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Cheri Groves

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Cheri Groves
Enrollment Form

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Basic info
Name: Cheri Groves
Age: 23
Birthday: March 25
Race: Cat faunus  Red furred Cat ears on the top of her head.
Weight: 115 IBS
Face Claim:IDK, I found it online somewhere.

Aura 140|160 HP

Major: Academic
Likes: Fish, guns, reading, Singing, dancing, fighting, board games, ancient languages. Her religion, Learning more about older civilizations and the past. Romance books/movies.
Dislikes: Perverts, Jerks, spicy foods, losing, admitting her own mistakes.
Fears: Horror movies, Clowns, Failure, not finding her remaining family.
Talent: Archaeology
Weakness vehicle mastery.

Overall Personality: Cheri is a girl that tends to be somewhat judgmental, not afraid to point out other people’s faults even when she herself isn’t exactly the best at accepting criticism. She often has a habit of lashing out when insulted, or when she perceives the actions of someone as a pervert, Despite this. She’s something of a hopeless romantic, having a rather idealized idea of dating and the like. She is easily flustered when it comes to romantic relations, as well as similar situations. She has a habit of jumping to conclusions, often times making assumptions without stopping to get all the facts in social situations. Despite this, she is intelligent, and often times prefers to plan things out more. Cheri is something of a control freak at times, often over stepping her bounds and being somewhat invasive despite herself.  She tends to be less than honest with herself, especially in regard to her own feelings.

Aura type: Recovery.
Aura Color: Yellow
Semblance: Shadow manipulation. Cheri is able to manipulate shadows, making them solid and three dimensional, and even able to temporarily create objects or weapons from them. She is able to do other things with it, such as block people’s vision with a less solid form of her ability if she tries. She likes to create guns and other weapons with it. She manipulates the shadows primarily through her hands, though this isn’t truly a necessity.

Item 1: A pump action shotgun, the shotgun also happens to have a shoulder strap attached to allow for easier carry.
Item 2: Anti dust seal:  The glowing hexagonal hairclips she wears projects a field that reduces the effectiveness of dust on her, working as dust armor.
History and Sample
Cheri’s life started simple enough, with a relatively happy family within the kingdom of Vale. She had two loving parents, an older sister, and a new younger sister when things took a turn for the worst. The village was overrun by Grimm and Cheri’s parents were killed, with her being separated from her sister’s in the aftermath as she went off with a group of refugees northward. Cheri was dropped off at a small shrine, and with no family had to be taken in by the local keepers of said shrine. She was eventually sent off for training to the shrine’s parent shrine, and center of her new faith, within a largish town in the Kingdom of Mistral. This is where she spent the bulk of her childhood, though Cheri decided to leave when she reached the age of 18, as being a shrine maiden or priestess hardly seemed like the correct path for her.

Still she did find herself adopting the religion as her own, and while not the most radical believer, she does have faith in her religious beliefs. Instead she found herself returning to Vale, getting a job within the capital helping the police force for a few years before she heard news of one of her sisters in Bellmuse. Wanting to reconnect, as well as having heard that there had been a hunting Academy in Bellmuse, Cheri decided to apply, getting accepted easily enough and leaving for the island country, just before The Fall happened. However, her trip was heavily impeded by these events, as well as a lack of funds causing her to need to stop in several towns to work for more funds.  She’s only just arrived in Bellmuse recently as a result. She’s determined to reconnect with her remaining family and has spent a small bit of time tracking down the older of her two sisters.
RP Sample:
”Are you sure, you could become an exceptional priestess!” The head priest of the shrine repeated, still trying to convince her not to leave. Cheri frowned, knowing Father Berus probably just wanted more opportunities to peep on her, but decided for once not to say anything about it. “Except I don’t want to be a priestess,” She answered, continuing her packing as she spoke. The redhead wouldn’t admit it, but she’d had second thoughts as well…but… “If the gods wanted me to stay, they would have shown us though…besides you have plenty of other girls here to perv on.” She added, putting a bit of venom into the last part.

“Now now, my dear…you know you’ve always been my fav- “The perverted priest’s words were cut off when she kicked him, with him reacting as though it had actually hurt.  As if she didn’t know better. “Idiot.” The redhead huffed, as she continued packing. Reluctant to admit she’d actually miss the familiar exchange even to herself.

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