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Welcome to the masquerade...wait, wrong title..... ah, You're gonna go far kid

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Ruin was rather uncomfortable. It didn't help that he was in a bullhead with a small army ready to beat him down if he tried anything even though his bone arm was gone, the place where it was supposed to be capped by a heavy plate to which his right hand was cuffed, "One would think that the many of you fear me." His voice wasn't exactly flat, it lacked tone but had interesting inflection.

The strange twist of fate that led him to this point also seemed to match his apparent being. A brawl that got out of hand and nearly resulted in several deaths. Probably why the Bellmuse Guardsmen were being extra careful with their charge. When Ruin had been given a choice, he quickly decided being in a cell block with real criminals wasn't going to be helpful to his quest. As such, he opted for becoming a huntsman. Had he known that they would break off his arm, lock him up tighter than the secret harem in the basement of the castle that was secretly where the lizard people living in the center of Remnant ruled the stars (Old Zediciah swore on the holy texts that was all true). Oh, and be in the air, he would've reconsidered.

The ship landed without incident and his restraints were taken off, his sword handed to him, and he was unceremoniously shoved out the back hatch, "Don't start no shit now kid." The ship flew away as Ruin felt his arm regrow. A painful process to be sure. He put his sword on his back as bone plates shifted to form a sheath and hold it there.

By then, his arm had regrown and the newly inducted huntsman in training looked at the academy in awe.

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Akio hadn’t been in Bellmuse long, he doubted his home village missed him at all, not that he cared about that. Right now this was an interesting chance, maybe he’d even find someone half as great as himself. Or perhaps that was simply wishful thinking. The blonde haired teen hadn’t missed the looks he got from people in town, though it was more “somebody make sure this delinquent doesn’t take anything” rather than the looks he was used to.

Akio grinned at that, he could work with that, it was kind of funny how the stupid old men tried to watch him in their stores, as though they could really stop him if he tried to take what he wanted. For now though he was mostly just hanging around the academy grounds, looking for some way to entertain himself. The sight of the guy getting shoved out of an airship, and handed a sword, was interesting.

Akio, sat up from where he’d been laying on a bunch, jumping to a standing position on the bench rather than the ground, so that he’d still be looking down on the guy despite the stranger being taller than Akio himself was. As the airship flew off, Akio called out to the guy. “Hey, you, wirh the weird hair." Akio's hand went to his headset, adjusting it, but not removing it from it's place over his ears. "you look interesting, what’re ya in for?”

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Ruin looked up at the boy in surprise. A quick glance down showed a bench under his feet, So that's how he is tall. He looked back at this strange person who seemed to be compensating for something, "I had gotten into a fight. During the course of which I had nearly slain several people on accident."

Ruin motioned to the bench, "I was not aware they made these for standing as well as sitting." He sat on it and crossed his legs under him as his hands cupped in front of him in a smooth, single movement that had been practiced for years, "Perchance I ask of you whether there are interesting stories to tell?" He pulled out a pen and notebook, ready to record anything that might later be useful or interesting.

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“Sounds like a fun party to me.” Akio remarked, grinning despite himself. Almost still meant that nobody had died, and if this guy could do that, maybe he’d actually be somewhat interesting. The guy seemed more than a bit unusual considering his near lack of reaction to him, Akio jumped down off the bench just as the other guy sat down. Though the guy’s next action only seemed more interesting, asking for stories, and apparently actually ready to take notes. Akio would have been happy to boast except, he hadn’t really had many actually interesting stories.

After all despite how great he was, most of his life had been spent in his village, and while he had a few interesting experiences there wasn’t much that was really worth talking about. “Nah, I don’t really need to, prefer to let people learn from experience.” Akio responded, rather than admitting to not having any interesting adventures yet to tell about. “You know, you’re a bit of a weirdo, all that bulk taking energy from your brain?” He taunted, wondering if he could provoke the guy.

After all a fight could be interesting right now, and Akio had nothing better to do. Besides the guy's overt muscle mass compared to Akio's own made him wanna test how strong this guy really was.

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