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Important Announcements (Closed/Plot/Announcement Thread)

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Gwyn Ryu
Gwyn Ryu was about to make another statement, his piercing blue eyes darted around the press room. Things weren’t going badly but they weren’t going nearly as well as he’d like, security would have to remain at an all time high; this was costing vast amounts of time and island resources. The mainland countries didn’t have to deal with this, no one would be foolish enough to target them. Syne’s defensive strategy had been much too casual for much too long. As the police captain finished introductions the head of academy security took to the podium. A sea of eyes were upon him.

He straightened his cape, slammed his hands on the podium, and began to speak; “Citizens of Bellmuse you are still safe. Outside the single loss on that night several months ago we have had no deaths resulting from pirate related activities. That said, in the past weeks, we have had two more incidents; both occurring on the same night.” There were some hushed mutterings beneath him but he pushed on. “Two pirates have been taken into custody, neither of which had any prior convictions nor were of Bellmuse origin or associated with Bellmuse at any time, as far as we can tell they came from the mainlands or some other island. Since their capture one of them has given no information while the other, a teenager, has been far reasonable and is currently aiding the authorities from his cell. Neither of them are thought to have killed Mister Arrow, as the perpetrator of that attack made another attack from sea with intent to kill the young pirate; perhaps following his failure.”

“The new information gathered, that of it unclassified, is as follows; the pirates were nesting in uninhabited land near atlas, since this failure they have moved. Barbeque Silver is the Pirate Captain, Doctor White Livesley the ship’s doctor and Grim Hawkins the first mate. They stole the ship from beneath Mister Arrow by causing a mutiny. Besides them they have a crew numbering in the tens rather than the hundreds, though the actual size of the crew is inconsistent as they collect many people but equally many people seem to leave.“ He paused, “The beaches will continue to be guarded until this matter is sorted, I have no more to add.” And before any questions could be asked of him Gwyn Ryu was gone.

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