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Neru Sanguo (Submitted for Approval)

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1 Neru Sanguo (Submitted for Approval) on Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:17 pm

Neru Sanguo
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Neru Sanguo
Age: 17
Birthday: September 21st
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 145 lbs
Face Claim: Ryuko- Kill la Kill

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 5
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: Kenjutsu, Boxing, Cage Fighting, Cars, Motorcycles, Lilacs, Electro Music, Freedom
Dislikes: Rock Music, Roses, Authority, Grimm, Being bossed around
Fears: Needles, Aging, Being a Disappointment
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Tactician
Overall Personality: A rowdy and rebellious teenager through and through, Neru prides herself on being an independent person and doing things her own way no matter how others feel about it. She intentionally placed herself into groups that people wouldn't expect for a girl to be in like Kenjutsu and Boxing because she wanted to prove that she could do what she wanted, when she wanted. She wanted to show that she was the master of her own life, and she intends to do exactly that. Having been captain of the Kenjutsu club, she also is quite an adept fighter, however, her hotblooded nature often draws her to fight aggressively and emotionally, ceasing to think completely straight if pushed far enough. This makes her willful and unwavering, often refusing to do as she's told should she disagree with it. Neru prides herself on her speed, often stating that one does not need to be a strong fighter to be the best, but rather striking precisely and quickly.

Aura type: Recover
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: Blackheart Arms: Rending Sword (Summon)

Summon Description: A large, black billhook sword, meant to be wielded with 2 hands. The entire sword is jet black until dust is introduced, in which several glyphs will appear along the blade, glowing with a color reflective of the dust used. When summoned, the sword shall materialize as shards of black obsidian into her hands, and will shatter into the same shards when destroyed.

Summon height: 6 ft
Summon HP Points: 1
Summon Damage Points: 5
Item 1: 2x T1 Fire Dust (10 Uses)
Item 2: Mark I Bulwark Ring: Shield Generator Class (T1 Physical Armor)

History and Sample
If there's one thing that Neru understands, it's the strength of having the spirit to fight for the things that you want. In the face of overwhelming adversity, she has proven that humans have the ability to be strong when things seem the worst.

She was a young girl when her mother died, leaving her to live on the rest of her days with a father that was never the same after the horrific traffic accident that claimed her, and nearly claimed Neru and her father. It was a dark day for the Sanguo family, and in the weeks that followed Neru grew accustomed to the color black.

Living with a shattered father and a near-death experience under her belt, Neru seemed to have gained a proficiency in living life to the fullest. She gained a sense of independence, doubting that her father could take care of himself, much less her. So she started to take care of the both of them to the best of her ability, making sure her dad ate, kept up with people, and that he got out of bed in the morning. The last part was always the hardest, and usually ended in Neru having to give him some sort of ultimatum about getting a job at 10 years old because his disability wasn't enough to keep them going forever.

That one usually worked, and while living this way gave Neru an aura of maturity, so too did it give her freedom, much more freedom than a girl her age would ordinarily have. This made her rowdy, uncontrollable, and a real handful for her teachers. She pursued the things that she wanted at a pace that she wanted. She joined boys sports like Kenjutsu, Boxing, and most of all, Car Maintenance. Although she did well in boxing, Kenjutsu and Shopwork were her most defining interests. Neru became the Captain of the Kenjutsu team in no time at all, showing off her spirit strongly and boldly in a way that emboldened her teammates.

Some may call it ironic that she's be so interested in cars with her past, but perhaps it was because of it that she became so infatuated with auto-mechanics. It was cathartic to her to be able to pull it apart and reassemble these hulking machines, and understanding them well made all the difference.

Soon enough, she'd graduate from high school and be left to find her way in the world. Her father was still a mess, even after all this time. Neru could never bring herself to put any of the blame on the man, and instead, she enabled it in a way by wanting to make the pain go away for him. She wanted to get a job that would put him in a position to take care of himself and seek help, so she needed the best job she could get.

Turns out, fighting paid a lot of money in this day and age, even if it was peaceful in the world. Syne was looking for locals to join the fighting force, and really she'd be happy to do it. It paid well and gave the chance to bust heads every once in a while without people getting onto her about it. Despite her relative inexperience, her fighting spirit and domineering willpower allowed her to shine when it came time to prove herself. That's why she's here now, ready to show that she's not the kind of person to back down, be messed with, or take orders.
RP Sample:
"Do!" THWACK! A strike to the chest from Neru's shinai sent the dummy backwards with comical force. "Men!" CRACK! A downward hit onto the top of the dummy's head caused it to wobble back and forth as she recoiled for a third strike.

"KOTE!" CRUNCH! With a flourish and twirl to the left, Neru brought her shinai up against the dummy's wrists, not only bowling the dummy over, but severing the hands from it and splintering the bamboo sword in her own hands.

She brought the sad looking weapon up to get a closer look, only to haphazardly toss it toward the now useless dummy and go to retrieve a new one from the equipment rack only for her teammate, Ares, to grab the shinai that she was reaching for.

"You need to exercise more restraint when you practice. We can't keep making budget if you're just going to break our equipment. You should know better as the Captain!" Then Ares grabbed her by the wrist.

"Men!" Neru shouted as she pulled a shinai with her left hand out to slap Ares by the facemask. "Kote!" She shouted as she slapped his hands to the side, then she rushed forward and hip checked him, putting the pommel of the shinai first. "Do!"

The final blow to his back sent him sprawling to the floor in front of her. She removed her helmet and dropped it to her feet.

"First of all, keep your hands off me. Second of all, you're not the boss of me, don't try to tell me what to do. Third, I don't make any of you come to our practices, but I'm here every day practicing, and the result is damage if the equipment is poor quality. Maybe if everyone started training harder, we'd have better performances and the school would have incentive to get us some better equipment. I'm not gonna force anyone to do that. If no one wants to put in the work, then this will always be the way it is. I'm gonna get back to training then, and hopefully you do the same instead of going and running your mouth again."

Neru leaned down, taking her mask as she went back to train. She had a fire lit in her belly now.

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