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Despair and Cheesecake (open)

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1 Despair and Cheesecake (open) on Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:12 pm

Misha Chromia
The Cheesecake Palace.

That was the name of the restaurant that had gained the ire of a particular white fang member. Her reasons for her current actions being more than a bit abnormal. One would expect an attack to be evoked by something more serious. As it was there were little reasons for the White fang to care about such a thing, as there wasn’t much of importance There similarly was no major significance one could truly see strategically in an attack on such a thing,

Of course, there was a reason this particular white fang member was choosing to attack this particular restaurant, and while her reasoning to the white fang itself was a separate incident, a white fang supporter losing his job over his position on the group. Her real reason was actually quite easy to gauge, had one known this particular girl. Misha had ordered a cheesecake from this place earlier that day only for one particular incident to happen. Namely they had ruined the cheesecake by using less bad ingredients.

To the thirteen-year-old an apology was far from enough for such a slight, no she needed to exact rightful pain. The store needed to be punished for this. The white fang wouldn’t have accepted her reasoning, though the story about the fired supporter was enough for them to agree to allow her to send a warning. This time of day the store wouldn’t be full, in fact it was early enough in the morning that few would actually be in the Cheesecake store, not that Misha would think much of if such a thing would matter.

The girl adjusted her white fang mask, and the hooded cloak she wore to hide any other identifiable features. She had her headphones on under her hood, projecting their shield properly. The barrel of her weapon began rotating, and suddenly a maelstrom of bullets was unleashed on the shop from just outside of it, causing havoc for those within and giving them cause to duck for cover. While she wouldn’t kill anyone inside, there would be plenty of broken glass and property damage. With injuries being a distinct possibility.

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2 Re: Despair and Cheesecake (open) on Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:53 pm

Orion Dawn
A black super car happened across the scene, very futuristic looking and with the convertible top down, it was more than a little bit odd to see the youthful and rather brusque Orion at the helm. The honest truth being that this was the very same car he'd stolen from the CEO of a megacorp for mistreating their faunus laborers and underpaying the professionals among them, making it quite the coincidence for him to come upon this scene, even if he didn't know it. Orion paused and stopped the car as all the other drivers made some attempt at exodus from the scene, pulling up to the curb and tilting his head at the scene of aggression before him.

"Damn. Is she robbing that place?" Orion said as he pulled the key from the ignition, at first eager to get a bit of a show but then leaning forward, he exclaimed "Oh hell! I think she is!"

He laughed happily as he stood up and hopped over the side of the car and jogged up. 'I don't know what the story is, but this seems like fun waiting to happen, and I want in.' He thought to himself as he jogged up behind her. He didn't bother to pay the girl actually committing the crime much mind, nor even give the girl a good look over to investigate. Instead, he evaluated the situation presented inside of the restaurant to claim a best course of action.

After spying a purse and the main counter, Orion knew what to do. He sprinted past Misha, calling out "I've got the registers! Watch your fire!" and sprinted fearlessly into the building. He nabbed a pair of purses from beneath a table as he ran past and hopped over the counter beside a few cowering employees. He bashed a register with his fist and caused it to spring open like a toy, then began filling the purses. He side-noted to the employees "Be careful if you try to stop me. You may end up hurt."

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3 Re: Despair and Cheesecake (open) on Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:21 pm

Misha Chromia
The stranger was a surprise for Misha, who was sure the White Fang hadn’t sent anyone else. Added to that he looked human, which gave her more than a bit of trepidation, as her parents always told her that most humans were evil, and only wanted to hurt her and other faunus. The idea that this strange man was human, or at least human looking made her consider moving the spray of bullets coming from her gun closer. Still there were probably exceptions, and he was helping to punish the restaurant, right? Considering that, Misha decided just what she’d do with this situation.

Her line of fire moved away from the stranger, after all he WAS helping her right? Most humans wouldn’t do that; therefore, he was probably on her side! Instead the bear girl focused her fire on the rest of the restaurant as she moved closer to the restaurant, entering the building proper and briefly halting her spray of bullets. “now, now, don’t you move,” The young girl suggested sweetly, she let loose another spray of bullets on the far side of the restaurant “If you don’t, I might have to punish you.” She finished, cutely.

She noticed the human looting the register and realized that was actually a much better way to punish the restaurant than simply shooting the place up. People tended to value money and taking theirs was more than suitable punishment for their what the restaurant had done. Besides maybe she could use the money to buy some sweets later.

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4 Re: Despair and Cheesecake (open) on Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:38 pm

Orion Dawn
Orion would whistle jovially as he haphazardly swept whatever paper money he could into one of the purses, not paying any mind to the pocket change that was there. He gave the register a quick shove and sent it crashing heavily to the other side of the counter as he knelt down below the counter to tend to the cash drop safe below decks. He gave the handle a quick nudge to gauge the strength of the lock that held the bars in place, but he saw somthing out of the corner of his eye. A phone screen in the hands of one of the employees ducked behind the counter with him.

He leaned over and grabbed the phone in his hand before crushing it in his gloved hand. He stared at the young man that had offended with intent for a moment before turning back to the safe. He gripped the handle tightly and then placed a hand on the counter above him as leverage. Although his arms were disguised to appear normal, they were still cybernetic, and thus didn't have the same limits of someone with normal limbs. He exhaled slowly as he started to push the handle down like a piston, releasing the sound of bending and rending metal until the handle of the safe snapped off, causing Orions fist to collide with the floor in a loud thud as he left a large crack in the floor below him. "Oops. I think it broke." Orion whispered to the same employee from earlier as he tossed the handle over his shoulder.

Orion pulled a purse down and opened the door to shovel money in quickly, leaving nothing behind. He lobbed the purse up onto the counter with the other one before hopping up.

"Voila! Safes, vaults, and locks; my area of expertise once more bears fruit." He joked before hopping over the counter himself.

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5 Re: Despair and Cheesecake (open) on Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:38 pm

Misha Chromia
The presence of the phone was lost on Misha, nor it’s significance. While she understood that the robbery would be a good way to hurt the restaurant, and one that made it so she wouldn’t even have to worry about the others at her safehouse, including her uncle talking about her killing someone needlessly or other weird concerns like that. She didn’t get it, but didn’t want to be yelled at about silly things like that. Still she could get things she wanted with money…she’d have to ask the mystery man if she could have some.

The young girl stopped firing for now, though her weapon was still obviously cycling to allow her to start again at her leisure, still the patrons were all cowed into one corner of the room, along with those staff members that had not been able to hide with the others. The girl walked over to a table slowly, her weapon still pointed at the group, she had a notable spring in her step that could be mistaken for innocence, though it was rather obvious that wasn’t the case.

The thirteen-year-old lifted her mask slightly, allowing her to pick up a piece of cheesecake and take a bite out of the sweet confection, her eyes lighting up as she tasted the dessert. She didn’t know why someone had ordered cheesecake this early in the morning, nor care as the oddity didn’t matter at all to the bear faunus.

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6 Re: Despair and Cheesecake (open) on Sun Oct 28, 2018 2:56 pm

Orion Dawn
With two purses in tow, one of which was considerably heavier than the other, Orion was happy to be on this side of the counter, but they had already made plenty of noise. With that noise in mind, he could hear sirens off in the distance, and it was no real mystery as to what exactly they were reacting to. This was, after all, aggravated theft, and there was no chance that the cops or huntsmen were gonna try to be slow or methodical with the chances of mass loss of life on the table.

That also meant that they were gonna need to escape quickly if they were gonna avoid the residual mess. As much as Orion would love to crack some pig heads, he wasn't quite in a gaming mood with the reward of money to be a clear and present possibility.

He walked across to where the windows used to be and waved a hand towards himself while pointing at the car he'd arrived in. "Come on. We can bail in my car. Unless they deploy an airship, there's no chance they'll be catching up to us. We can divvy up the payout once we're outta here."

He stepped over the small stoop as he exited the building, walking casually to his car while tossing the cash into it from a few feet away. Once more, he didn't even bother to open the door, instead lifting his leg up and stepping on the door to drop into the driver's seat.

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7 Re: Despair and Cheesecake (open) on Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:46 pm

Misha Chromia
Misha watched as the human walked over to the window curious, the sound of sirens suddenly sounding much closer than it had previously. While she wouldn’t mind playing with the Bellmuse police force, it could also be a bit more trouble than it was worth. Besides, she couldn’t exactly punish them YET, it would be against the rules. She had to wait for someone to do something wrong before she could really punish them, no matter how fun it might be. The thirteen year old reluctantly followed the human out, and was more than happy to accept a ride when he brought it up.

“wow mister, you really know your stuff.” She commented, a tone of respect in her voice. It was probably a good thing not to have a conflict with the police yet, or worse yet huntsmen. They were bad enough to fight normally, and she usually had to go through a lot of trouble to get away when a huntsman decided to pick up the chase. The girl wasn’t quite able to enter the car with the same ease as the man, actually having to open the door and climb in, but she did so as quickly as she could.

The sirens sounded like they were getting closer, but more importantly, she wanted to learn more about this weird human, as he seemed weirdly different from what she’d been told of them. Maybe he really was some different type? She didn’t really get how humans worked so….

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8 Re: Despair and Cheesecake (open) on Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:15 pm

Orion Dawn
Orion sat in the driver's seat for a brief moment, checking around the surrounding area as she entered the vehicle. It didn't seem like anything was going to cause issues in the general area, however, it was moments like these that made him glad that the car was a convertible. That is, between the minigun and him needing to check his surroundings.

The car started and Orion kept his palm flat on the stick shift. "Yeah, well..." He suddenly cranked the stick and changed gears before peeling out onto the open street. "I've been doing this for a while. It's learned with experience."

Orion pilled a cigarette out of the center console along with an electric lighter, igniting the tip and allowing Orion to smoke while he weaved through downtown traffic and looked for a way to get to a less populace are without hitting any cops along the way. They were better off avoiding people than trying to brute-force their way through anyone.

Nah. Now was the time to play it smart.

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