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Whispers a lot

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1 Whispers a lot on Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:48 am


basic info
Whisper Grey
Age: 19
Birthday: March 15
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (has vulture wings)
Height:4ft 9 inches
Face Claim:Ричи
SPT:2 (Spirit)
Aura 150|150 HP (change in multiples of 10)

Major: undecided
Likes: black cats
Smirking at bad times
Chocolate or anything shiny
Dislikes: talking to people
Purple plants
The sun touching his skin
Fears: flames
Door Handles
Talent: investigation
Weakness social interaction
Overall Personality: whisper is often described as mysteriously paranoid in crowded rooms but seems to be kind to others.He is Often risking his life or guarding fallen comrades however he can at times be a little Ambitious. He often gets in trouble because of his curiosity but overall he is highly self controlled and rarely shows emotion having a hard time opening up.once your his friend he will loyally follow you anywhere because he's a bit of a loner but don't expect him not to lie to your face if confronted because he is mischievous by nature. He also tends to run or fly away from his problems and known for disappearing at random times.the few times he is around most get the sense that there is some hidden pain behind his smile however he has a strange obsession with the darkness and often talks to objects on his person because he believes that I grants it good luck and makes them more effective if you name them
Abilities type: (recovery)
Aura Color: Misty grey
Semblance: with the help of this huge vulture wings he can fly (utility sp 10)
Item 1: white chains about 20ft(Malay)
Item 2:dust amor made from black leather
History:Whisper was born within the Grey family a family who was involved in many illegal activities throughout history due to their natural skill at epoisonge.The grey family lead an organized group that was similar to the white fang however was more open outsiders who passed a series of tests that all members must go through involving being tortured until they learn to ethire embrace their pain or abilities take hold.Being the heir to the family name whisper was forced into the trade and suffered many things throughout his childhood. One of which was having his wings chained together and told to do a long list of almost impossible tasks until he ethire completed the task or died after words his family would beat him with the chains if he didn't perform better than one of their most legendary ancestors who is the only one who went through similar training.After years of being abused whisper one day decided to escape his family's manion and toke to the streets within the human lands however because of his vulture wings he was subject to much hatred and fear until one day he joined a circus for a time little did he know that the circus was taking advantage of him but after finding out whisper killed the Ringmaster who he thought was a found himself seeking help from the forces of darkness which seemed to be his only friend until one day a huntress found him lying on a gravestone after trying to rob a local in the area bleeding out from his wounds.taking him in with her family teaching him that not all humans are evil however because of the pain that he has endured over the years he remains closed off and rarely trust others.Years later after having recovered enough from his childhood whisper was allowed into the outside world as long as he promised to stay away from the dark however because darkness is within his blood he struggled to do as she asked and so in secret began working with a group of criminals but it still remains to be seen what he will do next

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2 Re: Whispers a lot on Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:33 pm

Yuri Rastenov
Hey-ho, Yuri here. I'm gonna go ahead and approve this application, however there is something I'd like to cover.

Here under the character template:

You'll notice that there is a spoiler dedicated to the code of the application. My advice is that you try this next time as it makes the application look much cleaner and makes everyone's jobs a lot easier.

That's just a bit of advice. All of that aside however, your papers check out, I declare this application...


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