whether there were more of their kind. "Other androids? Hmm... well they're usually like you honestly, more fleshy looking than I am. Most of them can talk and have normal eyes and ears. It's a bit hard to tell an android from a fleshy one usually, but if you pay close enough attention you might be able to."

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7 Re: Do Androids Dream of- (Private w/ Flash) on Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:20 pm

Tri didn’t move when the larger android seemingly just poked her in the forehead, feeling herself beginning to feel more “awake” so to speak as electricity began to charge her internal batteries. The android let out a sigh of relief before reading Flash’s screen again. She could tell it would take a little bit, though not too long, as she didn’t really need a full charge so much as enough to last until the next day, when she could charge properly.

“I’m not much for fighting either, I don’t think im built for it…or maybe whoever it was just didn’t get around to that.” Tri responded, thinking for a moment on what her purpose was supposed to be before shrugging it off. “I just figured I’d be best off learning whatever I can…must be nice to be able to fix yourself though.” The currently female android commented. She processed the new information on androids, a bit surprised to learn that there seemed to be quite a gap between the one talking to her, and the average. “That’s interesting, how many have you met so far? And why are you so different?” She asked, wondering why the droid in front of her didn’t resemble a biological, if such was the norm.

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