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Ariana Tiamorga

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1Ariana Tiamorga Empty Ariana Tiamorga on Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:44 pm

Ariana Tiamorga
Enrollment Form

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Basic info
Name: Ariana Tiamorga
Age: 18 years old
Birthday: April 16th
Gender: Female
Race: Ball Python Faunus. (Trait: snake tongue. It is a little thicker than the proportionate size should be, but it’s still thinner and certainly longer than a human’s, not to mention the fork near the tip.)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Face Claim: Female Corrin from Fire Emblem: Fates

STR: 4
DEF: 3
RES: 2 (+1 [aura type])
SPT: 3
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: trees, strategy games, hairstyling, crushing the air out of anybody who messes with her
Dislikes: when people mess with her, cooking, getting covered in dirt (not ‘getting dirty’, just dirt)
Fears: Heavy storms, Losing her bracelet, needles
Talent: Tactician
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Ariana is most certainly shy, and she has trouble opening up to others. However, whether you know her or not, you can tell that she seems very sweet and thoughtful, with innocent enough interest and a smile often on her face. However, once you really do know her, you’ll see that she’s a little more… violent than you would first expect. She’s extremely loyal and help those who she grows close to. Anybody who is rude or aggressive to either her or those she is close to then she will bring out her darker side. She is aggressive, violent, and volatile, and she might attack at a moment’s notice.

Aura type: Resistance
Aura Color: Pale red-- not quite pink, but still red.
Semblance: Ariana can create tendrils of pure semblance force. They can be used to lash out at people or to wrap around people (functioning as a grapple, as she has to be very close to do this) and is restricted to pure attack.
Item 1: Weapon, tier one. Basically just the Yato from FE Fates. Sword.
Item 2: Armor, physical, tier one. The armor seen in her pictures.

History and Sample
Ariana was born in Atlas to a human father of some import, though she never met him. Her mother was a snake faunus who was very beautiful and kind yet very impoverished. Her father rejected the woman when he discovered she was pregnant. Dismayed, she ran and was forced to raise the child alone. The child was raised without many possessions but with much love. Unfortunately, the girl’s mother died before the girl was very old. The girl-- whose only remembrance of her mother was the bracelet her mother had wore-- was thrust into an orphanage where she was treated very poorly. It was here that she was given a name-- Ariana Tiamorga. She had only two friends. One was named Atelier, who taught her to be thoughtful and loyal. Her other was named Cerbera, who taught her (in poor taste) that aggression was to be met with aggression. Being brought up this way certainly had an effect on her volatility; however, it was when she was attacked and left for dead that truly caused her to be much more potentially aggressive. Cerbera taught her then more about aura and semblances and she eventually unlocked hers. She left the orphanage at the age of 16 after attacking and seriously injuring one of the workers there and raised enough money doing odd jobs-- anything from laying pavestones to cleaning up after entertainment animals-- for a ride out of Atlas and a good sword and armor as protection from Grimm. She travelled to the island of Bellmuse, hoping to leave her old life behind. She got a job working in the same cafe as Marshmallow, and lived a fairly normal life for the two years. She did little more than live day-to-day, living a simple life with few luxuries, until she decided to enroll in Syne Academy, though for what she is still not sure-- though being a tactician has a certain undeniable draw for her.
RP Sample:
The boys wouldn’t stop bugging her about her lisp. They went on and on and on. “I have a lisp for a reason….” she would always mutter, though she would never say why. Thus, they kept at it. Finally, on the last day before she left Atlas for good, she told them-- or rather, showed them. She looked away, her face slightly pink, and pushed her tongue out of her mouth. It was like a snake’s, in a way. Thinner and longer than a human’s, and it had the telltale fork in it. The boys laughed at her. They called her a ‘nasty Faunus girl’, or a ‘Faunus freak’, and worse things. That was what drove her to it. She paused, her face leaching out some of its normal color. She suddenly lunged outwards with her semblance, picking up the boy closest to her in a crushing grip. He begged and pleaded with her as all the others ran away in fright. She took barely a glance at him before giving a final squeeze and dropping him. He cried out, and she started walking. He got up to run away, obviously in pain, perhaps a broken rib or two from the strength of Ariana’s semblance. She didn’t stop or look back, though. She just kept walking.

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Yuri Rastenov
Your papers check out, I declare this application...

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