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Delivering Aid (Major Mission)

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1 Delivering Aid (Major Mission) on Sun Aug 26, 2018 8:05 pm

Tri Nyoman
Tri still found humans as well as faunus to be abnormal creatures in general, while a fair bit of base knowledge was available to the android about them as creatures there were still oddities that were primarily caused by a lack of understanding of a human perception. The concept of mortality primarily was something the android was a bit perplexed about, while they understood it in concept, it was hard to think about, especially the philosophical aspects of something like that. Tri understood that both humans and faunus appeared to be temporary beings. While she understood them breaking limbs and other such notable damage to them, as well as even the entropy over time they faced, the idea of more permanent wounds and conditions was particularly foreign to the current Gynoid.

Tri themselves not only had an aspect of self-healing, a complex system even she didn’t fully understand, but could also technically have parts replaced, she knew, as there was an access panel, as well as the fact that her “skin” was able to self-grow, even repair itself completely so long as she took in enough biological material to rebuild the external layer fully, making more internal repairs fully possible. Biologicals did seem to self-repair with little difficulty, but many of their more serious conditions appeared to be unfixable. While many conditions were in line with mechanics of how an android might work, the difficulty involved in replacing parts, as well as the lack of ability to replace core parts of their bodies such as the lungs or heart was perplexing to the android, not having anything close to a good resource to reference.

Being at risk of being damaged, permanently possibly was a scary thought for Tri, particularly given she didn’t display much physical ability outside her durability. Especially given she herself didn’t think such a thing could happen to her, provided the advanced computer components that made up her brain weren’t damaged, and even then Tri had no clue how well those could be repaired, after all she wasn’t exactly eager to attempt something like that, not even willing to mess with their own internal programming for fear of somehow accidentally wiping out her own existence essentially. After all she didn’t even know how most of her own programming worked, let alone whether or not her personality was an intended outcome or some kind of abnormality within her own datafiles. Outside of that however, Tri could potentially live forever as far as her files told her, with any faulty parts being able to be replaced provided she could find a potential mechanic or engineer willing to make the replacement parts, plans for which she also seemed to have on file and was able to wirelessly upload to her scroll, and had just in case such a need occurred.

The Gynoid stopped outside the dispensary she was meant to pick up the medical supplies she was supposed to deliver, stepping into a secluded alleyway where she’d be away from prying eyes. Once verifying she was out of sight, she activated the shift, feeling herself grow as her perspective was raised, the added height coming with more bulk around their body as well and the red armoring on her arms and legs retreating under an added layer of skin. Her hair had been cut from its normal length as a female earlier, and as such the shortening of it was less dramatic than it’d normally be. Tri knew it would grow back to its normal extremely long length when he went back to female form, but cutting it still managed to make it more manageable normally. His hair finished by darkening to a darker shade of red rather than the bright red and yellow it was as a female. More changes took place until Tri stood in his male aspect, rather than the short, and much younger looking female form.

The android’s change lasted less than a second before he was finally in his male aspect, putting on his clothes outside of those that changed with him. The clothing was essentially just the Syne academy uniform, as Tri’s wardrobe budget was sadly limited. Mostly due to not really having any money to his name. Regardless. Tri was now dressed and walked out of the alley about twenty minutes later. Having obsessed over making sure he looked presentable. He walked into the dispensary to pick up the medication he was supposed to be transporting. The major mission had detailed what he’d be doing, specifically delivering medication to a clinic in one of the poorer areas of Bellmuse. The android presented his scroll identification, indicating himself as a student to Syne before waiting awhile for the medicine to be given to him in the form of a large, and heavy backpack.

Tri had trouble even lifting the thing, himself not designed to be all that useful for physical labor, and as such he had trouble carrying the heavier backpack despite the fact that it was still undoubtedly a good deed. The clinic he was delivering the medicine to was one that would have had trouble staying open on its own, mostly funded by both funds from the local government as well as from charity from more fortunate citizens of the country, primarily meant to help provide for poorer members of the community though it was still kept to medical standards. Mostly simply because it had to, as in case of emergencies the place was often used as an emergency medical location, being far enough from the hospital and closer to springwood and Finnick forest meaning it saw quite a few Grimm victims despite still being located within the city limits.

Tri found the load trying at best, having issue really transporting it, but was thankful that both the dispensary and clinic happened to be near bus stops, meaning he simply had to first sit at the bus stop and then actually wait for the bus to reach the correct stop, a few hours away. All was going relatively well too, as the gender changing android had managed to get on the bus with the medical bag in question and even managed to find a seat, thus not having to bear the heavy load for too long. Of course, the plan hit a snag when someone attempted to snatch the bag an hour later. Tri attempted to pull it away from them, though with little success as his last of actual physical strength made a contest of strength with the thief a moot point. However, he was fully aware of this, and decided to utilize his mind to stop the thief rather than focusing on the battle of physicality.

“Hey stop don’t touch that!” He yelled out, noting a police officer that happened to be just outside. The thief yanked the bag out of Tri’s grasp, making it out of the bus before his own attempted theft reached its own snag. The police officer catching the man by the wrist right outside of the bus stop and making him drop the bag immediately. The police officer handcuffed the guy, just as Tri managed to catch up to both of them as the bus stayed immobile, the driver more focused on the disturbance going on just outside.

Tri explained the situation quickly to the police officer, and the law enforcement officer returned the bag before loading its thief into a nearby patrol car to be taken away. “Thanks!” He exclaimed, glad that things had worked out before climbing back onto the bus just as it began to continue on its way. It was an hour later Tri found himself standing outside the clinic, walking inside and telling the lady at the front desk that he had their delivery ready for them. “Alright kid give me a minute.” The receptionist said, taking the paperwork to the backroom to get signed, and she came back just as Tri felt his body changing again, eyes widening at the display as the boy became a notably younger looking girl.

“That’s an interesting change.” She deadpanned, causing Tri to give an embarrassed, sheepish look. “hehe yeah so…can we hurry this up?” She asked, struggling to hand over the bag before leaving without a word, somewhat embarrassed at the turn of events.

Still, Tri noted, seeing a large amount of people gathered in the clinics waiting area, some obviously worse off than others, at least She’d managed to do a good deed…now it was time to head back to the school.

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