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Like a Walk in the Park[Hunt]

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1 Like a Walk in the Park[Hunt] on Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:24 pm

Yín Sterling
(This is intended to be a solo thing. People can join, but I may only post once every week or so. That standing, I assume no one wants their character tied up that long.)

Yín hadn't yet decided if it was good that she had returned to Syne. Had she returned to escape something that she caused like the first time, or was this a genuine realization of mistakes? It was easy to lean towards both, but woman came to suspect another, more likely, possibility. The people she had met at the academy made her feel safe and connected to something important. Much like her home once had. She was beginning to fear, however, what might happen when she came face-to-face with them once again. Perhaps worse, it was possible they were all gone, and her solitude would simply resume in a new place. If that was case, it was possible that fear of a lonely death, and lack of purpose would cause her to recommence a dark pursuit. Thoughts of such a mindset made her sick to the stomach, and gave a strange comfort she couldn't give herself too. There needed to be something else in this life. Anything but the dismal crawl she attempted now.

The view in any direction was enough to take the edge of; truly something to behold. This cold sweat attested to the voluntary mental stress. It wasn't necessary to subject oneself to such states of mind, but somehow she couldn't resist the temptation. There must be something wrong in this mind. She sat in the cool grass, plucking it up as the point of her ire. If complacency and radical change of the world isn't the answer, was the only thing to do sit and wait wrinkle? What had she forgotten when her family broke? For one, a discipline in control. Negativity surrounded her. The sorrow and all it brings.

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2 Re: Like a Walk in the Park[Hunt] on Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:14 pm

Anyone could tell you that roaming Finnick filled with negative emotions was a bad idea, and could in fact lead to very bad consequences. One of those consequences having been stalking around the forest looking for just the right prey. That prey making itself known when it sensed a wellspring of negative emotion just waiting for the nearest grimm to sweep in and have at it. The Grimm would approach slowly, creeping through as stealthily as it could, though such a thing was a poor strategy for an ursa, it could work if it’s prey were distracted enough. The grimm instinctively could tell that this attack would go better however with an element of surprise. Prey could be annoying when they run off after seeing you, and it had a better chance of a quick kill with a swift strike.

The Ursa’s approach could be easily noticed, as the creature was bulkier than a Beowulf or the like, and despite itself it made quite a bit more sound than a stealthier predator, but regardless it would lunge once closer to the human, it’s claw flashing forward with a tremendous amount of force to take out it’s target as soon as possible. The Ursa would follow up the strike, with a headbutt, attempting to use it’s boneplating on it’s head as a weapon.

115 hp. Attacks do 20 damage each before defenses.

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3 Re: Like a Walk in the Park[Hunt] on Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:34 am

Yín Sterling
The girl stayed lost in her thoughts, hardly aware of what was patiently prowling ever closer. Idle thoughts wandered around old memories that brought her to the academy, away, and back once more. They were interrupted by a chill down her spine, springing her defensive aura to life. She would flash a gaze over her shoulder just in time to be battered by the strike; silver crackling as she rolled with the strike to her feet. The beast charging once again, Yín dove away, taking an unsure footing.

Back on her feet, Yín's aura became visible with the activation of her semblence. Knowing there was little chance of her melee talent prevailing, her arm lashed out to trace the orange glow of an impending explosion from beneath the beast.


Action 1-Dodge Headbutt
Action 2-Activating Semblance(+2 SPT)
Action 3-Explosives Dust(30base+10buff+20Tier 2) 60 DMG before defenses

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4 Re: Like a Walk in the Park[Hunt] on Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:24 pm

The Ursa let out a low growl as it’s primal intelligence noted the aura blocking her attack. As any predator would, it was fully capable of recognizing the signs that it’s prey could very well be a threat, though the how and why of the creature was more or less undefined to the creature. Still that sole note was enough to cause the creature to redouble it’s effort to exterminate this small human, and it failed to notice the use of dust. Beginning it’s charge just before the explosive attack began.

The Grimm was struck more by the force of the blast which was enough to propel it forward, in something close to a leap even as it’s fur was singed. The creature angled itself so that it’s leap would turn into an attempt more resembling a tackle on the human female. Letting out a primal roar as it did so as its primal intelligence failed to truly associate the attack with the small human, but nevertheless recognized it as an attempt to prevent it from claiming it’s prey. The Ursa would swipe at the human with it’s large, settling for two swipes meant to disembowel it’s prey.

70 HP. Attacks do 20 per hit before defenses.

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