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Working out the kinks (open)

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1 Working out the kinks (open) on Fri Nov 02, 2018 5:44 pm

Ache Kreene
Ache walked through the woods just outside the city. He'd chosen a small set of old ruins to rest at, they offered a good view of SYNE accademy and Bellmuse city below him. There was plenty of room for his duffel bag and his sword case beside a fallen pillar he was using as a makeshift bench as he began committing the Major roads and land marks of the city to memory.

"Memorize your surroundings brat, Scrolls can be jammed and you won't always have the luxury of pulling out a map."

It was one of the  many lessons his aunt had taught him and in almost any other situation it might have been a fond memory of a concerned mentor, but it was  slightly soured when just ten minutes after being told what to do he was blind folded and dropped in the  middle of the woods.
"I must have been born under a star, whether its lucky or not is still up for debate." Ache mused pulling his sword from its case.
The weapon was almost as long as he was tall but he hefted it easily in his right hand thanks to its balance.
He was taught several different sword forms, they ranged in style and purpose. Single combat, showmanship, group warfare. He learned to use the weapons weight and balance to fight people as well as grimm. Grimm were easy  comparatively, they were all instinct and lacked tactics, wide sweeping strikes with claws or direct lunges to latch on with teach or tusks. But people  or faunus were sentient and Wiley, they'd try to get inside your guard.

Ache walked a few feet deeper into the ruins, tall grass slightly concealed the ruined floor and rocks, he'd have to mind his footing, but that didn't matter. The ferry he'd flown in on had run a bit a head of schedule and so he had time to get a bit of Form training in. The repetitive movements were meant to train his body to respond from memory, that way his mind could focus on the next move of the fight rather than worry of what to do in the present.
He moved slowly but purposefully as he randomly imagined varied opponents. It used to be his Aunt would call them out to him.
Beowulf, Bandit, Nevermore, Whitefang..
each with a different method of strike and direction. He would respond with the first reaction he thought of
he could block, duck, parry but he had to react quickly if he hesitated for even a second she would attack him for real with that stick she used instead of sword when training, and he never blocked that no matter how hard he tried.

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2 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:00 pm

Oswald Hollow
Oswald grinned down at the young lad that had begun training within the isolated area of the forest. from his spot within a non-distinct looking tree. The professor had yet to see anything that piqued his interest overly, at least not biologically. Still having an ordinary subject could prove interesting, and not all experiments required…invasive methods. Though he did so enjoy a good dissection…or even vivisection. There were also a number of more interesting experiments he could test, and perhaps seeing how they work on a more…mundane subject would be fruitful. The mad doctor thought to himself, shifting his weight so as to not fall from his perch.

The fact he was currently balancing on not only a tree limb, but his own cane was unimportant, not worth noting the eccentric Syne teacher. More than anything he found the routine being performed below, amusing. Recognizing the training method and noting it indicated the person had been trained by someone with no small level of competence. Though the professor thought that there was still something to be desired. But then, there was only so much one could do naturally, without obvious use of a semblance. The doctor wondered if he could find a way to allow one to surpass such pesky limits. Ah, so many possibilities for his research, so little time. The instructor of Faunus Medical Studies decided to make his presence known, letting out an eccentric laugh that could be described by some as manic.

“Quite a magnificent display, though perhaps a bit lacking without proper opponents.” The madman stated with a grin from his perch. Were one to look inside his jacket, they might see the uncountable number of syringes he carried within it, ready to be used at a moment’s notice, just out of sight from the casual observer.

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3 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:12 pm

Ache Kreene
Ache stopped mid strike, the blade of his sword turned up toward the sky as he was performing an upward cut.
He kept his form for a moment to identify the intruder before relaxing his stance. "Maybe, but it'd be rather reckless to go looking for a pack of grimm or bandits simply for training's sake." Ache replied shouldering the weapon trying to take the mans measure. He didn't look like a fighter, definitely more of a scholar and yet he was out on his own in the woods and clearly comfortable with it.
"I hadn't realized I had an audience, just how long have you been lurking out here old man?" He asked informally trying to figure up the man motives. He could usually tell generally what someone wanted when they approached. An escort, directions, solicitations. Right now however it was a big blank and it set him on edge.
"Besides that its more so my body remembers how to move so I don't have to think so much in the middle of a fight. No sense in getting stuck in a particular pattern when the enemy changes tactics you know."

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4 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:59 pm

Oswald Hollow
“Oh my, quite rambunctious, aren’t you?” The doctor mused aloud, grinning at the young man below him. The madman found the somewhat hostile attitude more amusing than truly threatening. While as a prior huntsman himself, he understood the need for such training, there were some issues with such training. Not that he would point them out, after all science was all about making mistakes.

After all, while the combat arts were a mere secondary distraction for the genius doctor, he was something of a perfectionist, as well as having become an experienced huntsman of his own. The boy’s questions could easily be answered, though Oswald found it far more prudent to avoid giving a direct answer. After all, this could lead somewhere interesting, and the boy’s style was fascinating enough for Oswald to feel….experimental. A mood that would have those familiar with the doctor feeling quite…anxious.

“Reckless perhaps, but far more fascinating!” The mad doctor answered in response, “After all, risks are what drive true advancement.” He continued. Referring more to his own research rather than martial training, though in many ways the doctor supposed both could be true. He took an exaggerated bow, still balanced on the cane as he stared down at the lad with his one good eye. “Dr. Oswald Hollow, Professor of Faunus medical studies.” He introduced, the bow being almost a parody of what one might expect from a feudal noble. Showing an uncanny level of control over his own movements despite the unsteady footing. “As for your question, child, longer than you may think.” The madman answered unhelpfully.

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5 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:13 pm

Ache Kreene
"So you're a professor at the University? Strange I didn't know faunus were so different from humans to require their own medical theory." Ache answered honestly confused. It wasn't something he was particularly interested in but as he understood it the Faunus were still closely related to humans, they simply happened to have some bestial attributes mixed in or replacing the more common human elements. "But aside from that Professor, maybe if you were a bit less fascinated you would still have depth perception." Ache quipped not being so naive as to fail to recognize when he was being mocked. "So if you're in the medical field what could the forest hold to interest you? hunting down some rare herb or are you hunting bigger game?" He asked keeping his sword resting leisurely across his shoulders. "Today's technically supposed to be my orientation but I suppose if one of the staff needs a hand with some project I have some spare time, I need to get the lay of the land anyhow." This man defintley set his nerves on edge, an almost primal warning from the more primal parts of his subconscious, But he knew better than to let that override his reason. the instinct of fear and danger are only meant to fuel your body with adrenaline and sharpen your reflexes, only two types of warriors allowed it to think for them, dead ones and cowards. Or so his aunt had taught him in one of her many survival excersizes.

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6 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:12 am

Oswald Hollow
“Such is the assumption of many.” The professor admitted, before a glint appeared in his eye, an opportunity to correct such misconceptions. “In some cases, there is little difference to the untrained, however, take a faunus with a tail.” The doctor started, using a rather simple example. “An individual with such a thing could easily have several bones which more mundane doctors are ill trained at healing, as well as an altered sense of balance.” The man began. “not only that, the added mass could effect the metabolism, depending on the tail as well. There is also the possibility of alterations in several other medical conditions which could result from this.” Oswald explained, as he jumped down from his perch within the tree, landing lightly on his feet without even giving the notable fall a second thought. “There are also less…mundane traits which cause rather sizable differences within a faunus’ biology from a human. Though most traits come with some unique medical condition or another.” He added, more than happy to share his expertise. The doctor was the type to be more than a little passionate of his subject matter of choice.

“Of course, I am also an expert on human biology as well, but such a thing can be far less…fascinating.” He explained. Seeming actually somewhat sane for once rather than the almost manic behavior that would have been evident before. Only for the Doctor’s behavior to change once again, as he once again took on his normal eccentrics. "Such bold assumptions,” He remarked with an exaggerated laugh, before continuing on in bemusement. “Why, I simply lost it in a card game, such is life.” The madman stated seriously. Though the story would differ from the last explanation he’d given, or even the next. OF course the question did reorient his mind somewhat to his other ideas of what he was here to do.

Ah yes, how unfortunate to have been distracted, and with so many magnificent experiments planned for his quarry as well. Oswald almost felt guilty for allowing the poor thing to wait so long, though perhaps some assistance would be beneficial for his purposes.

“Ah yes, far bigger…” Oswald answered vaguely, a grin still on his face as he observed the student. Truly a fit specimen, perhaps he’d run some experiments later, though he’d need to finish his current project first.  “As for your question, tell me…what do we know of Grimm biology?” He asked…though the answer would be obvious. It was practically an unexplored field, as the Grimm disappeared after death far too quickly to be properly studied as most creatures were, little was actually known about the subject, and Oswald had a theory that there was much one could learn if they could crack the mysteries.

Of course that required…subjects.

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7 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Sun Nov 04, 2018 8:27 am

Ache Kreene
"The Grimm? I never thought they had anything to study." Ache said confused scratching the back of his head in confusion. "I mean, they have a skeletal structure and muscle mass that much I can tell just from observing an fighting them, but they don't bleed or sleep really. They're just monsters, I've always been more curious as to where they come from than how their bodies work." He stated wondering what this professor was getting at. "They are attracted to negativity, We know that much so I suppose they have a brain or brain like organ that can sense it. But aside from their pack mentality and hunting they don't behave like living animals."
Ache set his sword in its hook he had strapped to his back now curious as to what Professor Hollow was getting at. "So if they do have living bodies what then?"

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8 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:48 pm

Oswald Hollow
Oswald began to approach the student, a bemused look in his eye. The boy’s observation skills seemed, passable though the mad doctor thought it a shame he still couldn’t see the purpose. “living no, but that does not mean there aren’t things to learn.” He explained. “There is quite a lot which we simply do not understand, their high rate of decomposition makes research…difficult.” He allowed. Truthfully even Oswald didn’t know what could be discovered, as what little research they did have on Grimm was mostly focused on their behavior, rather than their biology.

“There is much to be understood about such creatures…and one never knows what could be gained from such study.” The doctor pointed out, himself pondering the many possibilities. “Take their inability to utilize or defend themselves with aura, it is after all most peculiar.” The doctor began, deciding there was no harm bringing about his own theories on the matter. “As far as we know, all life has aura and even artificial beings such as androids, and yet these creatures do not possess what should be absolute. such knowledge could easily help to advance the study of not only aura, but life itself.” There was a slight glint of madness in Oswald’s eye at the thought, as such information could easily lead to many innovations.

“The Grimm are themselves too big a mystery not to warrant study,” The professor concluded, twirling his cane briefly as his eye scanned the nearby area. While one could easily underestimate Oswald, he was a trained huntsman, and not near foolish enough to drop his guard when out in the open like this. Not even considering those that had taken…offense to some of his more…invasive experiments that may decide to attempt retribution. “Why, the lack of knowledge is truly a dreadful thing.” To Oswald, it truly was, he could only imagine the secrets contained within the Grimm, ones that could easily make for quite interesting experiments in the future.

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9 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:14 pm

Ache Kreene
Ache could see the mans point but one glaring issue raised it's head in his mind. "But how would you propose to study them then? It's not as though you could catch one in a cage, the longer they live the stronger they become until eventually even we aren't seen as prey unless we attack first." He crossed his arms wondering what this mad doctor was trying to accomplish, its was fruitless in his mind to attempt to study a grimm in captivity and practically suicidal to even attempt to capture one.
"Is this..... a sanctioned assignment by the school?" He asked cautiously

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10 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:15 am

Oswald Hollow
Oswald shook his head in disappointment, though not necessarily surprised by the boy’s response. While the worries the boy seemed to have weren’t complete nonsense, the timeframe it would take needed clarification. The doctor wasn’t too surprised though, as few actually thought to look into the information regarding such things, a shame truly, as such information could actually be of use to a huntsman.

“Nonsense, the rate by which they grow in power is hardly so dramatic.” The doctor commented, giving his cane another whirl as his eye scanned the area, after all Grimm could be anywhere, and he was eager to begin his experiments. “And besides that, Science is about taking risks is it not?” The doctor asked rhetorically. Doubting the child would truly understand, as most did not. “As for the school…why how careless of me, it seems I forgot to ask.” The doctor’s mad grin was a telling enough sign that such a thing was hardly an accident, even if it weren’t obvious to any to see.
“As for your questioning, a grimm’s maturation hardly happens as fast as many say….why most of the larger ones take decades…even centuries to reach their normal size….and those that fail to react to humans are likely even older.” He stated, adjusting his eye patch as he lectured the child. “I hardly plan to keep my experiments going that long…” The doctor advised, before his face returned to a manic expression. “Though, there could be quite a bit to learn from such developments! Could it be halted? Accelerated? So many possibilities!”

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11 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:41 am

Ache Kreene
Ache was one hundred percent sure this man was nuts now. Brilliant perhaps but obviously consumed with his ideas, he'd met the type before. They were always hellbent on whatever errand they'd set their minds to and he knew that sometimes he would have to take on a mission with such people as specialist in the military.
"Alright fine I'll keep my questions to myself." he grumbled rolling his shoulders. "I assume the first task is hunting one down, do you already have a way to capture it? or were just going to let it chase us into the classroom?" He asked showing a bit a cheek to the man who'd been looking down on him since they had met.
He could tell the professor liked to flaunt his experience and knowledge so he 'd let him. It would allow him to focus on his fighting and the man did have a point, his form training was only part of the process he needed to put it to use to truly master the sword.

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12 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:52 pm

Oswald Hollow
“Such little confidence in your instructors.” Oswald remarked, grinning as he made a show of shaking his head in disappointment. “You wound me child, truly.” The man finished dramatically, continuing to overact such before letting out a somewhat mad cackle. “But truly, have you so little faith in me, restraining the creature will be the difficult part truly…I’d hate to hurt the poor creature…” An unmentioned ‘yet’ accompanied the statement, as Oswald spoke. His body language exaggerated as if to emphasis his own lack of sanity. Not that the mad man put stock in such terms.

What most called madness he simply considered ingenuity. He had many plans for these experiments, and while the instructor could certainly deal with the capture himself,observing a student could allow him some time to study, especially if this student proved one of the more interesting subjects among the population of Syne. The mad man truly hoped so, as he could always make time for next….subjects. Even if he seemed to not have anything obviously interesting yet.

“As for my plan, my semblance allows for me to create a substance which can render such creatures unconscious, and past trials have shown it can be effective against Grimm. As for transportation well…” The doctor thought for a moment. “There are arrangements for such a thing.”

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13 Re: Working out the kinks (open) on Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:45 am

Ache Kreene
Rafe shook his head in disbelief at professor hollow. "Oh I can already tell that this is a bad idea." He muttered snidley. "But, that's never stopped me before so I guess I'll follow your lead. If this blows up in your face though I'm helping under duress, If my aunt heard about me doing anything shady on my first day I doubt that the ocean separating me from her will be enough."

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