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A Backalley Brawl (hunt)

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1A Backalley Brawl (hunt) Empty A Backalley Brawl (hunt) on Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:23 pm

Knox Weller
Rangi spent much of his time at Syne academy, enough so most wouldn’t have known he did actually have a social life outside of the island’s sole huntsman academy. While days off for him were few and far between, and technically he was always on call to resolve the many maintenance issues that could occur in Syne, mostly due to the antics of it’s students and staff more often than not. Still he was technically on a day off now, and while Rangi had te conscience of mind to have taken his weapon along.

Things had been known to get dangerous in the part of the city he was currently walking through, but it was unfortunately the best way to get back from the place he and some old friends had met at. While catching up had been enjoyable, Rangi couldn’t help but feel somewhat sad recalling those friends they’d lost. It didn’t show on his expression instead he displayed his normal carefree demeanor even if it was more a mask than anything today. The groundskeeper adjusted the gray tinted bandages. The man stopped when he saw something, an indicator things weren’t quite right.

The groundskeeper readied his weapon, his experience telling him he’d need it in a moment.

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