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What feels like me (Summon Upgrade)

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Aka Hanako
A dingier tattoo parlor Aka had never seen before, and she had gotten tattoos from mercenaries before. She sat in the chair that she guessed was likely to be where she would be recieving the ink itself, but she had a worry. She leaned backwards into the rest and was happy to hear a click as the chair reclined into a flat table, perfect for lying down on. She took it upon herself to flip over and kneel on the table as she started to unbutton her shirt. One by one, the front came loose and she shimmied out of the thin fabric. Her arms were adorned with many snakes coiling over one another, flowing from her wrists all the way up to her shoulders. The color was completely filled to the point that one could see none of her own pale flesh between nor beneath the dark coloration of the snakes.

Aka actually found herself pausing to examine the details of her arms, and admired the craftsmanship that was put into it. "An innumerate number, just like I asked for." She leaned forward against the table and wrapped her arms around her back, unsnapping her bra and tossing it in a heap with her shirt. Her arms were tucked beneath her chin as she rested herself against them, relaxing a bit as she waited for her artist to come in.

Soon enough, she spied an album with a few sketches on the cover, each of which caught her interest. Rather than lounging in boredom, she stretched her arm over and slid the book in front of her face to begin thumbing through the pages. The sketches appeared to be spitballed ideas that the artist had been considering but had either never gotten around to adding to the primary showcase or deemed them unsatisfactory in some way.

Aka idly skimmed the pictures and noticed that a lot were scribbled out or just unfinished. "Huh. Guess that answers that." She said boredly until she crossed the last picture in the sketchbook thus far. It was much larger than most of the ones that had been scratched off in here. She oberved the attention to detail as it seemed so simple, yet had many ever changing ideas. It was a large black robe which appeared quite tattered and damaged. The robe was open fronted with a hood, however, nothing could be seen inside the hood but a thick mist that poured out of every opening it had. The most prominent semblance that this thing had a body was in the thick, black, feathered wings that sprouted out from behind it. It appeared to be hunched over, which drew Aka's eyes down it's sleeves to see why. It had a pair of thin, skeletal hands at the end of each long arm, both cuffed and chained by what appeared to be heavy weights that kept the being trapped.

It looked so sad, as though it longed for freedom and yet the features of the creature were haunting and hard to visualize clearly in reality. The door behind Aka swung open. "Sorry for the wait. Ah, you're all set up already. Good. Once you pick a design, we can get straight to it then."

To which Aka responding without looking away from the book. "I think I already found one."

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