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Akio Marigold

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1 Akio Marigold on Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:02 pm

Akio Marigold
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Akio Marigold.
Age: 19
Birthday: June 12
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5’8
Weight:  160 pounds
Face Claim: Izayoi Sakamaki (Problem Children are Coming From Another World)

Aura 100|200 HP

Likes: Fighting, himself, sports, showing off, spicy foods, rock music, winning, teasing others.
Dislikes: Salty foods, cowards, poetry, hip-hop music. His home village, People butting into his fights.
Fears: Being weak, clowns, needles.
Talent: Stealth
Weakness Sailing
Overall Personality: Akio is something of an arrogant boy, he’s powerful and knows it, not thinking anything of flaunting his excessive strength. He’s got a superiority complex and isn’t afraid to show it, often times being condescending towards others and having a heightened opinion of himself and usually considering himself stronger and more skilled than anyone around him. Despite this, he isn’t at all a loner. He is more than happy to socialize with his peers and while he has a habit of taunting others both those he’s friendly with as well as those he may be in conflict with each other. Despite his confident, even arrogant exterior, Akio deals with more emotional situations poorly, often times throwing insults or being insensitive, though this is more a defensive maneuver than anything. He has difficulty navigating friendlier territory in regards to relationships.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color:Gold
Semblance:Kinetic Amplifier: Akio has the ability to amplify kinetic energy. In this way he can make his attacks stronger, or those of others. Similarly he can use this for mobility purposes, amplifying the kinetic energy used in hiw own jumps or leaps to jump higher and farther.  When in use, he appears to glow with power the same color as his aura, the same effect is applied when he is buffing someone else. He needs to make physical contact to first to buff someone. Buff/utility
Item 1: Metal lined shoes, his shoes are lined with a metallic alloy that makes his kicks harder, this includes not only the shoes themselves but a brace which goes up either leg to allow for use of his full leg.
Item 2: His headphones project a defensive force field that acts as physical armor, the shield while somewhat thin, covers his body.

History and Sample
Akio has had something of a difficult childhood, through circumstances mostly out of his control.  His home village was one that had a tendency to be rather superstitious, despite being mostly of a more modern sort as it was on a major Mistral trade route. Not only was he born a child out of wedlock, with his father being largely a mystery to him within the town. Something that local superstition noted as being a bad omen. The village’s local religion also came with a method of marking infant based on the position of the stars in the sky, and the year of their birth. Akio happened to be born under a rather ominous, ill-fated sign. One which promised he’d bring about calamity and despair to those around him.

Akio was raised as something of a social pariah within his village, being ignored at best, or treated as a nuisance at worst. This only became worse after his fifth birthday, where an accident involving a wagon nearly killed him and caused Akio’s aura to unlock. Growing up, he lashed out a bit, acting as something of a juvenile delinquent and gaining a reputation for being violent during his teens which he mostly didn’t deserve. Akio eventually decided one day to simply leave his village, his mother dying of illness a few years before his departure. This leaving him with no real reason to stay within the village that he’d grown up in. He’d never learned the identity of his father, with many of his features being common enough in his home village to not leave any obvious signs of who the mystery parent was. Akio decided to become a huntsman mostly out of spite, wanting to prove those whom he’d grown up with wrong. Unfortunately his attitude has caused him to get kicked out of not only Beacon Academy, but Salem as well. Akio only signed up for Syne as they were the last school that were actually willing to accept him.
RP Sample:
Akio scoffed as he saw the three familiar punks, all crowding around a boy about half their size, Akio didn’t even need to hear the thugs to know a shake-down when he saw it. The punks were far too distracted to actually see him yet, and Akio reached down picked up a small rock. A pebble really, he tossed it at the head of the one he recognized as the leader.
“And here you guys didn’t think to invite me!” He yelled out, as the rock collided with the lead punk’s head.  The three of them turned around squaring up to fight before seeing who it was that had just challenged. “Crap it’s Akio! Let’s get out of here!” The lead punk yelled out, before the three of them ran away.
Akio looked at the guy they’d been harassing, only to see he was even more terrified, outright holding out his wallet. “No, please don’t hurt me!” he cried out, running off behind his would be robbers and leaving the wallet behind.
“So much for gratitude.” The blond muttered, rolling his eyes.

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