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Ache Kreene

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1Ache Kreene Empty Ache Kreene on Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:17 am

Ache Kreene
Enrollment Form

Ache Kreene Img_20171017_0003_by_iejirkothar-dbzxl07

Basic info
Name: Ache (ash) Kreene (Creen)
Age: 17
Birthday: Feb 1
Gender: Human
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs
Face Claim: Custom character

DEF:2 (+1 from aura)
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Music (metal) / Adventure novels / Swords
Dislikes: White Fang / the Schnee corp / Elitists
Fears: Snakes / Failing (his home town) / His Aunts training regiment
Talent: Vehicle Mastery
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality:
Ache is a head strong and honest boy. He doesn't see much reason to lie in order to appease anyone and would rather be honest with himself and let the rest of the world deal with it. Though he's not the smartest man in the world he is sharp able to pick up a concept quickly even if he doesn't fully understand it. The real issue comes from when these two traits collide and he decided to take action with barely any understanding of whats happening and damning the consequences.
He's never backed down from a fight or abandoned a friend in need, though if you were to ask his friends there were plenty of times that would have been prudent.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Dark Red
Semblance: Evocation
Ache's semblance is the ability to evoke primal energy out of Dust crystals creating elemental effects based on the Dusts properties. (increases Sprit by 2 while active)
Item 1: Heavy saber - A heavy hand and a half sword with a single edged blade.
Item 2: Dust /Two vials of Fire - Ache was trained to use Dust in order to enhance his combat abilities and to hinder his enemies along side with its utilitarian uses.

History and Sample

Ache was born in a small town near Mantle. The idea was that the new coastal town would increase trade with the rest of the world as well as act as a trading hub for the many miners that traveled the area. Funded by the Schnee dust company the founders had little to worry as far as their budget starting out. However because of the White fang supplies rarely reached the town causing it to limp along in development, and after a few years they were barely making a profit. The years went on and the town continued to struggle. When Ache grew up there the town was still not on the map despite being established for a decade. Ravens Hight, was situated on top of a small hill near the coast and had strong wall protecting it and the port harbor at the bottom. However because of the White fang raids most traders and caravans passed over head preferring to make port at Mantle a few more miles inland.
The Miners supplied almost all of the towns trade but as time went on the Schnee dust company began to demand more and more profit from the now "stable" port. They were beyond reasoning with and between them and the white fang hiding in the wilds and of course the bandits, the people of Ravens Hight became disillusioned with their countrymen.
Ache grew up realizing how people could lie behind smiling faces and grew to detest the upper class of citizen that looked down on him and his town. A few years after he was born he lost his mother to sickness and his father to a raid on one of the few caravans their town got. Since then he was raised by his Aunt, a retired specialist from the Altas military. The woman was in a world, malicious. She loved her scrappy little nephew to be sure but she trained him hard to become a soldier. In her mind growing up in Ravens hight gave the boy a good perspective on the plights of the common people and that with the right training he could climb the ranks and help them. She did not baby the boy though and would constantly punish his errors with extra training often working him till sunset.
When Ache came of age he was given her blessing to travel to SYNE academy to complete his training and from there she would recommend him for the military if he could hack it without her on his own.
RP Sample:

Ache leaned on the railing of the small ferry. It was a cargo carrier that had departed form his home town and the captain was a friend of his Aunts. They had arranged for him to hitch a ride as they passed the small island that hosted SYNE academy where he would disembark with a few supplies the school needed. He looked down at the small scroll he had gotten when he had been admitted and was reviewing a few of the courses he was enrolled for seeing as he had time to kill in the makeshift passenger area of the cargo hold. The amenities seemed to be excellent for a relatively new school, he had wondered if he should applied to Beacon but his Aunt had chided him saying he'd never stand out among an all star school like that. She was always quick to rib him over his aspirations but he understood in a way. She said that he would be average at a school like Beacon so it would look better to be an outstanding huntsman from a new school, He would be part of a brand new alumni and have less competition when being reviewed.
Ache wondered briefly if his aunt wasn't better suited to politics than military work but she made him run laps around the town till midnight the last time he suggested she would ever work in such a dishonest field. Since that night he often wondered if a politician was behind her retirement, the women never spoke of why she left the military that she had such a glowing respect for.
But his musings were broken by the captains com craking the life on the wall. They were making their final approach which meant it was time for Ache to begin his new life at SYNE academy

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Yuri Rastenov
Your papers check out, I declare this application...

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