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Of a Higher Class (Open to Two)

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1 Of a Higher Class (Open to Two) on Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:15 am

Madam Haze
The cold Autumn wind lashed against the Goddess' face and exposed shoulders, she was stood at the flattened summit of one of Finnek's shorter mountains; the sun was still rising and the sky was painted a red that faded into a lighter rose pink. The sky was quite clouded but the strong winds continuously shifted the sky, creating frequent openings; in the distance darker clouds could be observed. She was dressed in her usual garb, long flowing slit-dress and extended gloves, with a deep blue handbag over her right shoulder and her mace in her left hand. With every breath of the wind her long hair would whip out; reaching far across the plinth she stood upon.

She was awaiting two students, no more and no less, word had been sent the previous message by scroll; sent to two randomised combat students that they were to have an additional tutorial based in battling at a higher altitude. In truth the Goddess just wanted to let off some steam, it'd been a while since she'd faced more proper combat and beating down some snot nosed brats would do her some good... after they fought one another of course!

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2 Re: Of a Higher Class (Open to Two) on Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:19 am

Cheri Groves
A combat class might have seemed a bit odd to attend for someone like Cheri, an academic major that apparently wasn’t expected to enjoy combat classes. Let alone choosing to attend extra classes that were apparently exclusive. Since not a lot of other people seemed to know about it. Of course, Cheri wasn’t what one would think of as the average academic student, and she did actually like to fight. Cheri wasn’t necessarily a fight addict. She didn’t really enjoy the actual art of it, the use of force and individual like skill. To Cheri fighting seemed more an intricate game of strategy, one where victory relied more in being able outmaneuver one’s opponent than overpowering them.

She also knew this was a definitive skill she would need in her planned path. Archaeology required going into ruins and ancient structure which currently were often inhabited by Grimm, or simply individuals of a more…criminal demeanor. She frowned wondering why such sinful individuals had such a habit of finding themselves in such places. Though at the end of the day she could see the logic of it. It didn’t change the fact that she would undoubted have to fight against such people in such instances.

She’d found herself scaling the smaller mountain the message she’d received specified, her shotgun slung over her back as she scaled the mountain. It wasn’t long before she reached her destination, seeing a strangely dressed woman (a descriptor that seemed to fit any huntress it seemed) with a mace in one hand and slinging a handbag over her shoulder with the other. “ah excuse me…I think I’m supposed to be here for a class?” Cheri asked the woman, wondering if she’d climbed the wrong mountain.

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