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Drown demons, drown! (Open to others of drinking age)

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Aka Hanako
The night was cool and refreshing in the old tavern as the sea air seemed to pass through, almost unabetted by the walls that surrounded the occupants, but the taste of salt was welcome to many. Aka yearned for adventure, and the scent of the ocean reminded her of her time spent diving far out from the island and all of her deep sea friends that she had made in those expeditions. Though her memories were somewhat foggy as a few mugs of an unidentified beverage were left empty in the booth that she remained seated at. Her usually quiet and reserved demeanor seemed to be imprisoned within her as the beast of her inner psyche was released to the world around her.

Aka slapped the table with a resounding smack and shouted up at the bar. "Hey! Who does a girl have to #@!& to get some reasonable service round here?! I din't fight terrorists for 3 years to get ignored in ya bar! C'mon, less keep em comin'!" She belted out a drunken laugh at her own rudeness as another drink was brought to her, earning the deliverer a flirty wink followed by an utterance of "Thank ya dear. At least someone knows how to keep a girl... happy..." But then, they were gone and she was left alone to allow her smile to fade and gulp her drink down, bit by bit, all while her mind ran in consideration of what once was.

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