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Tri-ing New Things (shadow Mission)

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1 Tri-ing New Things (shadow Mission) on Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:39 pm

Tri Nyoman
The concept of baking was somewhat foreign to an android like Tri…He hadn’t really understood it much as it wasn’t really required for him. Even while the need for food and water did make sense. The amount of work involved in it, considering there were other food sources available confused him. He hadn’t really tried eating much, though he was aware that doing so helped to create material that maintained his, and her more biological components, such as skin and hair. Of course, necessity wasn’t really much of what drove Tri, it couldn’t be considering they didn’t even know why they had been made or by who. As such Tri wasn’t much for thinking of things simply in terms of necessity or need, and simply wanted to know the question of why it was done. Between that and the fact that Tri felt somewhat useless in terms of being a huntsman or huntress had made the gender morphing android decide to take on a shadow mission with a local baker. Both to find out what the appeal seemed to be for baked goods, as well as another more personal reason.

He wouldn’t admit it, but the fact was he didn’t feel he was actually good at anything, the examination to get into the academy had been a narrow thing for Tri, and he wanted to find some way to feel useful at least a little…not that he was actually useless, nope, absolutely not. He just wasn’t quite ready for the exam, that was it!

Regardless of Tri’s personal feeling on the matter, he had made his way to central Bellmuse, looking for the bakery for a few minutes before finding the store marked “Roll on in.” Only to suddenly find his perspective skewed as he lost roughly a foot of height, hair growing out to a massive length, some weight being lost as the rest of their mechanical body seemed to shift and change, inside and out. Leaving the android as a Gynoid instead in the shape of a young redheaded girl. Some of Tri’s clothing morphing into a new outfit, while the slacks and jacket as well as her overshirt was left either falling off completely, or simply being comically oversized for her smaller body. It was a sensation Tri was already used to, though it might have given most around them pause as they watched the change, a change which in reality had transpired over the course of a second. Tri still didn’t know where the leggings or arm pieces of her attire came from, though she at least assumed that it had been his socks at originally. The red armoring likely coming from her own body, as it wasn’t anything additional to her, nor did it add any protection her body didn’t already have.
Tri still shrugged it off, packing the now ill-fitting clothes into a backpack she’d brought, before continuing on her way. It was fortunate that the woman she was shadowing hadn’t been given any sort of description outside of a name, and as such Tri was able to continue on without needing to really change back.

“Um hello? I was told I was supposed to shadow someone here…” She asked, feeling a bit self-conscious despite herself, not seeing anybody behind the counter though she could hear some sounds from the back. “One minute.” A voice called out, before the woman that from the picture on the shadow mission board walked out, some flour notable on her apron as she looked down to see Tri. “Oh my god, your adorable!” The woman proclaimed. “I’m guessing you’re Tri?”
Tri was made primarily to be able to mimic human behavior and body language, and as such the fact she was capable of blushing, shouldn’t have surprised her, but apparently did as she felt her cheeks take on a reddish color before she shook it off as she answered. “Y-yeah, I’m hear to learn about baking.” The gynoid squirmed a bit under the woman’s gaze, feeling somewhat shy despite herself and the fact she was fully aware of her own cuteness. After all she was aware of how she looked, quite proud of it actually, and was actually quite happy with her female form’s appearance being complimented. At the same time, she always worried someone might see some flaw she herself overlooked, something that would undermine the confidence she tried to hold herself with. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Honey Ties the owner. I’m glad you’re excited though, lets get ready then.” The brunette said, before walking both of them behind the counter.

“Hmm…put on an apron, I also need to ask you to tie back your hair…actually that might take a bit of work…” The baker noted, frowning as she examined Tri’s long, ankle-length hair. “give me a few minutes, hon and I’ll have it fixed up…I’m sure your eager to get to work.” The baker said after a few seconds of thought and it didn’t take long before Tri found her hair tied back for her and tied, some still going down her back under the apron, but out of the way at least and quickly she found it much more manageable, as well as practical for the activity the two of them were about to engage in.

After that was done, and with another comment on how cute Tri looked in her apron and with her hair tied back, Honey led Tri to the kitchen where she detected several notable odors, though her own ability to actually smell was less differential than an actual biological being, she could sense the scents where there, though not really what would be good or bad regarding smells. She was able to taste, but scent was a bit harder for an android to process, let alone judging such things. After all there were very real reasons scents were deemed good or bad by biological beings, none of which applied to an Android, or gynoid. Taste at least allowed for a better ability to blend into a society, even if taste was more or less optional for her. “Well since you’re starting from the beginning, lets bake some cookies!” The woman exclaimed, smiling down at Tri as they reached an untouched bowl.

“Now then, first we need to get the ingredients together, Flour, white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, butter, baking soda, and just a little bit of salt.” The baker explained, showing each and every ingredient as well as how to mix them together properly. The baker and her temporary apprentice continued working, with Tri being helped every step of the way as the cookies were baked.

Eventually they finished the batch, and Honey urged Tri to sample one of the cookies. The android showing reluctance at first. “um…I don’t know if” She started before the baker dropped one of the still fresh cookies into her hand. “Aw come’on hon, maybe it’ll give you reason to come back some time.” The woman added, giving her a smile before going back to her work. Tri gave a reluctant bite as she left, before her eyes lit up notably. The work of making the baked goods seemingly only enhancing its already delectable taste. Tri felt like she could really get into this baking thing, leaving while making a note to take the woman up on her offer to come back.

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