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A ghastly kind of girl, Lavender Mercy (On Hold, do not approve yet)

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Lavender Mercy
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Lavender Kirstin Mercy
Age: 22
Birthday: October 13th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 103 lbs.
Face Claim: Girl with a mask. Unknown Artist

STR: 2
DEF: 4
RES: 4
SPT: 2
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Sweets, puzzles, a good book, anything that challenges her thinking
Dislikes: Being around too many people, anybody who think’s she’s just a creep, and those who harm others (physically, mentally, or verbally) for kicks
Fears: Being completely alone, Death, and being left behind
Talent: Investigation
Weakness: Computer Wizard
Overall Personality: Lavender is the type of quiet girl you’d see in the corner. Both too shy and too frightening to really get to know other people very well at first. She will never give up her mask for anything, going so far as to use her semblance to scare others and keep it with her. Despite her appearance and frightening semblance, she is a very strong thinker, able to puzzle out solutions many others might have trouble with; she also desires to be close to people-- though not too many people at once, as her natural shyness does make her nervous. She does know how to talk with others fairly well once she knows them, as she is only self-conscious. Lavender does, however, have trouble with computers, and they seem to glitch when she attempts to handle them, though usually it’s her pressing the buttons that might do such things.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Lavender, because obvious color is obvious.
Semblance: Summoning semblance.
First Summon:
Shizuka, fox spirit
Summon Description: Appears like an incorporeal, white spirit fox with nine tails. It looks almost as if it’s struggling to hold itself together, but it’s much more solid than it seems.
Summon height: 3 feet tall at the top of the head.
Summon HP Points: 2 (20 HP)
Summon Damage Points: 4 (20 Damage)
Item 1: A slightly fancy katana. Tier one.
Item 2: Armor, Dust-based protection. Her mask projects a barrier around her body, like a force field, that helps protect her from dust-based damage. Tier one.

History and Sample
Lavender is a mysterious girl from a town that most have not heard of-- in fact, the town is so small that it doesn’t really have an official name. Similar to Bellmuse, the town is on a very small island, though said island is closer to Atlas than Vale. The town is constantly covered in mist, and as such most call it Mist Isle. The mist covering the island makes it hard to either sail to or from, and as such it has retained mostly older societal standards. Lavender, however, decided to break free of that. Females were still treated as lesser on the island, and were unable to do much of anything but stay at home. When she was ten, knowing that she would suffer the same as many women on the island, she gathered a few things, among them a mask and katana handed down through her family to the next male heir, and set out on a raft of her own. Surprisingly enough, the girl encountered no Grimm on her journey, though braving the elements unlocked her aura. She eventually landed in Bellmuse, and has been on the island since. Soon after she came to the island, she was taken in by the small orphanage, where she was raised until she was old enough to survive on her own. She got a simple job working in a small cafe. She didn’t earn much, but she had enough to support herself and live without being oppressed like she would have been on Mist Isle. Lavender learned of Syne Academy soon after she had arrived here, and has been interested ever since. After first summoning her ghostly fox ally, Shizuka, she finally enrolled and now has to decide what she’s going to do here. Perhaps the academic aspect might call to her, or maybe she’ll try her hand at being a Huntress. What’s most important is that she’s free to choose her fate.
RP Sample:
The girl looked up from the small figure puzzle she had been working on, her face turning red as she made eye contact with somebody else in the room. She quickly looked back down and moved her beloved mask so it covered a little more of her face. She fiddled with the puzzle for a moment before something in her head clicked. Lavender quickly undid a few moves she had just made, then twisted the puzzle around and muddled with it for a moment before setting down the completed puzzle, now in the shape of a crescent moon. She smiled slightly, incidentally glancing up to see the other person looking at her again. She let out a small, easily missed noise and put her face in her hands. Of course, due to her appearance, she probably looked a little more on the creepy side to anybody else in the room, but she didn’t know that.

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