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Misha Chromia

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1 Misha Chromia on Mon Oct 08, 2018 11:54 pm

Misha Chromia
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Misha Chromia
Age: 13
Birthday: September 13th
Race:Faunus (a bears ears, one of these is white while the other  is black matching her hair.
Height: 4’6
Weight:75 pounds
Face Claim:Cant really find who, think its just a repaint of a vocaloid character *shrug*

Aura 110|190 HP

Likes: Sweets, destruction, explosions, cute things, fish, picnics. Punishing people, fishing, games, sports, being complimented.
Dislikes: Being ordered around, not being listened to, organization, birds, spiders, being ignored.
Fears: Fire, humans, imprisonment, death
Talent: Demolition expert
Weakness Organization
Overall Personality: Misha is more than a bit strange for her age. She’s something of a sadist, enjoying the humiliation and to a lesser extent pain of others often, yet at the same time she isn’t necessarily the type to take pleasure in killing people. In many ways she scares herself, and tones down her more disturbing tendencies somewhat, typically more likely to show it in moments of excitement. She tends to be a bit of an attention hog, tending towards displays meant to attract attention and enjoying receiving praise or compliments. She can be friendly to people, though angering her is likely to bring out her darker, and more violent side. Without provocation, or reason to act she does tend to remain not only civil but even thoughtful and sweet. She could be considered less than mentally stable, though she doesn’t exactly have a split personality so much as she is simply volatile, and something of a control freak.

Similarly she can be described as somewhat spoiled, and while she can control herself, testing her patience too much could easily make her feel the need to punish a person, which could be anything from simply taking sweets from them to a violent outburst.

Aura type: healing
Aura Color: black
Semblance: Chilling form:  Misha is capable of turning into the form of a freezing cold gas, or wisp that causes temperature to drop, with this form she is able to move through small gaps, even cracks in a wall or the like, as a gas rather than a solid entity. This can count as a defense semblance, as it is able to neutralize 20 points of damage for 20 aura. This is mostly due to her not being solid, though her aura still takes hits causing her to still be able to be damaged should one hit her more wisp like form. She is able to retain this form after taking a hit, though only so long as her aura remains undepleted.

She is able to control the spread of the gas, and thus able to control whether it acts as an attack. Being able to inflict the frost status effect within a 10-meter radius when active.

(Semblance is Defense/Attack/Utility.)

Item 1: Misha uses a large minigun as a weapon, which can fire many rounds per second. (a single burst can count as one attack and is treated as such.)  this minigun’s fire is able to shred through obstacles with its high rate of fire and is notably heavy…possibly heavier than the girl itself even. Though she seems to carry it with relative ease.
Item 2:Her headphones project a field which provides protection against physical attacks, it has a hidden switch which activates this function. Physical armor.

History and Sample
Misha has had a hard life, originally beginning her childhood in a poor area within the kingdom of Atlas. Her family was involved heavily with the White fang, and slowly became more radical as the organization itself did. This eventually resulted in their arrest when Misha was only eight years old. Misha was sent to an orphanage for a year before her family in Menegearie learned of her circumstances and took her in.
These family members similarly were members of the white fang and only further radicalized her, instilling a direct fear in humans in general. The family members within Menegearie were relatively well off, and similarly spoiled the girl. Misha slowly became more radical, and more involved in operations after unlocking her aura and semblance shortly after her arrival to Menegearie.  Eventually circumstances caused her to end up taking someone’s life, only for her to realize she felt no real guilt over the incident. From there Misha has led something of a double life acting in part as an assassin for the more violent radical part of the White fang, and despite her young age has gained quite a reputation as a deadly force in her own right. She’s probably killed dozens with little qualms. This said she did live something of a normal life when in Menegearie, even getting along with many faunus less radical than her.

Few know about her true involvement within the White fang outside of her family, and she recently was sent to Bellmuse and a more distant relative for two reasons. One being to help strengthen the White Fang contingent on the island, and the other being that a family member believed it would help to make her less radical in her white fang support. Though her relative is unaware of the first objective.

RP Sample:
”You went too far.” The masked figure standing over her said, as though he knew better than the black and white clad girl. A newspaper was dropped on the table for emphasis, as though the man expected some kind of apologetics.
“It was fine, he was being bad, so I punished him.” The girl stated, smiling up at the man, though her single red eye had a glint of something more sinister. As though betraying the darkness behind the sweet girl.

“You didn’t need to kill him, you’ll draw too much attention to us.” The man, whom she only knew as Uncle proclaimed. She humored him, deciding to look down to see an image of a destroyed shop, with a single redheaded man bleeding in the center, the burn marks in the shop indicated some sort of fire as well.
“He burned down our buildings, and besides if the police do find us.” The girl started with an almost sugary sweet tone. She lifted up her oversized gun as though it were some type of toy before finishing the thought. “I’ll just punish them too.” She inclined her head, thinking about something. “Can I get what you promised now?” She asked.

The man sighed, before giving the girl a bag filled with various candies, feeling somewhat unsettled by the way the girl’s eyes lit up at the sight, as though she were just a normal girl. Rather than the practical living weapon she’d become. The sight evoked a giggle from Mishi.

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Yuri Rastenov
Your papers check out, I declare this application...


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