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Trapping the Trapper (Private with Zoe)

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1 Trapping the Trapper (Private with Zoe) on Wed Oct 31, 2018 10:33 pm

Arrwyn Ellavir
The idea of letting yourself get caught in a net would have seemed weird to most people. The fact she’d done so entirely willingly would probably be seen as rather unusual as well. Of course the fact of the matter was that there was a purpose behind this, not that it was a particularly noble purpose. The blonde haired noble girl primarily was using it as an excuse to get to know a certain girl she’d seen around, setting up traps.

Of course, there were plenty of easier ways, but this one seemed far more amusing. Besides that, it could be fun playing the “poor innocent” girl who had “Accidentally stumbled” into the trap. It might not have been what other people called normal, nor would it be considered noble normally. But nobody in the middle of the woods mid-evening would care about that. Worst case scenario, Arrwyn figured she could probably get out, and besides it would be good practice in getting free of things that might hamper her flight. Though she had heard someone mention that the mystery trapper usually showed up in the evening to check these things.

Or maybe that was just a rumor….huh. She was wondering if things might take a more...interesting turn though. The girl did look pretty cute from the brief look she'd gotten...

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