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Violent Resolution (Major Mission)

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1Violent Resolution (Major Mission) Empty Violent Resolution (Major Mission) on Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:51 pm

Misha Chromia
Well things had certainly turned out interesting for Locke. It had taken him awhile to actually figure out where in remnant he’d ended up, considering he’d not even bothered checking where the boat he’d previously stashed away on was heading. Really planning just wasn’t his style and besides, there were definitely worse places for the delinquent to have ended up considering the state of things right now. Still he couldn’t help but find the place a bit on the boring side of things, with little interesting things happening to actually entertain the punk as he had roamed the island. Bellmuse was a small country, he’d noted and while not small enough that everyone around would know each other it was till notably so.

The delinquent had to figure out what to do now, causing him to actually have to engage in an activity he wasn’t typically prone to. Primarily, long term planning. He didn’t have anywhere to really go or anything he needed to go, he also had some issues that in many ways were similar. Specifically, he was currently homeless in this small country, and had no money. Nothing that something like that actually bothered Locke too much. He was used to living like that way more or less, as he’d always been more a drifter than anything. Hell, even when Locke tried to put down roots, his own destructive tendencies tended to leave him in the same situation, often having to leave wherever he was stuck at. In many ways one could say Locke’s life was much like his element, destructive and volatile, and would likely fade if left without yet more fuel to the fire. He thought that he’d probably go crazy if it were any different considering how bored he’d been just stuck doing nothing.

“Damn, guess I’m stuck then.” The redhaired man commented, looking up at the sky. Currently he’d decided to spend his time in a clearing, one local apparently called Skylight Woods. The delinquent had figured it was as good a place as any to hang around, as it was close enough to civilization for him to be able to get food, though from less than legal means. Similarly, he’d been able to wash his clothes and bath in the lake near Springwood every once in a while, though even still one would still not take him for one of the wimpy guys living a cozy lifestyle.

He was mostly just laying around right now, thinking on his current situation. He couldn’t just run off like he normally would if things got too heated with the law here, and he hadn’t even been able to encounter any actually decent fighters. Aside from the walking punching bag he’d met upon arrival of a homeless man he’d met when he’d first arrived, he hadn’t even gotten into any real fights lately. After all there was no point in just kicking around any old weakling, and without a tough opponent, Locke didn’t really feel any fight could count as a real one. The delinquent had at least realized his situation and was currently focused on how best to fix his current problem. He could simply stow away on another ship, but that sounded like too much trouble and besides, he hadn’t exactly enjoyed the voyage here, since boats got on his nerves to begin with. Being stuck cooped up in a box again sounded even worse, given that he wasn’t even able to find some way to blow off steam on the journey.

Nah, he was stuck here, and he was only beginning to actually think about what he’d do about the situation before suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by two voices in what could be best described as a heated argument. although what it was about wasn’t really anything that concerned Locke. However, they were beginning to get annoying, and Locke wasn’t in the mood to have to deal with this Crap. Looked like it was time to figure this out before it got too annoying, he was about ready to burn down this whole damn forest.

“I can’t believe you gambled it away!” One of the voices said, both sounded male, though this one sounded a bit deeper than the other guys voice, which was a bit on the higher side, though still evidently male sounding. Locke could see the two of them still arguing, waiting for a moment to see if they were going to stay, or leave. Though judging by the fact the deeper voiced, taller guy was grabbing his acquaintance by the collar, it looked like that was unlikely. “How was I supposed to know she was that good, that chick had to be cheating or something!” The shorter guy exclaimed, obviously trying to justify whatever stupid decision he’d made, not that Locke cared either way about this stupid argument.

“That’s why you shouldn’t have been gambling with my money in THE FIRST PLACE!” The taller man yelled out, obviously not happy at all with the attempted excuse, though he let go of the other guy. “You’re going to have to deal with this or- “Locke decided that was enough, losing any small amount of interest he’d had at all in the two’s fight. Locke figured it was probably a complicated issue, one that could take hard work to fully resolve peacefully without any violence at all. Unfortunately for the angered man, that wasn’t at all Locke’s style, and as such he had a somewhat different solution to the conflict. ‘

“Hey you.” The punk called out to the two men, glaring at both of them as he began to approach. The larger man turned around to see the redheaded delinquent approaching. “You’re both annoying.” Lock finished, causing the larger man to glare. Locke’s fist suddenly struck the man in the gut hard, causing him to lose his breath. Locke’s strength being more than enough to bring down a full-sized man, especially one that didn’t even have unlocked aura. Tch, weakling…this was boring. Locke was a bit annoyed the two had disturbed him and didn’t even have the courtesy to give him a good fight. The guy looked up at him only to receive a second hit that knocked him out.

The shorter guy however had backed up at the sudden eruption of violence, but that didn’t actually have mean he was safe, though he seemed to think so. “ah you didn’t have to get involved Si- “The man began, seemingly assuming Locke had intervened to save him from whatever trouble the idiot got into. Locke corrected him in the best way he could think of, slugging the pest in the face and knocking him unconscious in a single punch. The delinquent thought that also settled the matter much more resolutely than otherwise.

Of course, that didn’t mean he was done, and he proceeded to check the pockets of the two downed men, finding a small amount of cash on one, and a decent looking watch. Disappointingly though the shorter guy didn’t even have anything really worth taking, not even anything he could really sell, so Locke simply left the two of them alone. After all, at the very least they probably would be more concerned dealing with the whole being beaten and robbed in the woods thing rather than whatever stupid thing they’d been fighting about. Now he needed to find somewhere better to nap, after all if these two idiots managed to find their way here with their dumb argument, who else would? Whatever, maybe the next time they would at least give him a decent fight. Whatever the case, at least that annoying fighting was done for now.

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