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Daylance Silver [W.I.P.]

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1 Daylance Silver [W.I.P.] on Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:33 pm

Daylance Silver
Enrollment Form

Basic Info
Name: Daylance Nixx Silver
Age: 17
Birthday: July 12
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus (Hawk)
Height: 6 foot 2 inches (188 cm)
Weight: 167 pounds (76 kg)
Face Claim: I'm not certain, I searched for an hour, at least, and couldn't find out who made it or if it came from something. Sorry. Additional image of the wings (color).

STR: 3
DEF: 4
RES: 3
SPT: 2
Aura 180|120 HP

Major: Tech

  • Open space - Day absolutely loathes the feeling of being cramped, which happens more than often because of her wings.
  • Meeting foreigners - She likes meeting people who come from different places, viewing it as getting a taste of the world without having to travel as much.
  • Reading - Like any sane person, Day can curl up (perch?) with a good book and not move for hours, and get absorbed to the point of lethargy, becoming unwilling to do much of anything except sit and read.


  • Physical contact - Being around people doesn't bother Day one bit, she rather enjoys a semi-social life. However, she does not like being touched, skin or wings, without good reason.
  • (large bodies of) Water - Since her 6th birthday, the day she very nearly drowned, Daylance has had a severe aversion to water. The wings do not help with this, simply adding to the feeling of helplessness when in the deadly liquid.
  • Seeds of any kind - In her younger years, Day got mocked -on more than one occasion- by human and even fellow faunus children, mostly involving commonly consumed seeds, referring to her fellow winged creatures. (Sunflower or pumpkin, etc.)
  • Sweets - Daylance doesn't like processed sugar. As a child She was never allowed to have any, and as a teenager she chooses to respect her  parents' wishes and avoids it altogether. Besides, when she does eat it, in say a candy bar, its too sweet for her and makes her throat feel like it's burning.


  • Water - (Yes, yes I know, you can't use the same things in dislikes and fears, I'll put 4 here instead of 3. I am just stressing how bad Daylance is about water.) She is overly cautious and wary around water, even man-made pools. So long as she is what she deems a 'safe distance' from the water, she's fine. When put in a situation where she is forced to go into the water, she will often times spaz out or simply freeze up and do nothing, even in a fight.
  • Death - Daylance is somewhat two-faced on the subject of death and dying. On one hand, she views it as a necessity of the cycle and accepts that she will die one day, either of age or, more likely due to her career choice, Grimm. But on the other hand, she can't stand the thought of losing her family and friends, the possibility of their deaths a constantly looming feeling of unease.
  • Permanent injury - Broken bones and gashes that may leave scars don't phase Daylance much, she's resilient and has a ridiculously high pain tolerance. A handicap, like a missing limb or a lame eye, makes her balk. She is neither repulsed by nor haughty toward those with such afflictions, but for herself she considers it to be worse than death.
  • Confinement - Be it because of her curious and exploratory nature or simply a trait of any winged creature, Daylance has a serious issue with being forced to stay anywhere, especially if it's indoors. While it's common for people to dislike such things, Day regularly has nightmares about being trapped, nudging this fairly common dislike over into the 'fear' category.

Talent: Organization
Weakness Swimming and basically anything that has to do with large bodies of water.
Overall Personality:

--> Daylance comes off as a bit overbearing, more often than not. She is opinionated and often states what is on her mind, including criticism, however unless she has an idea she believes is better, she sticks to constructive criticism. She doesn't nit-pick per say, but she likes things done correctly and will promptly inform someone who's doing something wrong. While she has a bad habit of leaving her brain-to-mouth filter at home, she does try her best to be supportive and polite to those who deserve it.
--> She views honesty as the best policy. While she may twist and re-word the truth if she needs to, she will only lie under dire circumstances. Though, she has lost people she foolishly considered friends that way. Those she doesn't know very well get a modified version of her thoughts. As such it takes her a while in a conversation to formulate her sentences, while annoying to others as well as herself, it's also safer given her lack of filter.
--> Around those she truly knows and trusts, Daylance is relatively quiet. Not shy or introverted exactly, but more interested in what others have to say than in putting her own words out there first. She is a peacekeeper, and often inserts herself as a mediator if her friends have a quarrel.
--> As a student, Daylance appears to not really care about learning the required curriculum, but she does devote herself to it. If she's not grasping a subject, she's likely to ask for help either from a peer or an instructor. She likes others to believe that she doesn't care as much as she truly does in case she messes up. She has found that keeps the mockery to a minimum.
--> In a fight, Daylance limits herself. So long as she doesn't consider the life of anyone else in danger, she tends to attemp non-lethal methods first. But the instant someone's life besides her own is threatened, she gets offensive to the point of borderline reckless. As mentioned before, she holds her life and the life of others on difference levels, considering others -civilians especially- more important than her own.
--> Due to Day's dislike of restriction and physical contact, she has a hard time partner fighting, or relying on others (even a trusted individual) in sticky situations. This is a severe drawback due to the very nature of her training, but plans to be a solo Huntress as soon as she graduates. It also makes any sort of romantic relationship very unlikely.

Aura type: Healing (+5 HP every other post)
Aura Color: Grey blue
Semblance: Altruistic Blessing -  Healing
Due to Daylance's protective and self-sacrificing nature, her Semblance is naturally just as unselfish. When activated, the intended recipient(s) receive 20 Aura or HP, whichever is lower at the time or Aura by default, for every 30 Aura from Day.
Regardless of the circumstances, Dalyance's Semblance is strictly for others, she either can't or won't use it on herself, relying solely on her skills and abilities to keep from being severely or mortally injured.
One downside to her Semblance is the lack of an 'off switch'. Once activated, Daylance's Semblance doesn't stop until-
-she passes out from Aura drain
-no more healing is required
-she is more than 20 yards from the recipient

Item 1: Rating 1 - Harbinger, her two-handed longsword which carries intricate engraving down the spine and across the hand guard. Matching designs decorate the belt sheath as well.
Item 2: Rating 1 - Dracunculus, a vest of plated metal she wears with everything. It covers her back and chest, and reaches to her thighs.


  • Day's mother was human and her father was a hawk faunus.
  • Since it only recently became canon, I'm working under the assumption that winged faunus are considerably more rare than others.
  • If I am remembering correctly the winged faunus in the show could fly, but this RP site is not strictly canon (as noted in the rules), I'm currently working under the impression that Daylance can fly, but if that's not the case please do let me know. (answered)
  • Daylance has not yet discovered her Semblance, having never truely been put in a position to use it, so it will not be used in RP for a while at least.

History and Sample

-Daylance was raised mainly by her mother, a human. Her neighbours were wary of faunuskind and felt better when her father, a hawk faunus like Daylance herself, wasn't there, so he worked long days and came home right before Day's bedtime at night. The young faunus endured many hardships simply because of her quite obvious faunus genes. From very little time with both parents to constant slights at school and social functions.
-Over time, from walking age to about 8, she developed a fear of being touched. Her wings, especially were a sensitive area and she would almost get angry at unauthorized contact.

RP Sample:
Daylance peered around the corner. Her friend stood several meters away, back to her, and oblivious while she chatted with her boyfriend. A slow grin spread across Daylance's face as she drew her wings tight against her back and stepped onto the moderately empty sidewalk. David and Regina were still deep in conversation as Daylance strolled up to them, masking her approach with unwitting passersby. She was getting more than a few strange looks, but shrugged them off. If that bothered her what kind of Huntress would she be?
Now within startling distance, but carefully out of the striking zone, Daylance took a deep breath and bellowed an unintelligible word, flaring her wings briefly for shock value. With an ear piercing wail her friend, Regina, spun, stabbing a slim blade in Day's direction, missing by a few centimeters -for Daylance was just a hair too far away. David, Regina's boyfriend, had a much more mellow reaction. He simply jumped with a startled "Yi-ahhhh!" And proceeded to frown at Daylance. At this point, said faunus could hardly breathe she was laughing so hard. Regina stabbed her weapon back in it's sheath. "Daylance Silver! You apologize right. This. Instant!" She cried, voice climbing higher on the last few words as she stalked toward her friend. Day looked up at her, tears in her eyes, and kept laughing just barely managing to gasp out "Sorry!"

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